Moving to Iceland

Have you ever dreamed about leaving your hometown and moving somewhere else? Is your dream to move overseas and experience living on a different continent? Perhaps you recently visited Iceland and you’ve decided that Reykjavik is the perfect place for you to start a new life? If that is the case, My International Movers is here to tell you that moving to Iceland is not that difficult at all.

Iceland is considered among the most beautiful countries in the world. Travellers and those who visit Iceland say that the beauty of Iceland is almost magical. You’ve just came back from a trip to Iceland and you’ve decided that the simple and quiet life in the Icelandic atmosphere is the thing that you are looking for and that moving to Iceland is the best choice. Who can blame you? The waterfalls, glaciers, hiking paths, pools and hot springs all make Iceland the land of magic and beauty. The very rich history of the Icelandic people only adds up to the beauty of their nation. It can be said that life in Iceland is like a fairytale.

Moving to Iceland?

Before you pack your bags and buy a one-way plane ticket, there are some things you need to look up. If you come from a country in Europe, you are in luck. Navigating the immigration process as a citizen of a country in Europe is much easier. Citizens of the EEA and EFTA states do not need a special residence permit to stay in Iceland, but must register with Registers Iceland upon arrival. When you arrive,

This is a number you are going to need for almost everything, renting an apartment, getting a job and so on. If you’ve found a job before moving to Iceland, your employer can help you get your kennitala.

For those who are citizens of non-EEA countries, there are three possible ways to become a citizen of Iceland. You can be married to an Icelander, which is pretty straightforward and does not require much explanation. You can also attend a university. If you were accepted to an Icelandic university, you will be granted a residence permit and possible a limited work permit. If you do not have plans for marriage and you are not a student, you are going to have to secure a work permit for a job. This is not easy, but it does not make it impossible. You have to apply for a desirable work skill, like programming or medicine. A possible employer has to prove that you are needed for the job and that they cannot find an Icelander or an EEA citizen for the job.

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