The Best Countries to Live In If You Are a Woman

It is the twenty-first century and we might think that equal rights are granted to everyone around the world now. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Different races, nationalities, and genders are viewed differently in various parts of the world. So even if you feel like you have all the rights you need at home, moving abroad might change this. So if you are thinking about moving abroad, we strongly recommend you take this criterion into consideration as well. For that reason, we have decided to compile a list of the best countries in the world to live in if you are a woman.


Luxemburg was one of the first countries in the world to allow women to vote. This happened way back in 1919, the same year the suffrage amendment was passed in the United States.

New Zealand

New Zealand is known all around the world as one of the most peaceful countries out there. With such a reputation, it’s no wonder that this country is fertile ground for gender equality.


One of the most diverse countries in the world, Switzerland definitely deserves a place on this list. Its government has been working hard at maintaining a high standard of living both for men and women.


Our northern neighbors have a very clear domestic and foreign policy when it comes to women: they are given all the rights that are granted to men.

The Netherlands

If you are planning on starting a family soon, The Netherlands might just be the perfect location for you. This country offers numerous benefits to new moms, such as insurance-covered services of a maternity nurse.


Norway offers three years of maternity leave at full pay to its new mothers. Alternatively, you can be on maternity leave for almost four years at 80% pay, if that’s your preference.


Denmark definitely deserves to be near the top of our list. It has a well-developed earnings-based daycare system. In addition, its parental leave policy is one of the most flexible ones in the European Union.


The first place in this list invariably goes to Sweden. Sweden sees gender equality as one of the major bases for its policy. More than a half of university degrees in Sweden are awarded to women each year.

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