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Things You Should Know Before Moving to Scotland – Get Acquainted With the Land of the Lochs

Daisy Wilson May 17, 2013
Posted May 17, 2013 In Living Abroad,
Daisy Wilson

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When it comes to the number of Americans living abroad, the United Kingdom holds third place. It is no wonder this number is huge when this country truly has so much to offer. And yes, moving to Scotland is a choice for many fellow Americans too. But how to move to Scotland? Is it the same as when relocating to the UK? Find out answers to this and many other questions.

When relocating overseas, you must make a lot of arrangements, from getting the documents needed for relocating abroad and finding a place to live to hiring an overseas moving company. Not to mention you will have to get familiar with local customs, way of living, and laws. Even though you may think Scotland is only famous because of the Loch Ness monster and bagpipes, you will be surprised by how much there is to know about this amazing country. For starters, you will have to get familiar with many laws and customs, which aren’t strange, considering that the national animal is a unicorn.

All the Paperwork You Need When Moving to Scotland

The first question that pops into your mind when thinking about relocating to the UK is can US citizens move to Scotland (which is part of the UK), and is it hard for an American to move to Scotland? Aside from breaking the language barrier, which is something you have to be prepared to do especially if you are relocating to the Highlands (Northern part of the country), and learning to adapt to their view of time, there is no obstacle for US citizens to move to the Land of the Lochs.

In fact, you can stay up to six months without any visa – all you need is a passport. But if you wish to stay for a longer period, there are a few different types of visas you can apply for. Complete an online test on the UK government website and see if you are eligible to get a visa. When you finish the online test, here are the types of visas you can consider applying for:

  • Standard visitor visas – You can prolong your staying for two to ten years, but you can only be in for a six months period.
  • Work visas – Once you find work in the UK, your employer can guarantee for you and get you a work permit and visa.
  • Student – You can stay from two to five years depending on the length of your course.
  • Business – If you invest, open a startup, you are an investor, or if you apply for an exceptional talent program, you can get a business visa.
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How to Get a Permanent UK Residence

Living overseas is easier once you get a permanent residence, and fortunately, Scotland immigration laws allow you to apply for citizenship. Of course, you have to meet certain criteria. Here are some of those conditions you must meet:

  • Marriage with UK citizen,
  • Lived in the UK for three years with innovator permits,
  • Have a British parent,
  • Have a right of abode in the UK.

Expat Guide for Relocating to Scotland – All You Need to Know About Scottish Finest Cities

On your relocating abroad checklist, the first thing should be choosing a new city to move to. Once you decide where to settle, you can start making other arrangements, such as finding an international moving company that offers overseas shipping services. The location is important because it will impact other decisions you have to make, such as will you ship your car there.

For example, Edinburgh is a fantastic walking city, with an excellent public transportation system. Still, the traffic and parking will make your head spin. But aside from bad traffic, the country’s capital has a lot to offer – amazing architecture, historic sites (don’t miss medieval Edinburgh castle,) and beautiful cobblestone streets you will certainly like.

Keep in mind that Edinburgh is the capital of the country and probably the most visited city. It is filled with tourists as well as locals, so its vibrant vibe affects even the locals. It’s also the most livable city in the country.

Check this video for more information about Scottish finest cities.

Moving Abroad to Scottish Music Paradise

Another great city you will certainly like and where you move is Glasgow. Officially the first UK’s UNESCO music city and home of many famous music bands, such as AC/DC and Franz Ferdinand. And apartments are cheaper here than in Edinburgh. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city center for $892 (£650) in Glasgow, while for the same apartment in Edinburgh, you will pay $1,100 (£820.)

Learn More About Living Costs in Scottish Land

If you wish to be well prepared for life abroad, you should know is it expensive to live in Scotland. It mostly depends on where you live, but in comparison to living in London or living in Orange County, for example, life for most people is cheaper in Glasgow. Furthermore, the cost of living is around 20% lower in Edinburgh than in London.

Find a Cheap Place to Rent

Even if the UK is considered to be one of the best countries to live in, finding a place to live from a long distance is hard for most people. The best tip we can give you is to start searching for a new flat before relocation across the world. If you plan to rent a place for more than six months, you will need proper documents.

In fact, most landlords will ask for a valid proof of residence. Also, keep in mind that overseas shipping will take some time, so make sure to book your movers on time. Or, if you are not transporting too many belongings, you can consider shipping your belongings by air as they will be delivered faster.

What About Healthcare Program?

As an American moving to Scotland, you’ll be entitled to free healthcare insurance. In the UK, every person is entitled to get free medical service no matter what kind of immigration status they have. You will be covered with primary medical care such as emergency interventions. But if you are employed or self-employed, you will be registered in the National Health program and have free full medical care. This comes with the exception of dental and eye treatments where you will have to pay some fee.

Their Way of Life Will Surprise You in Many Ways

Aside from public drunkenness, the Land of Liberty is considered to be a safe place to live, which is why it’s excellent for moving overseas with family. Another thing you will have to encounter in every international moving is a cultural shock and the language barrier. And yes, here you will not have to learn a new language from scratch. Still, you will have to get used to an unusual accent. But tons of history, festivals, amazing music scenes, and great bars and restaurants will surprise you. And did we mention that the highest proportion of redheads is right here?

On the other hand, you will have to get used to other things such as drying your clothes outside on a line. Drying machines are terrible, and if you haven’t planned shipping overseas the dryer, be prepared to struggle with clothing all the time. But moving internationally always has its cons and pros, and one of the greatest pros of living in the Land of Dreams is the fact that you can just as easily visit any EU country.

Bring Warm Clothes, Book Overseas Shipping Company, and Embrace Amazing Scenery That Is Waiting for You

Now that you know the answer to questions such as: how can I move to Scotland? How much does it cost to move to Scotland? Is it worth moving to Scotland? You’ll know that relocating to another part of the globe is not cheap. And the price will mostly depend on the number of belongings you are bringing with you. Also, the destination you are choosing to relocate to and what kind of relocation services you get. For instance, it is recommended to take packing service if you are shipping by sea, because professionals will know how to protect your items for transportation much better.

Aside from the relocation stress, which is normal in every relocation and the cost of the move itself, you will love it here. A place with more than 30,000 lochs and more than 600 freshwater lakes will just make your head spin if you are an outdoor enthusiast. But even if you are not, it will be hard not to like the epic movie-like scenery all around you. So, don’t wait too long, pack up your bags, and begin your Scottish adventure as soon as possible!



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