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Best Tips for Breaking the Language Barrier When Moving Abroad

Blake Shaw October 4, 2017
Posted October 4, 2017 In Moving Tips&Tricks,
Blake Shaw

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When moving to another country, one of the biggest causes of stress is breaking the language barrier. Not being able to express yourself or understand others is not only frustrating, but it can make the culture shock much harder. If you are ready to work on this problem, we are here to give you the best tips on how to resolve all the issues that may come up when moving internationally.

What Does “Language Barrier” Mean?

What is the language barrier? Why is the language barrier a problem? This phrase is used to denote a difficulty for people to communicate because they have different mother tongues. It can be scary, especially if you are moving overseas to a non-English-speaking country and don’t know anyone there. Knowing how to keep in touch with friends back home is great, but it won’t help you adjust to the unfamiliar environment. But if you are ready to learn with our tips, you will tackle this issue and come out of it as a winner. So, here are our best tips for learning how to overcome the language barrier and how to live in another country without communication issues.

Practice Makes Perfect

When you start learning a foreign tongue, it is crucial that you practice as much as you can. Even if you learn grammar and vocabulary, you aren’t going to overcome this issue without practice. There are a few ways that you can overcome this.

Talk to Yourself and Practice Most Common Phrases and Idioms

Although you may find talking to yourself in front of a mirror strange, practice has shown that this tip is very beneficial for mastering your communication skills. You will be more secure and more relaxed as you continue to practice. Pay attention to the most common phrases and idioms that can help you with communication with locals. Practice your accent so you fit in with the locals later on.

Patience Is Necessary – Be Brave and Don’t Worry About Making Mistakes

They say that mistakes are the springboard to acquiring new skills. When learning a foreign tongue, it is essential to be patient and accept that you will make errors along the way. But when you make a mistake, remember that you are one step closer to the goal every time you correct yourself. Be brave and communicate even if you don’t know the exact word you are looking for; you can always try to explain something with hand gestures or use synonyms of that particular word.

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Get Involved in the Life of the Locals and Take Part in Activities

When learning a language abroad, it is good for you to get in touch with locals and communicate with them. If you avoid contact with native speakers because you’re embarrassed or scared, you will only hinder your own progress. Be brave, participate in conversations, and ask questions. If necessary, ask them to talk more slowly so you can understand what they’re saying and, most importantly, don’t be embarrassed to make mistakes.

Participate in activities that are popular in your new city or town. Visit festivals, go to concerts or theaters because you can absorb a lot when listening and develop your skills. Also, expat communities can be beneficial because of the diversity of people and support with this issue. After all, other expats know how hard living overseas can be, and they will not only help you improve your skills, but also provide a safe space during the times when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Contact them through social media or connect with the expat community during organized networking events in your area.

Relax in Your Free Time and Still Learn New Words

Yes, it is possible to relax and learn simultaneously. Watch movies, shows, or listen to local music. Watching movies (with or without English subtitles, depending on your level of proficiency), reading books, or listening to music can improve your communication skills. Other types of media can also help – watch the news, read local magazines, or listen to podcasts.

Use the Internet as Your Study Buddy

The internet is a great place to learn something new. From researching the best places to live abroad to learning about different cultures and customs, the knowledge you have access to is almost endless. Even when it comes to languages, you can turn to the online world for help. There are numerous apps and programs available, such as the world-famous Duolingo, which you can use as your starting point. There are even numerous free resources you can search for.

Advice from Those With More Experience

Hearing about other people’s experiences in adapting to a foreign country and improving their skills will help you gain confidence and get a tip or two on what to do when you’re stuck. Check out the video below of Tim Doner, a young man with a passion for linguistics, talking about his experience and how he uses his knowledge in everyday life.

Start Studying and Enjoy Your Relocation With the Help of the Professionals

When studying, you don’t need any additional tasks on top of that. And when you are moving across the world, it can be challenging to focus on studying. So, let the moving stress go away and hire an international moving company to do all the heavy lifting for you. With their international moving services, such as packing, getting boxes and moving supplies, or storage, you will be able to dedicate more of your time to studying. Let the overseas moving company do their job, you just sit back and follow our tips, and you will overcome this task in no time.



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