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Phoenix International Moving

My International Movers is an international moving company offering shipping services from air and freight shipping to custom crates and free boxes. Traveling is an exciting time in one’s life, allowing you the opportunity to explore a new country and culture as well as grow as a person. The packing and planning aspect can cause a bit of anxiety but with the assistance of our professional international moving company, transitioning overseas has never been so simple. Rely on the trusted and reputable overseas moving team at My International Movers.

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International moving from Phoenix, Arizona with My International Movers

Are you thinking about leaving Phoenix, Arizona? There is no doubt Phoenix is a fantastic city which has so much to offer to its residents, but for one reason or another, you have come to the point where you need to make a significant change in your life and change your place of residence. Of course, it would be easier to move to another city or a nearby state, but if you want to move all the way across the world, your move might be a little bit more difficult. However, that doesn’t mean that it’ll necessarily all fall apart, not when My International Movers is here to help you with your relocation. We are a professional and experienced moving company and are one of the most reliable international moving companies in the country. Not only do we offer high quality moving services, but we provide a broad range of them as well, including:

  • International moving by sea
  • International moving by air
  • Custom crating services
  • Car shipping service
  • Storage units

        If you wish to learn more about these moving services and other services that we offer, feel free to get in touch with our representatives at any time. They will be happy to answer all your questions and to provide you with some moving and packing tips and guides. Don’t forget that these can come in handy once the hectic moving process gets started.

        Additionally, to the services we have already mentioned, we also provide professional packing and unpacking services. So if you can not stand the very idea of packing boxes, the good news is that you can skip this boring job and just leave it to our professional movers and helpers who will take care of it for you. Our professional movers still have a lot of experience with packing items, so they will make sure that all of your breakables and valuables are properly packed and protected.

As previously mentioned, we have a lot of experience in the field, and we know how important it is for our customers to learn all about the cost of their move before they begin preparing for it. For this reason, we offer our customers a free moving quote wherever they want one. All you have to do to get one is grab your phone and give our spokespersons at My International Movers a call. If you are sure you’re ready to move out of Phoenix, Arizona, don’t hesitate to contact My International Movers to schedule the moving day. Should you need any additional information, feel free to ask for more details about your move from Phoenix. Do not forget that our moving company can help you move to any part of the world, so whether you have decided on where you want to move to or not, know that you can count on us to assist you. When you are ready to begin your move, call us, we are looking forward to working with you.

Can I afford an international move?

Making International shipping affordable starts with determining what you are going to ship.

  1. Free in-home estimates

    Our international moving company provides free in-home estimates, by experts who have years working as overseas movers.

  2. Discussing your needs

    We are here to sit down with you and discuss all your moving needs. From here, we can go over the various services we offer including air and ocean freight shipping, working within your budget.

  3. No hidden fees

    We offer our services at a competitive price with no hidden fees. Our ocean freight shipping is only charged by the volume and destination and air freight is dependent on weight, volume, and destination of your international household goods.

International Moving Free Quote, Clipboard

Will My International Movers Help Me Pack?

My International Movers employs seasoned professional overseas movers, who understand international household good moving and use the most secure and efficient way of packing all your belongings.

International Moving Packers
  1. Free Boxes

    Our offer of free boxes and the easily customized crates will deal with any hard-to-pack items.

  2. High Quality Products

    For all our overseas shipping, we only use the highest quality products on the market, that are extra durable and are designed to hold heavy, fragile items.

  3. We can pack your entire household

    Let My International Movers take care of packing the entire household for you, while you get to start planning your new life abroad. With years of industry experience packing various items from flimsy, small items to expensive and fragile antiques, we leave you comfortable that your belongings are safe. Everyone of our staff members has undergone an extensive background check and screening.

What are the Types of Shipping Methods?

We at My International Movers make all modes of transport available to you, air, land, and sea.

  1. Ocean Freight

    Ocean freight is our most common and low cost mode of transport.

  2. Air Freight

    Others seek an expedited delivery with air freight.

  3. Door-to-door and Door-to-port shipping

    We ship household goods and vehicles. Our International Shipping team will come to your home, professionally pack your belongings, transport overseas and deliver them to your new destination. Whatever the situation, we have a solution that is tailored to your needs.

International Moving Sea Freight

How Secure are our Storage Facilities?

We have several storage across America, that offer safe and secure storage facilities in various locations. Let My International Movers eliminate the confusion and help you have a no-hassle move. Our secured storage units are a great resource to incorporate into your move.

International Moving Boxes
  1. Free Storage

    With 30 days free storage and fire-proof facilities, you can rest easy.

  2. Moisture-proof & 24/7 Security

    Every storage facility is moisture proof and monitored 24/7 so you can know that your goods are in the right hands.

  3. Everything is labeled

    Everything is labeled and in order assuring that your precious belongings will never be misplaced. At My International Movers, our mission to satisfy the customers and we go above and beyond to make that happen.

So Why Choose Us?

Choose us because we are experienced and dedicated to customer service, our international shipping company will get you across the globe, professionally, courteously, and stress free. My International Movers is completely licensed, bonded, and insured making us the right choice to work with.

  1. Cover a wide range of services
  2. Are competitively priced and absolutely customized to your move
  3. Been in business for years
  4. Provide the latest in moving equipment and technology
  5. Active in industry trends
  6. Operate with the customer in mind
International Moving Sea Freight

Still Undecided?

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Phoenix International Movers

Phoenix International Movers Review

5 Stars

After our international move we have the most favorable impression! My grandparents were highly please by how non-pushy, respectful, and careful these guys were. They asked for few directions, but overall were very experienced and self-guided. We wish you success and prosperity!

  • 5 star ratingHighly recommend this company! I got furniture and 10 boxes shipped from San Francisco to Australia and worked with James during the whole process. He was super friendly, and a great communicator.  Great customer service and I'd definitely use them again if I were to move again.

    Claire R. Avatar
    Claire R.

    5 star ratingWe hired My International Movers for our move from Chicago to Zurich based on the good reviews online. However, the service was extremely disappointing and I would not recommend them at all. Here are the issues: 1. Packing at Chicago: Packing was absolutely sloppy. To give you some examples, one of my side coffee tables were thrown into a cardboard box with a bunch of loose items, including a nice poster, my bike air pump, wrench, etc. Of course, the... read more

    Jeff M. Avatar
    Jeff M.

    5 star ratingIt's been a bit hectic with my crazy schedule of being on tour and being back and forth from home, but my international Movers had made my life more manageable and easier. I actually had found them to help me with my move to the U.K. With a few friends of mine for a couple of months. We had a week time frame that we planned on being completely moved out. We called and received our estimate which was not... read more

    Gilbert G. Avatar
    Gilbert G.
  • 5 star ratingThe quote estimator they sent over was very nice and explained a lot. Meeting someone before doing business with them is a always a good idea; you never know what's on the other side of things by phone or email! From there I selected what type of shipping I wanted. "By Air" was too expensive for me, so that was out of the question. LCL by Sea was definitely a lot more affordable and got the job done well. I... read more

    Steph A. Avatar
    Steph A.

    5 star ratingRecently shipped out one of my very special cabinets that my grandmother had owned. She moved to Seattle and i needed to find someone who could move this special item to my grandmother just in time for Christmas. Ran into to daniel as i was working and he told me little about himself and what he did. And he was the perfect fit to what i needed shipped. He gave me a business card. Few days later gave him a... read more

    Taeyoung K. Avatar
    Taeyoung K.

    5 star ratingThe quote they gave me was solid so I decided to go through with using them for the move. The move needed to take to get done ASAP so shipping by air was the chosen method. The door to door service was great and things got done so fast! No hidden fees or price tricks occurred during my experience. Just a 1 time payment and that was it!

    Andy N. Avatar
    Andy N.
  • 5 star ratingI greatly appreciated the service this moving service provides. These guys are very knowledgeable, fast and easy to work with. Prices are very competitive. I needed to ship a grandfather clock to Italy for my aunt and I was surprised that it made it on the exact date. I've dealt with other companies and I've always had a bogus ETA. I would definitely recommend this outstanding service to anyone!

    Patrick K. Avatar
    Patrick K.

    5 star ratingPerfect way to pack your apartment into boxes and get it ready to be shipped overseas. My International Movers company was the right choice for this task. I was helping my friend and we booked 3 guys and we made a great team working together. I was helping making sure everything is organised right as there were lots of small items that needed careful packing service. This was a stress free relocation that I'd love to share with people who... read more

    Levon S. Avatar
    Levon S.

    5 star ratingI own a few car dealerships in the states and international. I found a few great cars that I needed to send to our London office. I have had several people use them in the past with no issues. There rates are pretty standard and they do take very good care of the vehicles while it's in there possession. I was able to track the cars thru there personal website. Everything went smoothly and arrived on schedule since we had... read more

    Johnny S. Avatar
    Johnny S.
  • 5 star ratingJust opened up a second office in Asia and needed to ship some furniture and hardware from our US office. I have used them in the past so I was pretty comfortable with having them ship our items. They actually gave us a fair price and were great at setting everything up when they arrived. I was also able to track my things along the way which also gave me a piece of mind. Thanks again for making this process... read more

    Junior B. Avatar
    Junior B.

    5 star ratingMy first time doing an international shipment. I was a bit worried about how involved this would be. But my international movers made it very smooth and took care of all the customs paper work when I shipped my car back home to Austria. They provided me with tracking information and alerted me when it arrived. They took very good care of my vehicle and it was not damaged in the process. Thanks again for making this a smooth transaction.

    Courtney B. Avatar
    Courtney B.

    5 star ratingJob relocation is never easy. But my international movers made the transition such an easy process to move basically my entire life to Australia. We set an appointment they gave me a reasonable estimate and we picked the moving date. They boxed and shipped all my items including furniture and offered free tracking info as well. The items arrived the following week and I was moved in by the weekend. These guys are nothing short of great. Thank you again... read more

    Jennifer B. Avatar
    Jennifer B.
  • 5 star ratingI wanted to ship out a few things to my family in Taiwan and needed to find a place that could do it at a very good rate. My co-worker actually referred me to this company and I'm glad she did. It was so helpful. I shipped out a good amount of things and they were even able to help me out with what boxes and crates the things I bought fit best into. The rates were very reasonable and... read more

    Alison C. Avatar
    Alison C.

    5 star ratingI decided to ship a fair amount of things and pieces of furniture to a friend of mine in Spain. I looked for the most affordable and safest way because I was also sending some nice pieces of art for her new place! I also bought her a lovely side table and futon which she has been wanting since she left. This company did a very well job of making sure everything arrived in tip top condition. They provided packing... read more

    Amanda W. Avatar
    Amanda W.

    5 star ratingVery affordable when shipping by sea. Shipped a bunch gifts, some being furniture to a family member in UK . All the annoying parts of shipping overs seas such as the paper work needed for customs were handled by them. Couldn't of been any smoother and I'm glad I found them. I recommend doing FCL by sea. Takes a bit of time but the price is great! Insurance was reasonable and I never received an added charge outside of what... read more

    Yuvraj D. Avatar
    Yuvraj D.
  • 5 star ratingI first want to start off with saying how much I love Boston and how much I did not want to leave! But family comes first and I had to return home to Madrid, Spain to handle some family matters. I did plan on going home with all of my belongs I have got back in the United States but I really didn't know I could make it work and do it. I was told by mom friend back in... read more

    Nick M. Avatar
    Nick M.

    5 star ratingSo for a little backstory and reference I moved from my home in Venice, Italy to live here in the United States for a new life, I've lived there for almost 18 years, but due to family complications, I had no choice to move back home to take care of some important matters. Being here for 18 years, I have collected and acquired many items, furniture and etc. I wasn't just about to throw it all away or sell it,... read more

    Bou I. Avatar
    Bou I.

    5 star ratingMy International movers was the PERFECT choice to move me back up to Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. You guys were mind blowing in how quick you got the job done! I thought it would honestly take forever to get everything packed, loaded, the trip up, and unpacked. But No!!! You guys did it all so fast, it was a straight hustle with you guys, and it was careful too. I was so right in picking you guys to move... read more

    Shirleena R. Avatar
    Shirleena R.
  • 5 star ratingDue to recent troubles, I have chosen to move back home to Monterrey, Mexico. It's been ages since I've seen and been with my family back home, I was excited though to get to move back to my hometown and start over again! My good friend back in the states told me about My International Movers and that I should for sure have them help me make my move, so I went through with having them do it. To start... read more

    Christopher K. Avatar
    Christopher K.

    5 star ratingAfter living in Texas for the past 14 years, my parents wanted to move back to Durango Mexico to spend their golden years there. We needed a mover to help us take all of my parents furniture, junk, and etc back over there. We found out about my international movers by my cousin, and thanks to him so much because we fell in love with your company! You guys were so generous and kind to my family, your work was... read more

    Luis G. Avatar
    Luis G.

    5 star ratingI've been located in the lone star state for my whole life, and unfortunately due to family problems back in England, I was forced to moved over there temporarily to get some stuff settled. I did need to take things with me, lots actually. And I would need a good mover to get me and all my belongings over there. I found out about "my international movers" here in Houston. So I obviously had to give them a call, the... read more

    David G. Avatar
    David G.
  • 5 star ratingMy work decided to open up a new location in Australia and they needed current employees to ship over there and have them open up and work the stores. I figured why not, this would be a great opportunity for me to travel and still work at the same time. I told my boss I'd take the job position over in Australia, and I got it. I called up international movers of Seattle and started packing all of my belongings... read more

    Ezequiel P. Avatar
    Ezequiel P.

    5 star ratingWe've been located in the Seattle Washington area for a while now, and I've been getting the itch to move to Ensenada, Mexico. I got everything I needed squared away, so I could move back home and be with my family. I found out about My International Movers here in the Seattle area. I called them up and had them move me from all the way up here down to Mexico! These guys were experts in their field of work.... read more

    Justine L. Avatar
    Justine L.

    5 star ratingMy International movers was the PERFECT choice to move me back up to Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. You guys were mind blowing in how quick you got the job done! I thought it would honestly take forever to get everything packed, loaded, the trip up, and unpacked. But No!!! You guys did it all so fast, it was a straight hustle with you guys, and it was careful too. I was so right in picking you guys to move... read more

    Sam A. Avatar
    Sam A.
  • 5 star ratingBeen helping my family move abroad recently, and this place is seriously the best international moving company! Well I probably wouldn't call moving all the way to Canada, exactly international, but hey it's a different country so I guess it is, even though it's technically not overseas. I asked around be fore stumbling upon this company website, and it was really well laid out and neat, which was one of the things that attracted me to using it. Didn't have... read more

    Carlos F. Avatar
    Carlos F.

    5 star ratingHey guys of My International Movers! This is the company to get! You guys did an amazing job of moving my family, ALL of my furniture, and myself all the way up to Calgary, ALTA, Canada. You guys got everything of mine up there safe and sound, I couldn't be any more grateful for how outstanding of a job you guys did. It's just astounding what you guys pulled off. I also wanted to let you know, you will be... read more

    Chris M. Avatar
    Chris M.

    5 star ratingThanks to my friend who guide me to my international movers... I have been looking for international moving companies all over the internet and everything were crazy expensive. We've used My International movers to move our stuff to UK. I have no hesitation in highly recommending this Company. They answer e-mails, queries etc promptly and get back to you via telephone if necessary. They told us when the freight left and when it would arrive at destination. They were bang... read more

    Mike N. Avatar
    Mike N.
  • 5 star ratingInternational Moving, what a nightmare!! So much stress. So many things to think about. But I love moving were an amazing International moving company. We moved from Seattle to France with these guys. Thank you guys for bugging me for paperwork to get it right! I had the longest to do list ever. They told me everything we needed to do, all the forms to fill out for custom. I had to go the embassy too which was a headache,... read more

    Roscoe S. Avatar
    Roscoe S.

    5 star ratingMy international movers moved my family from Seattle to England and the move went very well. My sales person was knowledgeable  and kept me up to date on the status of my move. The packing crew arrived on time. They seemed experienced at their job and any questions I had were answered. All my antique furniture was crated and arrived in good condition My international mover's representative in London handled the London portion of the move. They were careful with... read more

    Jasur K. Avatar
    Jasur K.

    5 star ratingI hired My international moving to help my friend to move to Canada. I was a little nervous about the moving part. Even though company was paying for the relocation, I wanted to be certain that I wouldn't have any headaches and that things would be in good hands. My International Movers had a chat page on their site and the rep on there was super knowledgeable and helpful, and was able to take my info and give me a... read more

    Gennadiy K. Avatar
    Gennadiy K.

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