The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Connecticut

Has the beautiful nature, delicious food, educational options, and culture made you think about moving to Connecticut? If so, you’re in the right place.there are certain things you should know before you decide to move somewhere, such as the costs, quality of life, and how quickly you will fit in. Because of that, we made a guide and gathered all the info in one place. Let us help you figure is relocating to Connecticut the right decision for you.

If you’re a foodie, it’s quite a big deal to say that you’re living in the birthplace of hamburgers. A 120-year-old restaurant called Louis’ Lunch is right here, and according to them, they invented this worldwide favorite meal. And an underwater favorite, if you ask Spongebob. There are so many more reasons to move to Connecticut in 2020, except for the mouthwatering food. If you’re considering moving internationally to this location, you can expect so much more. Let’s see what this beautiful small state has to offer.


Is It Expensive to Live in Connecticut?

Unfortunately, it is. Moving to Connecticut will be something like moving to Vancouver, or Canada in general, but CT still wins. When comparing Vancouver with Stamford, one of the most expensive cities, you will see that living in Canada is cheaper than residing here. However, New York is still pricier, there’s no arguing with that. Living in Hartford, the capital, will cost you around $3,750 per month if you’re coming with your partner and two kids, and that’s without the rent. A single person will have to spend around $1,000, also without the rent, which can be anywhere from $950 to $2,000 depending on the size and location of the apartment. However, we are talking about the capital – there are cities in CT that don’t have that high cost of living, such as Willimantic or Putnam. And even with high prices, CT has much to offer in return.

How Much Money Do You Need to Live Comfortably in Connecticut?

Every bigger city in CT has a higher cost of living index compared to the national average – from 12 to even 50 percent. Greenwich and Stamford range with Washington DC and Boston, and they are the most expensive ones, so we won’t take them as an example. Let’s say you chose to move to West Hartford. How much do you have to earn to reside there comfortably? According to the website Numbeo that compares costs in different states and cities, the average salary of $4,800 after taxes is more than enough. When we add the rent, utilities, a monthly pass for public transportation, and food, there will be plenty of money left in your pocket.

What Taxes Can You Expect After Moving to Connecticut?

This state is actually the second least tax-friendly state in the nation, and that says a lot (the first one is Illinois.) Taxes are just too high, and there are plenty of them – income, sales, property, gas, and others. However, there are no local sales or local income taxes, which is great for shoppers, but CT compensates that through property taxes. An average homeowner in CT pays $5,600 in property taxes per year.

How Easy Will It Be to Land a Job When Living Here?

Have you already checked out what relocation questions to ask the employer? If you’re relocating here for a job, you have no worries. If you’re not, take a look at what are the most demanded and fastest-growing jobs here:

  • Operations analyst
  • Web developer
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Business analyst
  • Personal care assistant
  • Home health aid
  • Software engineer
  • Computer numerical controller machinist
  • Software developer
  • Industrial mechanic.

In case you’re an expert in one of these industries, you’ll find employment in no time. If not, there are plenty of other opportunities you can grab. Make sure you find a job before you move so that you can have a safe income every month for these pricey costs. Even if you find something part-time, you’ll still earn a pretty sum since the minimum wage here is $11 to $12.

The Job Market Is Improving

Even though you might hear that the job market here isn’t good, keep in mind that it’s improving over the years. Some industries are thriving, while others aren’t, and that’s what’s making this situation the way it is. The following are the best ones if you’re looking to have a stable and wealthy career in CT:

  • Business and Financial Operations
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Education, Training, and Library Industry
  • Community and Social Service
  • Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Industry.

If it happens that your field of interest matches the growing industry, then lucky you! Just make sure you’re done with breaking the language barrier if your English is not that good.

Choose Your Favorite Place Before Moving Overseas

The state of CT has so many beautiful places for all of the nature lovers out there. Even in a city, you will have a feeling of a tight community, since this is a small state. We’ll introduce you to some of our favorite places.

  • West Hartford – If you’re looking for a place to raise your kids and where the whole family will be happy, you just found it. With a low crime rate, amazing schools, many great restaurants, and shops, there will be something for everyone. You will have everything within a walking distance. Parks and outdoor activities such as hiking are also very popular among residents.
  • Avon – Another amazing and very safe place with a suburban vibe that is great for kids and families. This tight-knit community with excellent public schools is a good choice for a calm life, filled with friendly neighbors and fun times. Traffic here is not a problem since you can avoid all the jams by going on a highway or over the mountain. If you’re coming from one of the friendliest countries in the world, you will surely enjoy a similar vibe here.
  • Simsbury – A quiet location, perfect for those who were moving across the world and residing in major cities, that now want to be somewhere peaceful. Then again, if you change your mind, New York and Boston are nearby, so you won’t be missing on anything. Farmington River is running through the town so you can have a beautiful view while walking wherever you’re headed, or you can go paddleboarding, kayaking, or canoeing – the options are endless.
  • Westport – Works like a magnet for young folks with kids or those planning to have them. It’s also safe, has great public schools, it has easy access to the beach, water, and nature in general. If you love spending time outside, this is your spot. Even though some current and ex-residents say the people are nice and friendly, you might hear some saying that they found others to be snobby or arrogant. However, it’s a very pleasant suburban town to reside in with amazing eateries and amenities.

Traffic Can Be Really Bad

There’s a not so good reputation for drivers and roads here, so you can expect to get stuck in traffic. According to a national survey, CT has six out of a hundred worst traffic bottlenecks in the whole of the US, which is quite a lot for a state that is the third smallest by area. If you wish to avoid that, you can skip driving alone, and hop on express or local buses, or on a rail. On CT website, you can find the Department of Transportation‘s explanation of Divisions and Districts where buses operate. Don’t get lost – before you step on a bus, check out the map and the route of the bus.

CT is One of the Best Places for a Good Education

As you probably noticed in part with the best locations, CT is very proud of its public school system. Coming here to live and raise children can beat many of the best places to live abroad with family because of the excellent education. Adult residents here are mostly highly-educated, and so are their kids. Prestigious Yale University is right here in New Haven, and there’s the University of Connecticut, and also Trinity College. Those aren’t the only ones, of course, since highly-rated schools and universities are numerous. CT was also home to the incredible Prudence Crandall, who established the first academy for African American women in New England. She also founded the American School for the Deaf, which has served the hard of hearing and deaf since 1817.

Get to Know the Climate Before Coming Here

Are you trying to decide between moving to Ontario or moving to Connecticut? The weather won’t be the one to help you decide, since it’s quite similar. Relocating here means having a bit less sunshine than in other states. Clouds and cold weather aren’t for everyone, so prepare for shoveling the snow from your driveway. But look at the bright side – that can also be an efficient exercise.

If Having All Four Seasons Belongs to Pros for You, Then You’ll Love Moving to Connecticut

Each of the four seasons has its own beauty, and if that’s what you prefer, then the climate is surely one of the reasons to move to Connecticut. The winters are cold and snowy, which is perfect for those who enjoy it. Summers are hot and humid, but there’s always an option to escape to the beach or in nature. The best for the end – springs and autumns are just beautiful. The scenery in CT is what makes people fall in love with this place, and the weather makes it perfect. You’ll have to get used to views that look just like a postcard, and that really won’t be hard, right?

You Will Find Plenty of Things to Do

Regardless of whether you’re planning on moving to Connecticut alone, with someone, or with a whole family, you will have many fun things to do, both outdoors and indoors. Enjoy natural beauty by the Farmington River or on the beach, go on hiking trails, have picnics at the park, or a walk in a forest. If you’re moving with dogs, you can be sure that you’ll find many places to hang out together. Since this is an old state, culture is also one of its perks. CT is home to the Scoville Memorial Library, the oldest public library in the US, and to the oldest public newspaper that’s still being published in the country – Hartford Courant. Towns here have vintage vibes, and they’re full of history, culture, and business. In Hartford is another gem – The Mark Twain House and Museum: a mansion built in gothic style. You can go on a tour and see how the world-wide famous writer lived.

Outdoor Activities Are Always a Great Way to Meet People

You will be new here, and if you don’t already know some people, it would be good to spend some time outside so that you can meet your neighbors. Visiting fairs, festivals, and exhibits is a real pleasure, and you’ll soon find yourself talking to a new friend. Take a look at what places you can visit once you hire an overseas moving company and come here.

Is It Worth Moving to Connecticut?

If you’re wondering Is Connecticut a good state to live in, the answer will surely depend on your preferences and expectations, but if you’re wondering should you be moving abroad to CT, we would say absolutely. Giving CT a chance will not only impact your quality of life but also the future of your loved ones.

Shop Around for Some Quotes Before Hiring a Company

When you decide that you’ll be moving here, find a company that can offer you a free home estimate or an online version – it should be a must in 2020. That way you can be sure how much the relocation will cost, and there will be no unexpected costs or fees. Check if they also offer vehicle shipping and packing services in case you need them. If you don’t find a new home right away, you can always rent a place and put your stuff in storage. We highly recommend working with a Connecticut international moving company that knows their business if you want to avoid the moving stress. Once you’re settled, go out and enjoy all that this incredible place has to offer.