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      If you like to be surrounded by noise, fun, and people, have you ever thought about living in an area called Las Vegas? If you contact our company, My International Movers, and hire our Las Vegas movers, you’ll be gambling in no time. We will take care of everything having to do with the move, and all you will have to do is learn how to play poker.

      My International Movers

      Moving Services Are Mandatory for an Efficient Move

      The only way to make moving internationally bearable is to hire help. You need to find a reliable international moving company you can trust, such as My International Movers. If you want to make your moving overseas a pleasant experience, hire an overseas moving company to take care of your business. It will really take the pressure of the move off you, and all that you will have to do is make a few decisions, such as whether you want international moving by sea or perhaps international moving by air.

      The first option is much cheaper, but the air freight is faster and recommended for people with a small number of items relocating for work on such a long distance or just in need of a fast move. In case you pick to move your belongings by sea, you will also have to choose whether you want to share a container or have one all to yourself. Either way, you should know that the price depends mainly on the inventory list and the number of things you want to ship.

      Our company offers you a free quote. That’s where one of our estimators will create an inventory list for you by going through your items. This service is free of charge, and you have no obligation to continue business with us if you’re not satisfied with it. Just know that if you do hire us, the inventory list can be changed as many times as you want as long as you have the final draft the day before the move.

      Our Las Vegas Movers Offer the Best Packing Services

      Moving abroad is complicated enough on its own. So why would you go through the trouble and pack everything yourself when you can hire our company’s professional packing services? It will make your life easier. All you would have to do is supervise and mentally prepare for your move. We would bring our high-quality boxes and other supplies and carefully pack everything. Our movers would be done in a few hours and will leave your home spotlessly clean.

      My International Movers

      If you plan to pack lightly all by yourself, that’s also great. In that case, you should know that when you hire our relocation services, you automatically get standard packing services you do not have to pay for, which include the following:

      • Disassembling your furniture, transporting it to your new address and putting it back together, and placing it in your new home, wherever you set your mind to,
      • The move of your appliances, such as your washing machine, the drier, fridge, stove, and other appliances,
      • The move of any items larger than our box like your TV, the mirror, art, and so on.

      Our Las Vegas Movers Offer Both Partial and Full Packing Services

      This is another important choice you will have to make. Keep in mind that both of these professional services will be charged at an extra fee. You can choose the partial service if you have a few items you want us to pack. You can pick this option if you have 15 or fewer boxes. If you go over 15 boxes, you automatically get full packing services, which include us coming over to pack all of your belongings into our boxes. In either case, we will need a detailed inventory list so we can know what we’re working with.

      Custom Crating Is Also a Part of Our Services

      My International Movers offers a rare service done by our experienced, professional team – custom crating. Custom crating is a special offer invented in order to give some items extra protection and ease the customer’s mind. As a well-experienced, professional company, we know the struggles people go through when they move, and one of the main concerns is if the items they cherish will survive the trip. This way, we can guarantee that those extra valuable or fragile items will be transported in perfect condition.

      Just keep in mind that this is a paid experience since it includes one of our people coming over to your home to measure out the object we will be transporting. The measurements must be exact and detailed, and after we get them, we start creating the wooden crate that will protect your things against any accidents. Besides the crate, your item will be carefully wrapped in protective materials, primarily bubble wrap. This option was created with the intention of keeping your move stress-free so you don’t have to wrack your brain about the safety of your belongings.

      My International Movers

      Overseas Vehicle Shipping

      When relocating overseas or when faced with any long-distance move, the biggest concern people face is what they should do with their car. And even though more and more people over the years opt for car shipping overseas, there are still people who believe that overseas vehicle shipping is out of their reach. We’re here to tell you it’s not and that it’s priced at a perfectly reasonable price most people can afford without dipping into their savings. So hire a trustworthy and experienced overseas shipping company like ours, and move your car safely.

      We will safely transport your vehicle, but you will need to provide us with proof of ownership and some other paperwork since we are not allowed to ship leased or financed vehicles. And this option will save you from selling your dream car at an unreasonably low price due to the urgency of your situation. This way, you will not have to buy a new car and pay for transportation fees until you get one.

      Transportation Options Available to You When Moving Your Car

      Auto transportation has improved a lot over the years as it began to be more popular and affordable. Now you have many options to choose from depending on how many vehicles you are shipping, what types they are, what your budget is, and so on. If you only want to move a single vehicle, you will probably share a container unless you own a luxury car and want to pay extra to have a 20ft container all to yourself.

      If you’re shipping three or four cars, you will probably end up having your own container without having to pay extra. There are also more affordable options, like transporting both your car and belongings together or having your car shipped and parked on a ship’s deck. This option is by far the most affordable but also carries the most risk since damage can occur due to weather conditions, and it’s a big distance to pass.

      We Have Free Storage Available to You

      Our clients often get confused when we inform them we offer 30 days of free storage. They ask us why we do it, and then we explain to them that we are here to make their experience as pleasant as possible. That’s why our storage units are available to all our customers who get our relocation services. The storage service is free for the first month since we found that is the approximate amount of time an average person needs to settle in after a move.

      If you would like to, you can extend your use even after the month is up; our units will be available to you, but it will cost you. Every additional day will be charged, but it will be money well spent since our storage units are top-notch. They are secure, under 24h surveillance, and surrounded by guards and maintenance workers. The units are also equipped with temperature regulators and special bar codes and labels, the same ones that will be attached to your belongings, so we can make sure nothing goes missing.

      My International Movers

      Any Move Is Better With Moving Insurance

      Being an eternal optimist is nice, but don’t get overly confident thinking nothing could go wrong with your move. Things can break or get misplaced – it rarely happens, but it sometimes does. So why would you want to leave it up to faith to protect your belongings? Get moving insurance and protect yourself and your items. There are several ways you can go about doing this.

      First of all, once you hire us, you automatically get mandatory liability coverage. This is a protection plan you don’t pay for. We provide it as a mandatory part of our services, no matter who packed the things. The mandatory liability coverage means that we owe you 60 cents per pound of your damaged goods. If you’re not entirely comfortable with this plan, there is also full value replacement coverage, which costs extra and insures only the selected items we packed, or moved via our standard packing services.

      Las Vegas, Nevada – the Infamous Sin City

      Vegas, notoriously known as the city of neverending fun, is a resort city that offers you endless opportunities for gambling, nightlife, casinos, shopping, and any other way you can spend your money. Every year, it regularly comes in the first place as the hottest tourist destination in the world. If you’re looking for a good time, Vegas never disappoints. Another thing that sets it apart from other cities is its gorgeous scenery since it’s placed in the middle of the Mojave desert, overlooking mountains on all sides. The hot desert climate keeps this place warm year-round, creating the perfect climate for unforgettable nights.

      My International Movers

      Is Living in Vegas a Good Idea?

      It might not seem like it at first glance, but Vegas is a great place to live. It has a very low cost of living, countless entertainment options, great weather, and no state income tax. Sound almost too good to be true, but it is even a good place to move to if you have a family and children. Housing options are fairly priced, and you can choose between four neighborhoods – Downtown, the Lakes, Summerlin, and West Las Vegas. This city is home to many nationalities, and demographics show it’s mostly a younger population.

      Moving Away From Las Vegas, NV

      If the Sin City area stops being your dream living location, you can always find a new one, move, and start over again. If you decide to take this step, you should know you won’t find a better moving company in Las Vegas, NV, than My International Movers. So don’t waste your time searching for other Las Vegas moving companies, just call the best movers Las Vegas, NV, has to offer, and we will gladly provide you with our help.

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      Once before I ordered the move in this moving company. Thank you very much for the speed, quality and professionalism in the delivery of my possessions. The move took place fairly quickly and without the “loss”. All communication was on point, and very professional. Such a positive experience, I recommend these folks to anyone!

      Moving to a new apartment is always a troublesome experience, especially when you are moving across the globe. I had to relocate mom’s precious china sets, bedroom set, huge piano, and multiple home appliances. I called 3-4 moving companies and I ended up hiring My International Movers. First, the manager responded very quickly, and secondly, the price is lower than of other companies. All the paperwork was finished relatively quickly too. The movers didn’t even smoke and did not rest, in general they’ve been working hard and efficiently. Now I recommend this moving company to my friends and relatives.

      Good day! I want to express my gratitude to 4 movers of the company My International Movers who took part in the implementation of our move from Taiwan to the United States. The leadership, respect, and care they showed is very high! These movers lifted the heaviest pieces, and never took an extensively long break, or complained. Their paperwork was also on point.

      I immediately had to move to Europe as I was transferred to another school. The guys moved a table, chairs, washing machine, bed, cabinets without a single problem; disassembled and packed up all the furniture and equipment to take on a new apartment. Guys pleased me so much with their quality and speed of work. I didn’t have a big budget for this move, and they proved to be very affordable. Make sure to also check their Social Media pages for specials and discounts!

      My employees and I want to express our gratitude and appreciation to My International Movers for professionalism and a clear fulfillment of the obligations. Also, I want to note the excellent customer service. In their work we felt an attentive attitude, and the price was reasonable. The movers of this company make the moving not only for apartments but also for offices, and they do it in a professional manner. It was extremely important to our business center for everything to be transported with care. Nothing go lost, and we received all our furniture and supplies just 2 days later the estimated delivery date. I’m very impressed with stuff, and how they went above and beyond to accommodate us.

      After our international move we have the most favorable impression! My grandparents were highly please by how non-pushy, respectful, and careful these guys were. They asked for few directions, but overall were very experienced and self-guided. We wish you success and prosperity!

      Hello. I called this company on a day off on Sunday. I was surprised that they were open! They were able to service my international move the next weekend! It was all decided kinda last minute, and I didn’t really had time to pack, so I went with their full packing and unpacking option. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as expensive as I thought. They have awesome boxes and wooden crates to protect the vases and wall art. I was very afraid that during the move something would get damaged due to the fact that my items had to be shipped by sea. BUT! Everything went very well, movers were SUPER neat, and no matter the wait, I received all my belongings in their original condition. I wish everyone to have such a great moving experience!

      We really enjoyed the work of all customer service representatives, movers, packers, and drivers involved in our move. They all were punctual, respectful, and concise. These guys arrived 15 minutes before the appointed time, gently packed all furniture and clothes. I wish you success! We appreciated the convenience of cooperation consisting in: 1. Fast free quote; 2. Cashless payment; 3. Convenient process of paperwork submission. 4. Flat price as quoted.

      We had a small issue with the date/time for the move, and manager quickly stepped in and gave us his full attention until the moment it was completely and properly resolved. We were transporting things from one-bedroom apartment to a new large 3-bedroom apartment. My colleague at work gave a link to a website, and said the guys are working out well. Now I can confirm his words, because that’s what it is! Movers started 15 minutes after my explanations and directions, and finished everything very quickly. I just stood and watched as the guys run back and forth with the furniture. During move, nothing was broken or cracked. Thank you to all the staff!

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