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How to Pack Clothes for Moving Without Losing Your Mind

Madison Rogers April 5, 2022
Posted April 5, 2022 In How-to,
Madison Rogers

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When the time comes to start packing our belongings for the move, we are usually overwhelmed by the number of things we have in our home. We usually ask ourselves – How do you pack everything for a move? But, with our great tips on how to pack clothes for moving, you’ll be surprised how easily everything can be taken care of in no time.

If you are relocating to Malta or trying to move to Wales, you need to find the best way to move clothes. Start with thinking about what kind of boxing up methods you can implement, what pieces of clothing you want to keep, and what can be thrown away. Consider if you have good reasons to move some belongings. Once the initial planning phase is done, find the best supplies and materials to protect the crates with your belongings.

How to Pack Clothes for Moving

So, what is the best way to pack clothes for moving? Before even buying the required supplies and materials and calling the international moving company, you will have to first sort out and evaluate your closet thoroughly. You will have to create a moving abroad checklist – everything that needs to be done concerning garments before the relocation day. For example, cleaning and folding some of the clothes you are going to take.

For storing, you can use duffle bags, cardboard boxes, suitcases, or wardrobe boxes, but don’t forget that you’ll need moving bags for clothes you are going to wear during the relocation process. Also, don’t throw away the hangers because you can store your clothing with them. When it comes to strategies, you can choose to pack similar things together, or you can opt for making specific categories based on material, size, or type of item. Goes without saying that you will require cushioning materials for your containers and something you will wrap your belongings in.

Packing Supplies You Will Require

When moving overseas, you have to prepare all the necessary supplies for packing everything and getting your belongings transported in perfect condition. What you will require are:

  • Cardboard boxes,
  • Wardrobe boxes,
  • Duffel bags,
  • Vacuum or compression bags,
  • Packing paper.

The best way to pack clothes for a move is with the right materials. Having the right supplies in your home will ensure that you move efficiently and effortlessly. If you want to save money before moving internationally, try to get free cardboard crates at your local retail stores. Likewise, check with family members or friends who have recently moved whether you can reuse their old cartons.

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The First Step Is to Get Rid Of Old Clothing

When considering how to pack clothing, first go through your belongings. Ask yourself – What not to pack in boxes when moving? Make sure to separate the pieces that are worn out or don’t fit anymore. Find everything you have never worn and won’t miss if you throw it away. In short, you want to make sure not to overpack and not end up with too many containers of clothing in your new home. So, ruthlessly determine what you will pack when moving abroad.

There are many options to what you can do with the items you don’t need anymore. You can give them away to friends, sell them, or donate to charities. If you opt for selling, you will earn additional cash, so it will be easier to balance finances abroad once you move. If you are interested in donating, you can visit the Salvation Army website. There you will find additional information on where to donate.

And before you request a storage unit for the belongings you are not yet ready to part with, but you don’t think you need to have them transported, here is a video on how to declutter your closet before deciding how to move clothes.

What You Need to Know When Packing Clothes for Moving

You should have a different approach to packing clothes for moving depending on whether it’s hanging or non-hanging clothing. People often ask themselves, “so, what should I pack first when moving?” You should start with the heavier pieces that need to be folded and proceed with what can go without it:

  • When preparing items that aren’t moved on a hanger, you should clean and fold everything before placing it inside a cardboard box. The box should be stuffed with newspaper or packing paper so that everything stays protected. If you want to avoid folding, you can leave your socks and shirts in the drawers and just tape them over, so you don’t have to waste any cardboard containers. However, if you still have to do the folding yourself, you can use the flat fold method for bulkier items like sweaters or the military roll method for dresses and T-shirts.
  • Hanging pieces in your closet should be transported together with the hangers. This is where wardrobe boxes come in handy since they are designed for relocating hanging pieces. Your dresses and blouses could also be placed in large black drawstring trash bags. This is the best way to pack clothes when moving on a low budget. Another option is to use garment bags for more delicate items.

How to Pack Shoes in Boxes?

When determining how to pack clothes when moving, you have to also consider your shoe collection. It is quite easy to place all of your shoes in one big relocation bag and carry everything in that way to your new home. But that isn’t the best option. You should also prepare a cardboard box for your shoes. In case you don’t want your shoes to get damaged or deformed, you have to stuff the inside of the shoes with newspaper or socks.

What Not to Do When Relocating?

There are some crucial steps one should definitely not avoid when figuring out how to pack clothes for a move. Don’t forget that the heavier pieces should be placed at the bottom of each box, not on the top. Don’t skip cleaning and washing your items if you want to avoid smells. If you have favorite pieces, don’t put them with the rest of the belongings, but keep them with you. Also, don’t forget to prepare a bag with moving essentials for the trip if you don’t want to experience relocation stress. Don’t stress out if you have too many boxes to transport – check with your overseas moving company about their overseas shipping services. They will be able to provide the most accurate information for you personally.

This is the Best Way to Pack Your Items Into Bags and Cartons

When managing to thoroughly prepare and organize everything, you will not have any problems relocating across the world. If you run into any kind of problem during the relocation process, always consider reaching out to your overseas shipping company and getting some tips and tricks from them. Think about categorizing your belongings and sorting everything out before boxing up for your new home. You’ll most definitely succeed if you have a good plan.



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