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All the Things You Should Know Before Moving to Hawaii

Blake Shaw January 8, 2021
Posted January 8, 2021 In Living Abroad,
Blake Shaw

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All people from time to time dream of distant lands, shores, and islands, oceans, and beaches where their lives would unfold in magical ways. And moving to Hawaii is definitely a great way to test if you’re cut out for this kind of adventure. The Islands abound in natural beauty, opportunities for outdoor fun, fantastic weather, and fascinating culture, which is why newcomers often choose this spot for restart. And if clear waters, exotical animals, and the sounds of gentle music already invade your dreams, it’s time to start thinking about relocating. Stick with us because we can help you make the decision.

It is a peculiar place for more reasons than one. One of the rare US territories that have been independent in the past, this tropical paradise in the Pacific also boasts one of the largest retreats of pristine nature on the whole continent. With its unique way of life that survived the challenges of globalization and modern living, the Islands remain a place of their own. That being said, let’s dig into the specifics of your move.

Pros and Cons of Moving to Hawaii

“Hawaii is a place where necessities are expensive, and luxuries free” – Anonymous

The Aloha State seems like just the getaway even the most wretched people couldn’t say no to. Basically everybody is invited to join and the answer to the question can any US citizen move to Hawaii, is yes. So, what is there not to love amidst all the beauty and sun, beaches and swimming? Still, there’s something a bit further from rose-colored glasses. Let’s unravel the advantages and disadvantages before you get all your documents needed to travel abroad out.

So Many Positives in Island Life

Let’s delve into the countless amazing things there are here:

  • Unrivalled natural beauty – And in this case, we really mean unrivalled. Have you ever thought about the woods, waterfalls, and shimmering glow of green forest leaves and mountain sunsets of the places far beyond? Well, in the Paradise of the Pacific you can have all of these within reach. Wherever you relocate, some breathtaking sights will be within your walking distance. Imagine working or studying in such a scenery, definitely not an advantage to be neglected. And, if you’re moving to another country for love there’ll be awesome getaways galore.
  • Things to do to your heart’s joy – Without having to struggle with breaking the language barrier, the world is your oyster and there really aren’t many activities that you can’t revel in around here. If you’d love to have a taste of the local, immerse into festivities, sip on mai tais, make a lei, and see a traditional storytelling party. Craving adrenaline? Try out cliff jumping, quad tours through the jungles with unforgettable views, or shark-cage diving! Discover the black sand or green sand beaches, find turtles who only live here, or hike up following the flow of a waterfall.
  • The friendly vibes – Different races, religions, beliefs and many expat communities make this place truly special. And it really does have the immersive friendly spirit going around, but living close to nature left a trail and gave a perspective to locals who are always willing to help, which is why the Aloha State falls among one of the friendliest countries in the world.
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There Are Still Some Downsides

Not even in Pacific Paradise can everything be perfect. So, what things should you consider before making the leap?

  • There is a shortage of medical staff – You really need to be extra careful if you’d like to have a baby here, or just seek specialist medical help,
  • It is expensive (who knew?) – There’s a real reason behind it, but shipping groceries across the Pacific is not the cheapest option there is. Thus the prices in supermarkets are almost two times higher than on the mainland, and it is something to be aware of once you start planning your budget out. There’s Target and Costco, as well as farmers markets which can have good deals for those who know expert tips,
  • Island living – On the Islands you’ll be forced to come to terms with the fact that living overseas means you won’t be able to see some of the people you love as often and that making friends might become challenging as many come and go, which is why it is crucial to learn how to keep in touch with friends.

If you want to see another take on the islands fors and againsts, watch the video below.

There Is More Than One Awesome Place to Call Home

When seeking moving to Hawaii advice from acquaintances or online, most people want to know what spots have the best trade off between affordability and opportunities. Let us walk you through our top picks:

  • Kauai – This is the oldest island and it is also one of the smallest with the population of 72,000 residents. Called the Garden Island for its lush vegetation and frequent rainfall, it is home to unforgettable sights such as the Waimea Canyon, Na Pali Coast, Wailua Falls, and Hanalei Bay. The downsides here are that there’s only one road that encircles the whole island, so there might be congestions ahead, and there’s not much nightlife. If you want nature and peace, this is the place where you’ll really be able to enjoy it.
  • Maui – It is the second largest in size and one of the most popular islands. What can you expect here? Whale watching, snorkelling, a big active volcano that can be visited, Road to Hana waterfalls, Haleakala National Park sunrise and sunsets, Historic Lahaina Town, and much more. Regardless of whether you’re moving with dogs, or you’re a young parent seeking romantic getaway, Maui offers it all. The only con is that it has the most amenities, which makes it the most expensive place. But you can hop on a ferry and after a short ride you’ll be in Lana’i or Moloka’i.
  • Hawai’i – This is the largest one in size, and it is still bigger than the rest even if you put them all together. It combines the mindblowing 11 out of 13 climate zones and because of this it is appealing for large crowds. It is the birthplace of the most famous Hawaiian king Kamehameha I, and the county of the best island coffee (Kona coffee.) You can also hike to Rainbow Falls or dive with the exotic manta ray.
  • Oahu – The NYC of the Islands. Oahu is the most populous (1 million residents) and the most crowded island. The capital Honolulu is located here, as well as the extremely famous Waikiki beach. You can go big wave surfing here, triple crown surfing, or hiking in numerous trails. Visit the Pearl Harbor center and revel in shopping. Since it boasts a real city on the Pacific, Oahu also has the most urban vibe, but you can always rely on local tips and go to the countryside to get away from the hustle and bustle.

Great Job Prospects Waiting to Be Discovered

When wondering is it realistic to move to Hawaii, most people first enquire about jobs. The Pacific Paradise abounds in work opportunities whatever your field of expertise is. Be it tourism, or tech industries, you’ll be able to land a job here. And the great thing is that if you’re working remotely and if you can come up with good relocation questions to ask the employer, coming here will be a dream come true. If you’re a medical specialist, you’ll also have a rich choice and great conditions here. And the Islands are generally open for creatives and businesses which means that starting from a blank slate won’t be an issue.

Can I Move to Hawaii Without a Job

Moving across the world, which relocation to Aloha state certainly looks like, is always challenging, especially if you’re arriving with no work. The Islands are a good place to start your way up, since finding bridge jobs here is relatively easy, and having a ground base to start from always reduces moving stress. The experience is definitely better if you do have a job prior to relocating, but it is not impossible to search for a career of your dreams while working somewhere temporarily.

Cost of Living – Is It Expensive to Move to Hawaii?

Due to their touristic potential, the Islands are more expensive than most of the mainland. As mentioned above food is more hefty, and you’ll also need to spend more money on gas. The amenities can also be a bigger strain on your budget since they attract many tourists. For example, the cost of living in Hawaii for one month is overall 40% higher here than in Austin, the capital of Texas, and 20% bigger than in Atlanta. But, it’s still cheaper than NYC and LA. So, depending on where you’re coming from, you’ll need to adjust your desires and finances.

Coming from the US, Don’t Let Housing Costs Discourage You

The largest part of moving overseas for most people is house hunt. Now, the Islands are a bit tricky if you’d like to relocate before having a place to stay because they don’t really have tons of cheap accommodation that would suit your needs in the long run. You can check out hostels though, and start renting as soon as possible. According to Numbeo, an average family needs around 3,500 USD or less to rent a flat with three-rooms, while a single person should set aside around 1,900 USD per month.

How to Move to Hawaii With No Money?

Even the best countries to live in can become frustrating if you haven’t got your budget planned out in advance. Since the Pacific Paradise isn’t the cheapest place to go to, having at least a certain amount of money to get you going is a must to help you figure out how to move to Hawaii. You never know what you’ll need it for and how it might come in handy, though there’s no precise answer to the question How much money should you save before moving to Hawaii?

Transportation – Having a Car Is Essential

Though there are tourist shuttles on some islands, one of the best places to live abroad is almost inaccessible if you haven’t got a car. Because of this, overseas vehicle shipping is an option you should by no means overlook. You’ll need your four-wheeler to get around and go to places and trips, which is a terrible shame to miss in tropical paradise such as this.

How to Make Yourself at Home?

Though you needn’t worry about learning a language abroad or breaking the language barrier, there might be some culture codes you’ll still need to grasp. Hawaian traditions date back centuries ago, and if you really want to learn how to live abroad, you have to adopt the Hawaiian etiquette. You’ll probably be surprised initially, but most things here are only possible to be found out by word of mouth. This means that most businesses, especially outside Oahu aren’t present on the Internet. You’ll have to find friends among the locals and find out what you’re interested in this way. Another significant point is that everyone is just laid-back here, which means that running by the clock is not how things function. You’ll have to embrace the surf’s up, everything goes kind of attitude to avoid unnecessary frustration.

Should I Move to Hawaii?

Palm trees, sunny days and the most beautiful scenery you could imagine are all there. One of the best places to live abroad with family and raise children, or start your own adventure has its doors open to everybody and there’s no place on Earth where you’ll find it easier to learn how to live in another country. And though it’s never all sun and rainbows because life is always a cakewalk full of challenges, it’s worth your while. The pros knock the cons off, which is visible in the numbers of people relocating to the Islands.

Can I Move to Hawaii? Yes of Course, but Don’t Forget Hiring Efficient Movers

If all the splendor of the Island state was enough to convince you to get going, make sure you find a reliable overseas moving company. No matter whether you’re moving by sea, or by air, if you’d like expert packing services, high-quality boxes and moving supplies, as well as a custom crating for your valuables it’s well worth giving it a thought in advance.

A storage unit is also not a bad thing to take into consideration if you’re heading to Aloha State since you won’t be really needing a lot of your belongings, and it is an excellent opportunity to test whether you’d love to stay without carrying the load of all your possessions on your back.

Finally, if you don’t feel like taking rent a car, overseas vehicle shipping might be worth your while. Or perhaps you have a boat already, and there’s no better chance for oversized freight than this. So, why just wait? Call and schedule your free survey and embark on your Hula journey.



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