The Ultimate List of Best Places to Live in Canada for US Expats

Since it provides great emigration conditions, CA presents a perfect choice for expats, so the toughest decision to make is deciding what are the best places to live in Canada. Canada is one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world that is providing immigrant visas equally for workers, students, or families. Its welcoming multicultural atmosphere and great prospects for its citizens in terms of financial prosperity, education, and health system, safety, and quality of life make it one of the world’s most desirable areas for living. For that reason, we present you with the ultimate list of finest cities for US expats in CA, that will help you determine what is the most suitable option for you when moving abroad.

Where Is the Best Place to Live in Canada for US Expats?

According to the newest report of The Voice of Canadian Immigration, about 3% of Canada’s new immigrants come from the US each year, which makes it one of the greatest expat communities in CA. Having such support in a new country can definitely help you to adjust to a different environment more easily, and avoid the unnecessary moving stress by sharing experiences and even not having the most common problems like learning a language abroad in order to break the language barrier.

Nevertheless, since CA is one of the friendliest countries in the world, open for all cultures and nationalities equally, the finest place to become your new home will be the one that will meet the majority of your needs in terms of costs, job opportunities, family-friendly environment, and overall quality of life. So, once you’ve explored all the rules on how to immigrate to Canada and got ready for international moving, it is the right time to choose among the best Canadian cities to live in and all the benefits each of them provides for its citizens.

At a Glance – The Best Urban Areas for Life in CA

Canadian metropolises are regularly listed among the most livable ones in the world. As stated in The Global Liveability Index 2019, which ranks 140 cities towards five major categories like stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure, three Canadian towns – Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto – were listed among the top ten liveable cities of the world.

For that reason, it is no surprise that these three metropolises, followed by Quebec, Montreal, and Ottawa, are recognized as the top areas for expats to choose when moving to Canada, based on the average:

  • Income levels,
  • Housing costs,
  • The estimated monthly cost,
  • The current unemployment rate,
  • Crime rate.

Let’s see what benefits each of these mentioned cities offer, and how you can organize your perfect life there.

Calgary, the Most American City in CA

With a population of 1.2 million citizens, Calgary is the third-largest metropolis in CA and one of the most prospective metropolises for relocation. The Global Liveability Index 2019 judged Calgary as the fifth most livable metropolis in the world, which is a consequence of beneficial economic positions, low crime rates, and great weather conditions. So, if you want to know where is the warmest place in Canada year-round and what is the happiest city in Canada here is an answer. Calgary is known as the sunniest metropolis in CA, which is another good reason for choosing it for your new home. The temperatures range from 87°F to -25°F, so this would be the ideal conditions for all those who equally enjoy winter and summer.

Is Calgary the Right Fit for You?

According to the Martin Prosperity Insights Research, Calgary is convenient as a place to live in for people of all ages and statuses. Whether you are single, mid-career professional, family-oriented, empty nester, or retiree, living in Calgary might be the right fit for you, meaning you can plan a long-term stay here since there is a wide choice of things to do. Also, due to its close proximity to US borders, Calgary is the most common choice of places to live in Canada for US expats. So if you’re moving internationally, then you should definitely consider Calgary as an option.

Job Market and Opportunities in the Sunniest Metropolis of CA

Calgary and Alberta have 95% of Canada’s oil reserves, so there are plenty of open positions associated with:

  • Mining,
  • Geology,
  • Construction,
  • Urban planning and architecture,
  • Engineering,
  • IT,
  • Education,
  • Healthcare,
  • Creative industries,
  • Logistics,
  • Financial services.

Monthly Household Costs in Calgary

When it comes to the cost of living in Calgary, which is considered as high, you should know that estimated expenses on a yearly basis are 31,664 Canadian Dollars ($25,275,) which amounts to CA$2,638 ($2,100) on a monthly basis.

Vancouver, the Most Expensive City in CA

Vancouver is another most common choice of expats due to its gorgeous surroundings, breathtaking nature, and proximity to the US borders – it is only 50 miles away from the US. Aside from all these benefits, don’t forget that The Global Liveability Index 2019 judged Vancouver as the sixth most livable city in the world, which makes it one of the most desirable cities among expats and justifies your decision to move to Vancouver.

Vancouver is the Best Choice for Fans of Outdoor Activities

It is a great fit for all those who are of adventurous spirit. Whether you enjoy winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding, or you’re a nature lover who just wants to enjoy all the beauties with full lungs while gazing at the Pacific Ocean and whales, or surfing in the summer season, living in Vancouver may be the right option for you.

Furthermore, Vancouver is one of the most multicultural areas in CA. For nearly 50% of the population, English is not the native language, which gives you a glance at how the community tolerance is high and how the assimilation process could flow. Vancouver is also very liberating regarding marijuana, where this drug is legalized, while LGBT community members state that Vancouver is one of the most welcoming areas in North America.

Strong Economy and High Demand for Qualified Workers Shape VA Business Climate

Expats usually choose Vancouver due to its strong economy. On average, the salary in this city amounts to a $42,682 USD on a yearly basis, and the highest demand for qualified workers is in these industries:

  • Cinema, film, and creative industries,
  • Telecommunications,
  • Technology,
  • Finance,
  • Tourism and hospitality,
  • Forestry,
  • Fishing,
  • Mining,
  • Construction.

Vancouver Has One of the Highest Costs of Living in CA

As we have already stated, Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities, so when it comes to expenses, you better explore all the details. The median cost of living in Vancouver is $30,400 on a yearly basis, which amounts to $2,533 on a monthly basis.

Where Is the Most Affordable Place to Live in Canada? In New Brunswick, and It’s Called Saint John

The cost of living in Canada was always considerable, and for that reason, it is clear why one of the most common questions on conditions for relocating to CA is where is the cheapest place for life. Thankfully, we have an answer! If you’re looking for the most affordable town to make it in CA, Saint John is the right place for you.

Want to Live in a Small, Safe, and Quiet Town? Saint John May Be the Right Choice For You

Saint John, situated in the province of New Brunswick, is one of the oldest towns in CA, founded in the 19th century. It has a population of 67,575 citizens, which makes it the perfect fit for all those who are looking for a small, safe, and quiet town, with splendid surroundings and not so harsh weather conditions – the temperatures range from 93°F in summer to -29°F in the winter season.

If You’re Looking for Tech-Oriented Jobs, Come to Saint John

Saint John is an active port and industrial city that is striving for technology development and other modern businesses. Since it is oriented in industrial verticals, there is a range of possibilities for a job in this field. Aside from tech-oriented working opportunities, the greatest job prospect in Saint John is remote work in IT. Since high-paid jobs and really few, median house prices amount to $200,961, Saint John presents a perfect place for buying your own property.

How Much You Will Spend on Monthly Living Expenses

Median household income amounts to $52,132 on a yearly basis, while the estimated household cost is $2,016 per person with included rent. So, in case you buy a house and agree to mortgage conditions, the monthly expenses could be even lower.

Toronto, the Largest and the Best Place in Canada to Live

Ontario’s provincial capital, a business, finance, arts, and cultural center of CA, and a home for over 3 million citizens, Toronto is the largest metropolis in CA and the fourth largest in North America. Besides, The Global Liveability Index 2019 judged TO as the seventh most livable city globally, enjoying the reputation as a diverse, clean, safe, and one of the best cities in Canada to live in.

Why is TO the Perfect Choice Among the Best Places to Live in Canada for Families

Toronto is one of the most multicultural metropolises in the world, where 50% of the population is born outside of CA, making it one of the best places for life in Ontario, overall. Furthermore, due to the great quality of life, Toronto neighborhoods offer high levels of safety, making it one of the best areas to live abroad with family. So, for all those who seek a metropolitan atmosphere, and wondering about what is the safest place to live in Canada, TO could be the right choice.

The Largest Metropolis of CA Provides Some of the Highest-Paid Job Positions

Since it is the largest metropolis in CA, TO provides the most options for well-paid jobs in Canada, which is one of the main reasons why expats are moving to Toronto. The jobs opportunities are multiple, and some of the highest-paid workplaces are:

  • Biotechnology,
  • Engineering,
  • IT,
  • Finance,
  • Film and cinema,
  • Media.

According to some reports, a salary of $40,583 on a yearly basis is a minimum to earn in order to meet the expenses of the metropolis.

Costs in the Most Expensive City in CA

Toronto is definitely the most expensive city in CA. The median cost of living on a yearly basis amounts to $33,880. Of course, the total expenses will differ depending on whether you rent an apartment or you’ve bought a home and are paying a mortgage. On average, be prepared to set aside an amount of $576,290 in case you want to buy a house.

Ottawa, Canada’s Capital

Ottawa (OTT) is the fourth most populated metropolis in CA, with around 1 million citizens. It is also the second-largest US expat community in CA, so if you doubt whether you will fit into the environment, don’t. OTT is just another multicultural metropolis in CA that provides great business opportunities and high quality of life.

If You’re Looking for Metropolitan Atmosphere, Choose Ottawa

If you’re looking for a metropolitan atmosphere and beneficial business climate where tech innovations are the major factor of industry growth, then OTT is the right fit for you. Besides, OTT is one of the greenest metropolitan areas in CA, so if you’re enjoying the natural beauty, spontaneous picnics, and bike rides, then this is another benefit the capital provides. The only problem Ottawa has is crowded traffic. However, the local authorities work on the solution since it is a problem for the majority of 1 million residents.

Working Opportunities in Tech Innovation Center of North America

Work opportunities in OTT are huge, especially in the technology sector, since Ottawa is considered as one of the major high-tech centers of North America, and there are around 70,000 jobs offered. So, greatest prospects of finding employment are in these industries:

  • Technology,
  • Finance,
  • Insurance,
  • Real estate,
  • Trade,
  • Federal government,
  • Health,
  • Education.

How Much Does it Cost to Live in OTT?

Ottawa is the third most expensive metropolis in CA. The median cost of living on a monthly basis, including the rent that differs depending on a home size and location, is around $2,500, which amounts to $30,000 and more on a yearly basis. The median salary is $45,000-$52,800 per year, which still makes it possible for a decent life.

Ready for Moving Overseas?

Now you’ve explored all the nice places to live in Canada and made your mind, the next step is to organize your relocation and choose an international moving company that can help you with all the relocation requests you have. Whether you need overseas shipping of your car or maybe packing services associated with household belongings, choosing a reliable and trustworthy overseas moving company for international moving services, is of tremendous importance to attain a stressless relocation experience.