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Top 6 Places With the Strongest US Expat Communities

Blake Shaw May 21, 2020
Posted May 21, 2020 In Moving Tips&Tricks,
Blake Shaw

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According to some estimates, around nine million US citizens currently live abroad, more than the combined population of Nevada, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Even though there are no official statistics on the size of the American diaspora, strong and active American expat communities can be found in every corner of the world, from neighboring Mexico and Canada to faraway countries such as the Philippines and India.

Such groups can prove to be a real lifesaver for Americans moving to a country with an entirely different culture, language, and etiquette. If you’re about to relocate abroad, take a look at our list of places with the most significant number of US expatriates. Use them to gather information and tips on how to adapt faster to a strange place.

#1 Mexico Has the Largest Number of American Expatriates

Did you know that there are around 1.5 million Americans living in Mexico? According to the Mexican National Institute of Statistics, Geography, and Informatics (INEGI), almost 90% of all international migrants come from the United States. In fact, the southern US neighbor is home to the largest number of American expatriates in the world.

What makes Mexico such an attractive destination for American citizens? No matter what you are looking for, you will find it there: great climate, low cost of living, developing tech scene that provides plenty of job opportunities, and friendly and welcoming locals. Also, the United States is close by, so whenever you feel nostalgic, you can visit.

Some Organizations Promote US Values and Culture

When it comes to international moving, you might be worried about losing your identity. Don’t worry; the expat community in Mexico keeps the American spirit alive. See for yourself by joining organizations that promote the culture of the US: Democrats and Republicans Abroad, the American Legion, and the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution.

#2 Canada Will Feel Like Home

If you are thinking about international moving, but you don’t want to go overseas and learn a new language – moving to Canada might be the answer you are looking for.

Speaking English is the first thing that will make you feel at home. Even though French is also an official language spoken by a sizable proportion of the population, almost everybody speaks English to some extent. Friendly people, excellent job opportunities, and high-quality healthcare available to everybody are just some of the reasons why many Americans choose to relocate to Canada.

Americans Choose to Live Near the Border

The 2016 Canadian Census showed that more than 377,000 US citizens live there. Many of them found a permanent home in major cities like Toronto and Vancouver, urban areas just across the border of the US. If you want to meet with other fellow expats, check up some meetup groups, and get to know other Americans, swap stories, have a laugh, and share experiences.

#3 Immigrate to India: It’s Simple and Easy

One would think that moving across the world would be a complicated process that requires a lot of planning. When immigrating to India, that process is fairly simple and easy. There are not too many documents needed to travel abroad but to be sure you gathered them all, contact the Embassy of India. Fast and straightforward procedures are just one of the reasons Americans choose to relocate to the soon-to-be most populous country in the world, and according to a White House report, around 700,000 of them live in India.

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Think About the Dos and Don’ts When Moving to India

Yes, plenty of US citizens are residing in some of India’s amazing cities, but when you choose to relocate halfway across the globe, be prepared for cultural differences. Indian culture is more traditional compared to US culture, and there are hundreds of different cultures and languages inside the country itself. That’s why you should contact other expats in the country and let them talk you through the dos and don’ts of living in India.

#4 The Philippines Have a Rich Culture and Beautiful Beaches

Are you a sucker for sandy beaches, turquoise waters, breathtaking sunsets, and fresh seafood? According to the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, almost 600,000 Americans are, and that’s why they settled down in the Philippines.

Besides picture-perfect nature, the Filipino culture is unique and charming, and it will get you invested in the lives of locals. The Filipinos are very friendly, they will invite you over for dinner, a sleepover, and treat you like a part of the family. What could make you feel more welcome than that?

There Are Useful Tools That Will Help You Land a Job

There is no discrimination when it comes to the job market, so it is not surprising to find foreigners working in different industries and enterprises. If you are wondering how to find a job in a foreign country before you move, the simple answer is – use the almighty Internet. Here are the top ten job posting sites in the Philippines:

  • Glassdoor
  • Pinoy Jobs
  • JobStreet
  • BestJobs
  • Indeed
  • OnlineJobs PH
  • Google for Jobs
  • Jora
  • Jobfinderph
  • Craigslist Manila

#5 Germany Offers High-Quality Healthcare

Did you know that Germany is the eighth-most popular nation to move to? The Federal Statistical Office states that around 110,000 Americans live in this Western European country.

The first thing that attracts US citizens to this European nation, besides the strongest economy on the continent, is the fact that the healthcare system is excellent. The World Health Organization even ranked the US healthcare system lower than the one here. When moving to Germany, you can choose between public and private health systems. Also, relocating with a family can be a smart decision; there are plenty of employment and entertainment options, as well as high-quality, free educational institutions you or your kids can attend.

Other Expats Will Help You Fit In

What’s the point of living in a place with a large number of other American expats if you can’t ask them for advice? Use the Internet and connect with others who chose to settle down here before you. There are clubs like the American Club of Hamburg, and American German Business Club Berlin that can provide you with the inside knowledge of living in Germany as an immigrant.

#6 Israel Is a Start-Up Nation With a Business Culture Similar to the One in the United States

Israel is sometimes referred to as a start-up nation because it ranks second to the US in terms of the number of start-up enterprises. Growing industrial and agricultural sectors and leading solar energy technology attract skilled expats looking for work.

With around 300,000 US citizens living in Israel, there is a sizable expat community that can help you navigate through everyday life. Check out the forum, and meet people living all over Israel; they might suggest places you can visit or food you can try.

There Are Plenty of Incredible Places to See

Israel is a nation with a vibrant culture and a long history. Explore it, and you will be amazed by what you discover. From world-famous ancient sights like the Old Town of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and a flea market in Jaffa to the Dead Sea and Timna Park, you will be surprised by colorful stories and experiences.

Large Expat Communities Welcome All US Citizens

It takes a lot of courage to pack up your whole life and relocate to an entirely new and unfamiliar place. Luckily, you are probably not the first American there. Use this to your advantage and reach out to expat communities; they are more than welcoming to new people. Listen to their stories, learn from their experiences, and the adapting process will be that much easier.



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