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Dos and Don’ts When Moving to India

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Now, if you have already decided which country you want to move to and if that country is by any chance India, we have prepared a short guide on what to expect when moving there. As you already know, cultural differences are often far from being negligible, so you might want to learn at least some basic things that you are and that you are not supposed to do when visiting/ moving to another country, in this case, India.

Every society has its own etiquette that people who live there are well aware of, so the least you can do is get acquainted with the code of conduct before you move to the country in question. That way, you will avoid being misunderstood, being frowned at or even insulting people, which is quite likely to happen, especially in conservative societies, such as Indian.

Read on and take a closer look at some basic dos and don’ts that you need to bear in mind when you start living there. Believe us, you will find it much easier to fit in once you learn the cultural differences between your country and India. So, let’s start with the things that you should do.

When in India


1. When you want to greet someone in India, remember that they will appreciate it if you greet them with a Namaste, because that shows them you respect their customs. The word ‘Namaste’ is the combination of two words, namah, which means ‘bow’ and te, which means ‘to you’, so it can be translated as ‘bowing to you’. The greeting is rather simple for you to learn and it means a lot to people in India, so do greet them that way.

2. When someone invites you to their house, act like a guest and let your host serve you.

3. When it comes to dressing code, you are expected to dress modestly. Women should wear blouses with long sleeves and long skirts, while men should avoid wearing shorts at any cost.

4. If you smoke, keep in mind that in India you need to ask permission before you light a cigarette. Also, you should avoid smoking in front of elderly people, because that is considered rude.

5. When you visit a place of worship, you should take off your shoes before you go inside. The same goes when entering someone’s house.

6. Taking off your shoes before you go inside someone’s house is not the only thing expected from a guest – you should also bring a gift.

When it comes to one society’s etiquette, it’s important to keep in mind what is it that that society expects from you to do. However, sometimes it’s much more important to be aware of the things that you have to avoid doing, because those are more likely to get you in trouble in case you break certain rules. So, read carefully the following list of things you should never do in India.


1.  When you meet a person of the opposite sex, do not offer a handshake unless they do it first. It’s better to just greet them with big smile. That way, you will be polite, but not risk violating their personal space.

2. Do not use your left hand to give something to somebody or to touch them, because in India, left hand is considered unclean. For that reason, you should also eat only with your right hand.

3. When in public, avoid drinking alcohol and smoking, for the great majority of people there consider it offensive.

4. Do not talk about religion.

5. Do not give any money to beggars, just ignore them. If you make a mistake and give it to just one beggar, you’ll regret it soon, as dozens of others will show up before you know it and you’ll be in trouble.

6. When you’re in a new country for the first time, everything is interesting and exotic and you just want take photographs wherever you are. Well, be careful with that in India. You shouldn’t take photos of government property.

In addition to the aforementioned dos and don’ts which are particularly important because of the cultural differences, we would also like to offer you some pieces of advice on how you should behave in India in order to feel safe and comfortable once you move there. First of all, don’t go anywhere without a map if you don’t want to get lost, because signboards are not something you can rely on (there are very few of them). The next thing you should bear in mind is that you need to be really careful with your money and valuable personal belongings, because they’re not even safe in hotel rooms. Finally, you need to think about your health above all, so be aware of water contamination and drink only bottled water.

Are you all ready to move to India? Don’t waste any more time, start packing your boxes and call State to State Movers to help you with your relocation process. And, of course, don’t forget about this guide, it will make it easier for you to fit in. We are waiting for your call!

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