Fun Things to Do in Calgary Canada

The largest city in the province of Alberta is one of a kind experience, and the long list of things to do in Calgary is getting renewed all the time. Everything’s included in the city’s wide offer, from state-of-the-art museums and thought-provoking art to delicious food and stunning nature. Newcomers who are moving internationally fall in love with the eclectic mix of different traditions and the humbleness this place preserved, despite being the center of one of the most significant oil and gas industries in the whole world. The cowboy heritage blends with affluence, so there’s something for everyone’s taste.

This metropolis is a jewel in the crown of the large Prairie province, and it gives its residents the chance to have the best of both worlds since natural wonders, national parks, and pristine forests are in the city’s close vicinity. If you dreamt of a life in a bustling business center where you could land high-paying jobs but also be able to unwind in nature during your free time, living in Calgary is the right thing for you. Read on to find out our top picks for the most entertaining things to do in Calgary Alberta, and nearby.

Things to Do in Calgary Canada for Lovers of Arts and Museums

Though many people’s first associations for Cowtown include the cowboy traditions and its world-famous Stampede, it is actually brimming with culture, art, and museums. In 2012 it gained the title Cultural Capital of Canada, which is not a small endeavor for a city that was once entirely populated by farmers. With its long history and the special spark creators from all parts of the world brought to their new home, it can bear comparison with the largest global artistic centers. If you’re into art, learning how to live abroad will be a piece of cake here.

Tour 8th Avenue Southwest and East Village Area for Some Unique Art

If you were wondering what can you do in Calgary for free, street art is an amazing starting point. You can find your way around the Eight Avenue Southwest, which is perfect if you’re moving to another country for love of art, on foot, or explore on pedals. The area is home to ten tall tree sculptures (at least that’s what we see, cheers to abstract art) that light up at night but also have a practical purpose of reverting the wind.

And on the outskirts of this quarter, you’ll come across the Education Centre, and its set of sculptures called The Family of Man. Initially erected to represent a complex and daunting relationship between Britain and its colonies, the colonial Self and the Other, it lends itself to various different interpretations today. Forget all about your moving stress in one of the quarter’s renowned cafes and continue to the East Village Area, which is an open-air museum like no other. Abstract and real collide as the murals pose intrinsic questions of the human condition. Or, they can just be fun to comment on with a friend or family member.

Calgary Museums for Adults and Kids

Stampede Town is one of the best places to live abroad with family because it has options for both parents and children, and museums are no exception to this. If you want to give your kids a real treat, take them to the Creative Kids Museum, which is a hands-on exploration of music, painting, and drama for the youngest ones.

And, if you are searching for amusement while living overseas, you can choose from a plethora of fun things to do in Calgary for adults. Start from the Military Museums, a tale of Canadian glorious war history, and finish the story in Glenbow Museum, which gives another take on the country’s history. And from then on, the sky’s the limit to the question of what can adults do in Calgary.

The Stampede Is Unforgettable

This attraction is so popular that it will come as no surprise if they introduce the ticket to the show as part of the documents needed to travel abroad (we’re joking, maybe.) Taking part in the summer, it’s a downtown celebration of the Wild West heritage that all kinds of people equally enjoy. Catch rodeo shows at night, or feast on Southern cuisine during the day. Not into all that Bronco vibe? You should still come since there are also exhibitions, concerts, firework displays, talent searches, an amusement park, and a Native American authentic village. Not a bad way to start enjoying life after moving overseas.

Catch Some Rays in Prince’s Island Park

If you’re moving to Canada with pets, this downtown green oasis of peace will quickly become your favorite spot. Flower gardens, picnic spots, jumping fountains, hiking trails, skating on the lagoon, a River Cafe, all checked. If you want to jump on the bandwagon and enjoy music festivals with large crowds, you can also do that here. And the best thing is that the vast majority of these activities are free, so when the pressure of the cost of living in Canada gets you down, this place is guaranteed to restore your faith in moving across the world, which the Great White North, in all honesty, sometimes seems like.

Wander 17th Ave and the Entertainment District for Shopping and Food

Moving to Canada is not complete without trying its signatory specialties such as poutine, beaver’s tail, bagels, and much more. Combine downtown shopping in artisan, upscale, and quirky stores, with amazing food and drinks, and bingo. You’ll get to feel what learning how to live in another country should really look like.

Heritage Park Historical Village Tops the List of Fun Things to Do in Calgary

One of the best countries to live in was only a century ago, home of pioneers and settlers who gave all they had to test their mettle and make living as pleasurable as it is today. If you want to go back and see what day to day life was like once upon a time in the West, there’s no better chance than to do it here. Actors tell the stories of what life was once all about, and visitors can drive on steam trains, paddle boats, shop, and experience firsthand how the Canadian West progressed. And, if you are taking kids with you, they’re certain to fall in love with numerous antique rides the park offers.

Getting Out of Town – Best Locations

The gem of the province of Alberta is close to numerous natural getaways whose beauty is unparalleled in the whole country. Let the Rocky Mountains be your guide, and you are bound to find ideas for weekend travel on end in one of the friendliest countries in the world.

Explore Banff and Experience Lake Louise

This one can’t go amiss if you’re thinking about the best things to do in Calgary. The Banff is a gateway to the Canadian Rockies and Alberta’s and the country’s first national park. People flock from all over the world to see its beauty and stay in one of the hotels, and you’re lucky to be only about an hour and a half away. More than 6K miles long, it’s brimming with cyclists, hikers, skiers, and mountain climbers.

And, if the vicinity of this heaven on Earth isn’t enough to place C-town on top of your best places to live abroad list, wait some more. The area is also home to Lake Louise, a once in a lifetime natural sight that will help you recharge, but also hike, kayak, and engage in other outdoor activities on the shore. Think of good relocation questions to ask the employer right away and free yourself up some weekends because Banff will be totally worth it.

Visit the Castle on the Hill

Located at the center of Banff Park, Fairmont Banff Springs is a sight that will enchant and help you live out your mountain fairytale. This castle in the Rockies is actually an A-star hotel where you can pamper yourself with a spa day or enjoy different amenities that are the perfect ending to an active day. This hotel hosted queens, rock stars, and presidents and is a perfect place to spend a few days if you want to restart your mind after moving to Calgary.

Grasp the Ingenuity of First People in Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Only a short ride from the C-town, this archeological site, away from hotels, tells the story of native tribes that once inhabited the Great Plains. Using not only the proximity of the river to fish, the natives also developed a technique based on optical illusions to lure the buffalos and take advantage of their meat and fur. The place is an excellent opportunity to take history out of the glass and into the open and learn something new. Unfortunately, if you’re moving with dogs, your furry friend will have to sit this one out. All the history might be too much to put its head around. Take a look at the following video if you’d like to learn more about this attraction and what to expect here.

Things to Do in Calgary in Winter

In the Great White North, you needn’t worry about learning a language abroad or breaking the language barrier, but the winters are notorious. Lucky for you, Stampede Town is at the top of places with the most sunny days, and the region is also known for its warm Chinook winds that make it possible to use up winter days to the most, engaging in different activities.

Animal Watching in Fishcreek Provincial Park

Located in the Southern part of the metropolis, this natural oasis is proof that cities aren’t always void of pristine nature. Home to snow-covered creeks and coyotes, various birds, beavers, and deer, the area is an urban Eden for sports junkies. Cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking are just some of the activities you can try in the jolliest season.

Retail Therapy in Christmas Markets

If the cost of living in Calgary and lack of time stopped you from shopping after moving overseas, winter is the perfect season to rectify it. Christmas Markets and Craft Fairs you can find all over the city abound in many handmade, unique presents you can give to your loved ones or yourself. And if you need to learn how to keep in touch with friends, overseas shipping of Canadian gifts will melt even the hardest of souls.

Make the Best of Tube Park

With eight lanes to tube in and a magic carpet that brings you and your tube up the hill, the Winsport Tube Complex qualifies for one of the top things to do in Calgary. Not into tubing? Try snowboard, mountain biking, skating, minigolf, or carting and visit Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame and learn about the city’s ice champions.

Is Calgary Worth Visiting?

If you had the dilemma is there anything to do in Calgary, you can rest assured a lifetime isn’t enough for all on offer here. But we still encourage you to try and carpe every diem to the fullest. When you get tired of all the exploring, fish on the city’s Bow river, or visit the renowned City Tower. Looking back at your adventure from these two, you’ll know your heart is in the right place.

Do You Need Professional Help With Your Relocation?

This bustling metropolis is waiting for you, and if you learned about jobs in Canada and found the right one, finding a reputable international moving company Canada with Calgary movers will be another string to your bow. Top-rated services such as international moving and all they include can help you get to Stampede City safely and without a hitch.

Consider getting packing services, boxes and moving supplies, custom crating for your valuables, or storage facilities if you’re still house hunting and renting in hotels. And if buying a new car is not an option, book overseas vehicle shipping. If you’re transporting bulky stuff, arrange oversized freight in advance and get more than one estimate. It pays off to invest time in this so that you breeze through relocation and dive right into the perks of free time in C-town.

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