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How to Move to Another Country – 8 Things Every Expat Should Know

Michael Vaughan November 15, 2021
Posted November 15, 2021 In Living Abroad,
Michael Vaughan

Moving through the Bay Area, Michael works as a freelance writer in the moving and transportation industry.

Moving overseas is a complex process, but nine million Americans already did it – so why wouldn’t you? We’ll help you learn how to move to another country and list all the things you should know. With the right preparation, even overseas shipping can be simple. Follow this guide and relocate effortlessly.

Before you shift your life and start living in another part of the world, you should learn all there is about how to move abroad. The list is long, but you can win. One of the ways to make learning how to move overseas easy and quickly adapt to all the changes that will happen is to be well informed. We’ll help you with that by listing everything you need to know before you start living overseas.

#1 Preparation Is the Key

Every big step you make is much more bearable if you know what you can expect afterward. That way, you can prepare yourself mentally for all the relocation stress and changes you’re about to experience. The best method for surviving the whole process of moving abroad is to google every piece of information and ask around to find out more about the experience of people who used to travel to or live in the land you plan to move to.

That includes finding answers to the questions like what is the easiest country to move to or is it hard to move to a different country. Your preparation also depends on your reasons to move. For example, if you’re wondering how to move to another country and start over, check out what are the best places to live abroad, and if you’re relocating with dogs, find destinations that are the most suitable for your pet-friendly lifestyle.

#2 Make Sure You Know Everything About Types of Visa and Other Documentation You Must Have

Americans have a strong passport and can move almost anywhere, but the requirements differ from one country to another. Check out the specific requirements and documents needed to travel abroad during the Corona pandemic at least six months before you plan on relocating. The list of your paperwork will also depend on your decision whether you want to stay for a short period of time or to become a resident. Some countries don’t allow dual citizenship, so you might have to renounce US citizenship.

How to Move to Another Country Permanently? 

Are you wondering Can I permanently move to another country? The answer is certainly positive, but you must check the specific regulations that apply to your desired location and status. For example, if you’re a student, you won’t have the same requirements as someone who’s relocating for work or joining their family that already lives abroad. The most recommended way to be certain about relocating permanently is to contact the embassy of the land you plan to move or travel to and ask what you need to gain their citizenship.

#3 Establish a Budget Before Moving to Another Country

The financial aspect of relocating overseas is also important. Without enough money, you might have to go back to your old life even if you don’t want to or to settle for less than you planned. Making a detailed budget for at least two months of living overseas must be on your relocating abroad checklist. You can do it by checking how much money you need on a monthly basis.

There are useful websites that have all prices available online, so you can compare your current expenses with the ones you’re about to have. One of the most convenient websites that will answer the question of “How much money should you have before moving to another country” is Numbeo – it has not only prices of everyday expenses but also an option to directly compare the cost of living in different countries and cities.

Learn How Much Does it Cost to Move to Another Country as an Expat

Let’s not forget that moving internationally also costs a pretty penny and that the price of your move depends on how much stuff you’re taking with you. If you’re looking for the best places to live abroad with a family because you’re relocating with children and you have a lot of household items on your inventory list, your move will cost more than if you moved with just a few pieces of furniture. In case you’re looking to save some money when relocating overseas, don’t forget to declutter and downsize. You can sell unwanted items online or at a garage sale and even make some cash. In the video below, you can see some more useful tips on how to downsize your home in just a few days.

#4 Part of Knowing How to Move to Another Country Is Finding a Job There

Learning how to live in another country is much harder if you don’t have a steady source of income. Even if you move to some of the best countries to live in, there’s a small chance that you’ll thrive if you don’t have a job lined up, unless you’re coming with a very thick stash of money. Getting a job is one of the ways to get a visa, but it’s also a useful method to find friends and fit in quickly.

Be sure to check employment opportunities, start networking, and get the position you like before you move to another country. If you don’t make it, don’t worry. Accepting part-time work is also an option – it will keep you financially stable until you manage to get the job you want.

#5 Learn All There Is About the Best Places to Live

Do your research and find the cities, towns, or suburbs that you like before relocating across the world. It will save you a lot of time and you’ll avoid unpleasant surprises you might encounter if you relocate without checking the ideal places before arriving. Find the city that has everything you need and that can meet your expectations. The community you choose should be conveniently located and safe. If you’re relocating with kids, find an area that has good schools, lots of parks, and greenery. In case you’re looking for some fun and nightlife, see where the most single people live. On the other hand, if you’re relocating because you’re hungry for some adventure and exploring, look for a city that can provide you with enough excitement.

When You Start Learning How to Move to Another Country, Look at the Best Accommodation You Can Afford

Another big part of learning how do you move to another country is to know what housing options you’ll have once you move. That probably won’t be an issue if you’re relocating abroad alone and don’t have a problem with sharing space with roommates. However, if you’re coming with a wish to reside alone or to have a big, centrally-located apartment in the city, you’ll have to start exploring the housing market way ahead of your relocation date.

It’s not a bad idea to get in touch with some real estate agents in your destination place and ask them to find you a home that you like. It can be difficult to purchase or rent real estate when you’re not physically present and can’t see the place for yourself, so it would be ideal to have someone you trust that can do that for you.

#6 Be Familiar With the Language, Culture, Tradition, and Climate

Experiencing culture shock once you move is inevitable, but there are some things you can do to mitigate that feeling. The first step is to become familiar with the culture of the local people that reside there. Watch YouTube videos, read blogs, find some podcasts, or use any other source of information to get acquainted with the culture. Check their tradition, customs and the dates of important holidays.

Every nation loves when a foreigner tries to fit in and respects their culture. Also, try to break the language barrier and learn all the handy tips for learning a new language. That way, the locals won’t see you as a stranger, and you’ll get to know them much easier. Knowing even a few simple everyday phrases can mean a lot in a conversation with someone you’ve just met.

#7 Visit Your Destination Before Relocating

Regardless of whether you’re coming to one of the friendliest countries in the world or you plan to reside alone on a desert island, you should first come and experience for yourself what life looks like over there. When you choose where you want to relocate, try to visit that location as many times as you can, preferably in different seasons. This will mean a lot when it comes to avoiding unpleasant surprises. You’ll also decide which city and neighborhood you want to reside in, what part of the country is the best for your needs, and how much money you should have.

The Best Way to Adapt Quickly to Your New Country Is to Contact Local Expat Communities There

Many places already have established expat communities that you can get in touch with and find out more about what you can expect. Expats that have been living overseas for a certain period of time can answer most of the questions, if not all, and give you a first-hand insight into your future over there. Also, once you move, you’ll be able to meet with those people and make friends after relocating abroad.

#8 Research Your Options for Shipping Overseas

Before you start your relocation day preparation, you should be familiar with the options you have for international moving. There are several options to choose from depending on how fast you wish for your belongings to arrive at your destination and how much you’re willing to pay for. Renting a container and shipping your items by sea is by far the most affordable option, while international moving by air is the fastest but more expensive one.

A professional overseas shipping company can also provide you with more services like overseas vehicle shipping, a free storage unit, and efficient packing services. Find a reputable and licensed overseas moving company, schedule a free home estimate and get your quote. One thing is certain – professional movers will ensure that you have nothing to worry about and that your relocation goes smoothly.



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