Things to Know About Living in Toronto

When moving internationally to Canada, the capital of Ontario is one of the top choices for many Americans. It is one of the best-known cities in Canada, as well as the biggest and the most diverse city in the country. With beautiful scenery, a friendly community, and many things to do, you can make living in Toronto the adventure of your life. Here are some of the things that you should know about this place before you start a new chapter of your life there.

Is Toronto a Good Place to Live? Living in Toronto Pros and Cons

This is one of the most exciting places to live in, with many people from all around the world calling it home. According to many, it is one of the best places to live in Ontario and even the whole country. However, like all other cities, being here has its advantages and disadvantages, and we are here to guide you through some of them.

Pros of Living in Toronto, Canada

  • Diversity – This metropolis is the multicultural center of Canada. You can find people from all over the world that came there to work, study, or just explore this beautiful place. Everyone is friendly, and you will have a lot of multicultural friends in no time.
  • Food – Because of all the different cultures found in this city, you can find any cuisine you like. From Italian to Chinese food, you will not be disappointed with what the great local food scene offers.
  • Education and the healthcare system – Students from all around the world come to have the opportunity to study here. The healthcare system is one of the best globally, with great doctors and highly equipped hospitals. You can be sure that you and your family will get the best possible care if you ever need it.
  • Entertainment and social life – This place will never be boring; there is always something happening, from summer to winter festivals, food festivals, and children festivals. Most of them are entirely free, so you can enjoy it without worrying about spending too much money.
  • Unique neighborhoods – It’s unbelievable how unique this place is. From Old Toronto, the city’s top historical site, to the downtown center, ideal for those who hate long commutes. There are also Kensington Market, where there are always new restaurants to try, and The Annex, which is popular with students. You can’t go wrong with choosing any one of them.

Cons of Living in Toronto, Canada

  • It can be a little expensive – It has the highest median rental prices in Canada. Public transportation can cost you around C$150 ($115) and utilities can go up to C$155 ($117), so it is not the cheapest place to live in Canada.
  • It’s a bit crowded – Because of all the people that immigrate from all around the world and many tourists, the metropolis can be crowded, and you might have to see and hear construction sites more than you would like. This place is now working on expanding the city and improving it by building more apartments and houses and making additional space to accommodate the growing population.
  • Weather – The weather can be a con to some, but it isn’t as bad as it is in some other cities in Canada. Winters are cold, and temperature can get as low as -22°F (-30°C), although this rarely happens. Daylight is short, so you might find this hard to adjust to. Summer, especially June, July, and August, is warm and humid, so be prepared for that as well.
  • Public transportation – This one can be a pro, as the public transport is good and it usually functions properly. However, it can also be considered a con, as the subway system is falling behind with adapting to the modernization of the metropolis.

If you’re interested in more pros and cons to residing here, check out the video below.

Cost of Living – Is Living in Toronto Expensive?

You might not be moving overseas but you are still going to another country, so think about the cost of living there. This place can be a bit expensive, so have that in mind when making relocation arrangements. The price of renting a one-bedroom apartment is around $1,500 without utilities. If you are ready to go further from downtown and have roommates, you can save a couple of hundred dollars. Owning a car will bring you an additional cost because most rentals don’t have parking spots included, so you may have to put aside another $150 a month. Groceries can be up to $380 a month for a family of two.

To summarize, it can be expensive to live here, but planning your expenses and earnings ahead and being well informed about all the costs that may come your way can help you organize and enjoy your life here.

Living in Toronto as an American

As a US citizen with a passport, you can enter Canada as a visitor and stay for six months. After that period is over, you have to go back, and the terrible thing about this is that you can’t work if you come into the country this way. If you are coming as a student, you can study and are allowed to work part-time.

If you are thinking about hiring an overseas shipping company to relocate all of your belongings, you probably have long-term plans. This means you can always apply for permanent residency if you’re considering moving to Ontario permanently. If you are under 35 years old with a university degree and more than two years of work experience, you can easily find a job and get your permanent residence in six months. And if you are older than 35, it would be good to have a job waiting and good knowledge of the French language before moving here. Finding a job in Canada is necessary if you want to have a good life there.

You should know that you can’t become a Canadian citizen just like that. First, you need to be a permanent resident for several years. As long as you are an American citizen, you can make connections and meet new people in expat communities who can help you find jobs or tell you a thing or two about how to live in another country.

Start Your New Life in Canada and Enjoy Every Second of It

Considering all this, we can say that there are many things to think about when moving abroad. You should hire a professional international moving company and use its moving services, such as providing you with moving supplies, or packing your belongings, storing them until it time to move, or just international moving in general. Having Toronto international movers by your side can reduce moving stress tremendously.

Once you start packing your bags, be prepared for diversity in every aspect of your life there. Don’t be afraid; live your life, and enjoy every second of it. Explore the community and discover even more exciting things about it.

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