How to prevent your things from breaking during your move- padding advice

When moving, you always look for the best and safest way to pack your belongings. You want to make sure that they don’t break, that you are using the space in your packing boxes carefully and efficiently and that you have nothing to worry about during the move. Here are some padding hacks that will help you transfer your belongings from point A to point B without much hassle, worry or stress:

  1.       For your make up use cotton balls or pads to prevent things like eye shadows or powders from breaking, cotton is a good buffer. Using this will help you move them and enable them to use them as soon as you need them without having to worry in what condition you are going to find them after your move.
  2.       You can use your clothes to wrap dishes. That can help you prevent the dishes from breaking, save you from using bubble wrap, AND you get to pack some extra T-shirts or sweaters!
  3.       Another thing you could find helpful when stacking dishes is using styrofoam plates between the breakable ones. Because they are already shaped like the plates, it makes perfect sense to use them for padding to prevent the plates from breaking or chipping. Also consider stacking them vertically because they are less likely to break that way.
  4.       Use soft items such as stuffed animals, blankets, decorative pillows or sheets and put them in a big garbage bag and use it as well for padding, next to fragile things in the moving truck. You can also find them useful for filling up the irregular empty space in the moving truck so that your belongings don’t shift around during the move.
  5.       X marks the spot. This is not what you think, although this advice would be valuable to know in advance. Take the masking tape and make a large X on your glass picture frames or mirrors. This does not prevent them from breaking, unfortunately, but even in the case of breaking, the masking tape will keep all the pieces together and prevent making a huge mess. As far as preserving the mirrors and frames is concerned, there are a lot of tips here that can help you choose the right padding for them.
  6.       Use paper bags for glasses or smaller bowls. A lot of people choose to use newspapers which tend to leave ink marks at times, so paper bags are a much safer solution, you can even use two for extra padding, to make sure that your things are preserved.
  7.       If you have old sheets and blankets somewhere around the house use the fitted sheets to wrap your mattress from both sides during the move. This will prevent the mattress from getting dusty or dirty and you will make sure that everything is transported safely and in the best way possible.
  8.       Use thicker socks to prevent items from breaking. You can place glass fragrance bottles or even wine bottles inside the socks (of course you are going to need knee-highs for the wine bottles because of their size). This way, not only are your breakables protected, but you have just packed some extra socks, how great is that?
  9.       To take the most out of the space in your luggage, don’t fold your clothes, but roll them instead. You are definitely going to be taken aback by how much more things you can fit using this technique. You can then use some or the clothing rolls, and fill in unnecessary empty space in your boxes and prevent the things in them from moving as much. This is also good for padding so your things will be safe and secured.
  10.   Take any old newspaper or any unnecessary paper that is lying around your house and that you meant to throw away, crumple it all up nicely and use it to also fill in all the empty space between your breakables.

Now you’re ready to move, sit back and enjoy fantasizing about the life in your new home without even having to think about the condition of your valuable items.