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The Best Cities in Europe for College Students – Where Education Meets Leisure

Julie Grace December 28, 2017
Posted December 28, 2017 In Living Abroad, Moving Tips&Tricks,
Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

The Exchange educational program is well known to everyone. In fact, about 350,000 American graduates decide each year to continue their education abroad in one of the European universities. No wonder you’re asking what the best cities in Europe for college students are. The right choice for you depends on many factors. It’s not like you have to travel abroad for a couple of weeks on your holiday.

Moving across the world is a process you need to plan thoroughly. Nothing should be left to chance. Nothing changes when you’re a college student and planning to study and live abroad. Except for one thing, of course – you have to pick a city that will meet all your educational needs and wants. According to the National Association of Financial Aid Administrators (NASFA), in 2019, the number of people who started their studies abroad increased by 1.6%. And this represents 1.8% of college people that enrolled in studies in the US and around 10% of all US graduates.

How to Decide Which Country Is Best for Students in Europe?

Deciding where to study is a big step in your life. Better said, it’s one of the biggest ones. So, no wonder why you need to start searching on time because the Old Continent has so much to offer you. The decision you’ll make indeed worries you because you don’t want to make the wrong one. Don’t worry; it’s completely normal because, although you’ve been given an amazing opportunity, it can still be overwhelming for many.

Be prepared because you’ll surely lose a lot of time and maybe even resources. But, if this was your dream for years, then you should commit to it and do whatever it takes. The first thing you have to do is to determine the reason you’re moving internationally. Yes, there are many reasons why graduates want to go to international universities:

  • Looking for the greatest education system,
  • Improving their professional skills and potential,
  • Exploring the world,
  • Immersing in different experiences and cultures.
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Consider the Most Popular Cities for Studying and Leisure

There are endless choices when it comes to picking the place where you’ll continue your studies. It is an experience that you shouldn’t ignore when the choice is already given to you. So, consider one of the friendliest countries and the most popular places for people that want to continue actively learning at the greatest universities. Here’s a list of places you should definitely consider:

  • London,
  • Paris,
  • Berlin,
  • Barcelona,
  • Leuven,
  • Milan,
  • Amsterdam.

The Criteria You Should Apply When Wondering What are the Best Cities to Study in Europe

From knowing how to move overseas to choosing one of the greatest places for living abroad, there will be many things on your mind. However, you should remember that there will be some preparation after picking the most suitable place for wanted education. So, before moving day preparation, ensure you gather all needed documents to travel. To keep yourself organized, you can create a checklist with all tasks you have to do before the big move. The most tedious one is surely deciding what to pack.

After you learn all the technical stuff needed for the travel, pass on knowing some of the most important criteria to apply in your research. However, many factors can affect you making a wise decision. Check some of the following ways how to choose the perfect place where you’ll study:

  • Explore the percentage of international college people – one of the top influencing factors is the number of foreigners in one country. It shows that expats are welcomed. Also, it will develop a sense of belonging there in no time.
  • Research the top universities – the reason for leaving home for many people is getting a top-notch education.
  • Check the cost of living and tuition fees – yes, you should include all factors, but the cost of living in the country and town you’ll be living in is something you just shouldn’t neglect. In fact, it can change your research course.
  • Job and career opportunities after graduation – for others, a high employment rate is the decisive factor. If a job is guaranteed right after graduation, it can be a huge boost and motivation for many people to begin with studies in the Old Continent.

Explore the Study Abroad Programs Before Making the Final Decision

When you think about proceeding with your studies abroad, you most certainly will think about two things: where will it be and how will you live there. Although answering both questions will take some time, it’s better to look for study programs online right away. Understandably, you want to get an excellent education, but you also don’t want to cost you a leg or an arm. So, decide wisely considering terms of tuition and the cost of living, too.

Besides a List of Best Cities in Europe for College Students, Write Down All Pros and Cons

Once you know all the factors for the research, the whole process will be much easier. You’ll be aware of what you need and want and of the fact you’ll move to a different home. So, when you make your list of countries and then places that meet all of your expectations, you have to make the final decision.

Ease yourself and use the good old pros and cons method. Write down next to all places what the positives and negatives are. When you have everything written down, some stuff might seem more overwhelming than it seemed in your mind.

All Students Should Keep in Mind the Benefits of the Big Step

Every relocation is stressful, and especially the international one. So, it won’t hurt to know some tips on reducing stress before and during relocation. We all are aware of how overwhelming thinking about culture shock can be.

To help yourself, you can think about all the benefits this move will bring. And keep in mind that in every country you can find expat communities and you’ll still be able to keep in touch with friends back home.

The Most Desirable City for College Graduates and Always Something to Do There – London, UK

When thinking about the world’s best cities for college students in Europe, London surely comes first to your mind. Also, if you’re wondering which European country is easiest to study, then moving to the UK is something to consider.

Although it’s not the cheapest place in the world, on the contrary, moving to London will ensure you get a top-notch education. Here’s a list of universities you should check out:

  • University College (UCL),
  • King’s College (KCL),
  • Imperial College,
  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

What Every Student Can Expect When Moving Abroad to Paris, France

Moving to France brings many opportunities. That’s why this country is on almost every student’s wishlist. However, many of them chose Paris, although it stands as an expensive city. On the other hand, the tuition fees are low. In fact, tuition fees here are lower than in other parts of the country. Here are top universities in Paris:

  • Ecole Polytechnique,
  • Universite PSL,
  • Sorbonne University.

Each student can find something they like in this city, but it also offers many fun and cultural activities. You’ll fall in love by walking up to Montmartre, visiting Notre Dame Cathédrale, and enjoying the Eiffel Tower at night.

Vibrant Capital of Music, Culture and Education – Berlin, Germany

If you’re wondering which is the cheapest country in Europe to study, then the answer is Germany. Yes, you’ll have to learn a new language before taking a leap and moving to Germany, but since people here are so welcoming, you’ll easily break the language barrier. If you choose Berlin, not only will you be in the multicultural hub where many cultures mix, but you’ll be studying at the universities of Humboldt, Technische, and Freie.

In the capital of Germany, you won’t only get an excellent education at each University you pick, but you’ll live in the vibrant center of art, music, and design. To get a bigger picture, many people compare this capital to New York.

Place Where Excellent Education and Job Offers for Graduates are Guaranteed – Barcelona, Spain

Iconic architecture and low cost of living aren’t the only things that make every student come here. There are prestigious universities, as well. If you decide to move here, the University of Barcelona, Universitat Ramon Llull, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, or Universitat Pompeu Fabra could be one of your choices. So, if you want to learn about Catalan tradition, galleries, museums and taste amazing food, you should consider Barcelona as your new home.

Typical City for College Students – Leuven, Belgium

Leuven is a city with more than 1,000 international college people, making it a typical student city. The accommodation is the same like in other European places, Spain or Italy. But, Leuven is known for its location and accessibility to other European metropolises like Berlin and Amsterdam. Also, you won’t be struggling with a foreign language and adjusting to a new home since everyone speaks English very well.

Not only is it known for its top-ranked universities, but also the breweries too. So, besides beautiful and large libraries, you get to enjoy a good beer after a hard studying day. Also, check the video below and see how college people spend their day.

A City Where Charm and Excitement Meet Education – Milan, Italy

Moving to Italy will probably, for most people, represent a vast culture, art, and architecture. When it comes to education, many would first think of Rome or Florence, right? But, the greatest universities are right in Milan. In fact, its universities outrank those in Rome and Florence, as well.

So, it is not only the fashion capital of the world with splendid mall Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II with extravagant stores. It is also the educational hub where every student will feel as if they were born in Italy very quickly (you just need to learn to talk with your hands and get some tips for a new language, too). You’ll get a chance to learn at the famous Politecnico di Milano.

Here’s a video of some cheap things to do in Milan.

Relaxed Way of Life and Accessible by Foot – Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you’re not sure whether moving to the Netherlands is the right choice, or you’re just not sure about moving to Amsterdam, then think twice. Dashing walks down canals of Amsterdam will make you fall in love with this town. Many know it for its nightlife and red-light district, but Amsterdam is so much more. As an international student, you won’t be so interested in the nightlife, but don’t worry. The culture and history of Amsterdam will steal your heart. And if that isn’t enough, then a slow pace of life will definitely do it.

You’ll have plenty of time for University and a picnic in Vondelpark since the whole place bike-friendly. That means you can get from point A to point B very fast. Watch the video below for some hidden secrets of Amsterdam.

Let the Reliable International Moving Company Take Care of the Rest

Living in another country will bring many sacrifices, but when you have a life goal, everything will turn out just fine. However, when you have to travel abroad, some technical things can be just too overwhelming. For example, you have to think about packing and preparing for the big move. That’s why hiring a reliable overseas moving company is the greatest idea. They can help you with packing services and, if needed, ship your vehicle overseas, as well. Also, remember a storage facility you might need. There will be many books for all that studying.



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