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What to See and Do After Moving to Manila

Julie Grace September 18, 2013
Posted September 18, 2013 In Living Abroad,
Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

We all know that the Philippines is a dream destination for many people all over the world. About eight million foreign tourists visited this country in 2019. So, suppose you’re thinking about moving to Manila and making it your permanent home, besides all the legal formalities and getting to know some different habits. In that case, you’ll enjoy all kinds of interesting activities.

The Philippines is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia, consisting of around 7,000 islands. The capital is Manila, with a population of two million residents, but it’s not the largest city – it’s Quezon with around 3,000,000 people.

Still, the beautiful country and beaches are not the only the reasons why foreigners move across the world precisely here. The rich culture, historical monuments, amusement parks, churches, and many others are to be discovered. That’s why in the first part of the text we’ll write about some facts you should know before the international move. And in the second about attractions to visit.

What Expats Should Know When Moving to Manila From the US

Living as an expat during Coronavirus is a challenging task. That’s why you should gather as much information as possible and make a living overseas a breeze. Let’s start with some basic things about capital. The term Manila is commonly used for the whole metropolitan area; you can easily hear that there’s one name for several cities, actually – Bonifacio Global City, Quezon City, Intramuros.

Knowing how to live abroad isn’t something you can actually learn. Surely, it is easier for those who have done it before than for those who are moving internationally for the first time, but one of the first things every expat should have in mind is learning the language. Luckily, when relocating to the Pearl of the Orient, you won’t have to deal with breaking the language barrier since the official languages are Filipino and English. However, having some tips for learning a new language, Filipino, won’t be in vain since the locals speak it more than English.

Don’t be surprised if you see or hear the French here, too. These two countries established diplomatic relations back in 1947, and France is the Philippines’ fourth largest trading partner (after Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.)

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Take Care of Legal Requirements Before the Relocation Day

Before you get to the relocation day preparation, there are many things you need to do. The best way you can beat the relocation stress is to make a checklist for relocating abroad. It will keep you updated, and nothing will slip your mind. That way you can be sure all the needed documents for travel abroad are gathered, as well.

If you plan to stay in this capital for more than two months, know you’ll need to apply for a visa. As you may already be aware, there is more than one type of visa. That’s why the best solution is to contact the Philippine embassy.

Another important thing to be aware of is the required quarantine when relocating with dogs. Thirty days of home quarantine is what your pet has to deal with, so make sure you have everything prepared for that period.

Choose the Perfect Place Where You’ll Live in Base of Your Lifestyle

We already said that the capital is actually several cities at once. So, this practically means you can’t be wrong wherever you choose to stay in the metropolitan area. However, everything depends on your preferences and the lifestyle you want to have after the move. That’s why everything should be considered, from the cost of living, transportation, utilities, and many other criteria.

The Philippine Peso (PHP) is the official currency. One PHP is 0.019900 USD. In the first period, it is completely understandable if you can’t get used to the different currencies, but there’s always Google that will help you. It’s especially useful when it comes to checking how much you’ll pay for rent or utilities. For example, you’ll be paying about 34,500 PHP for a one-bed apartment in the city center, which is roughly $690.

Why Is the Capital of the Philippines the Best Choice to Live In?

Many Americans who founded their home in this amazing country would advise you to join the expat communities. It’s a great idea because not only can you hear different experiences, but you can also get reliable recommendations for schools, what transportation to use, and how healthcare insurance really works.

This is a very appealing destination because it’s affordable, warm and welcoming to foreigners, has perfect weather, and breathtaking nature. So, no wonder why many Americans and other folks all over the globe want to settle down and find a home here.

Get Used to Different Habits and Don’t Stare at People

Once you choose one of the best places to live abroad comes the part where you need to learn some of the local habits. It’s an important step because you can end up behind bars just for staring too much in some countries.

Although it’s one of the friendliest countries in the world, the Pearl of the Orient is a country with many unknown (and maybe strange for some of us) customs. Here are some of the things you might find interesting and strange at the same time:

  • Pagmamano – don’t get too surprised if you see youngsters placing the hands of parents and older adults near the forehead instead of simple greetings or kisses.
  • No knives at the table – a typical table set around the world consists of a fork and a knife. Here a spoon takes a knife’s place.
  • “Have you eaten” instead of “Hello” – Filipinos are known food-lovers. So, if you don’t get “Hello” but “Have you eaten,” know you’re welcomed.
  • Filipino time – if you have to plan an event and you think your Filipino friends will show up on time, just remember their Filipino time. It’s known they’re always late, so don’t get upset.

Pick the Safe Side Because Natural Disasters Are Common Occurrence

You probably think that every metropolis can provide you with the same level of safety, numerous opportunities, good internet, and many exciting places to visit. Yes, this capital can provide you with all that, except maybe the good internet. So, if you want to keep in touch with your friends, arm yourself with patience.

Relocating to this area isn’t the easiest thing to do, like it would be when choosing the best places to live in Europe. The main reason why is because, in Southeast Asia, natural disasters are very common. In fact, the Philippines is one of the top countries that are affected by them. So, keep safe and take all the necessary precautions, and insurance will come in handy, as well.

Life in the Pearl of the Orient Provides Many Interesting Things

This is a great destination for everyone who wants all kinds of experiences. Finding yourself in one of the best countries to live in, its capital city will provide you with everything needed (from excellent job to fantastic entertainment.)

Because of its position, the Pearl of the Orient will give you the opportunity to visit many beautiful sightseeing places. The untouched nature will rest your eyes and soul. And if you’re more of an indoor person, don’t worry. The capital is known for its malls and shopping venues.

Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss When Relocating to the Philippines Capital

Since it’s a famous tourist destination, you’ll easily find what to do around here. After the international move, many expats wonder how to organize themselves to visit all the interesting and visit-worthy places. Luckily, there are organized day tours. These excursions are a great solution for the first period until you adjust to a new environment.

Find Entertainment When Moving to Manila With Family

Many of us think that relocating to bigger cities with kids isn’t such a good idea. In fact, picking one of the best places to be with family is a time-consuming process since there are many factors to count in.

This metropolis will provide you and your family with all sorts of entertainment. Starting from parks to hiking excursions, you and your little ones will enjoy it. Here are some of the parks to visit first:

  • Rizal Park,
  • Ocean Park,
  • Paco Park.

In the video below, you’ll see a tour of Ocean Park. It will give you an idea of how everything looks.

Popular Things to Visit and Do in This Area That Will Blow Your Mind

Dealing with all things that will help you move overseas might put the interesting and exciting part of meeting new places on another level. However, with this metropolis, it’s practically not possible. You won’t even have to prepare for the tour since, just by walking along the streets, you’ll find old buildings and attractions that expats are more than thrilled to see.

Whether You’re Indoor or Outdoor Activities Lover, Here You Can Find Both

We already said that this metropolis gives something for everyone. So, let’s pass on the actual things you should visit around here.

Outdoor Activities

Although it’s a vibrant metropolis, nature lovers will find all they need. Start with biking. The well-organized cycling trails will allow you to see old buildings, and in the next moment, you’ll find yourself in a tropical forest. Cool, right? Try 4WD tours that include hiking and walking throughout the amazing nature.

Indoor Activities

For those who prefer staying out in the clear sky, the Pearl of the Orient has plenty of activities to offer. Here are just some of the most famous places to visit:

  • National Museum,
  • National Museum of Natural History,
  • Greenbelt Mall,
  • Mall of Asia Arena,
  • San Agustin Church and Museum,
  • Art in Island.

The fact you can find so many different ways to tour the Pearl of the Orient, which for many expats it’s a fantastic thing. There are even different modes of transportation when visiting the metro, so you should take one whole day just for this.

Go Easy on Yourself and Hire Trustworthy International Moving Company

There are many reasons why a person wants to move. Someone is relocating to another country for love, others for job opportunities, and many for the amazing and interesting activities a country can give you. However, everyone has to decide what to pack and figure out how to do it. That’s why hiring an overseas shipping company with efficient packing services can be of great help. Not only will it give you more time to plan the whole process, but you won’t have to worry about finding storage facilities. Don’t forget vehicle shipping too. This leaves you enough space to do some thorough research about all the fun and exciting stuff you’ll do in this fantastic city.



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