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Everything You Should Know Before Moving to Hawaii With Pets

Jane Davis January 21, 2021
Posted January 21, 2021 In Living Abroad,
Jane Davis

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You decided to move to the Aloha State, and you are thinking about bringing your pet with you? There are specific rules when it comes to moving to Hawaii with pets you should know about. If you start your preparation in time, there is no obstacle for you and your pet to move to the Paradise Islands.

Can You Move to Hawaii With Pets?

The short answer is yes, you can. So what’s the catch?

As you may know, Hawaii is the only rabies-free state in the country. There is no cure for rabies, and this disease is almost always deadly. So, if it enters Hawaiian territory, it can endanger the island’s entire ecosystem, wildlife, and people. This is why there are strict rules and regulations when you enter this state with a pet. Here is the required documentation:

  • Rabies vaccination: Your pet must have two rabies vaccinations 30 days apart, and the second shot must be given at least 90 days before your trip to Hawaii. If the animal hasn’t been waiting for 90 days, it will have to go to quarantine.
  • Rabies blood test: This test, known as the OIE-FAVN test, is conducted only in two approved labs in the US – Kansas State University and the Department of Defense Food Analysis and Diagnostic Laboratory in Texas. Test results will show if your pet has developed antibodies to rabies. It would be best if you waited at least three weeks after the last shot to do this test. After you get the results, you will have to wait for 120 days before going to Hawaii.
  • Microchip: This microchip has to match a sample of your pet’s blood test. So if your dog already has a chip, check with your vet that it is working correctly.
  • Submission of documentation: You will need two rabies vaccination certificates, a Health certificate, and a dog and cat import form, and if your destination is not Oahu, you will have to fill Neighbor Island Inspection Permit.

Forbidden Pets and Animals for Moving to Hawaii

Some animals can’t enter Hawaii, per regulations of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s Plant Quarantine Branch. For example, all non-domesticated cats, dogs, horses, and birds are prohibited, along with snakes, lizards, poisonous frogs, ferrets, snails, bees, toucans, and even hamsters. Make sure to check if your pet is allowed to move because all illegal transportation is subjected to severe punishments. Check this video for more tips about moving with pets to Hawaii

Quarantine Rules When Moving to Hawaii With Pets

As we mentioned before, your pet needs to have specific documentation when relocating to Hawaii. Also, we talked about a waiting period after vaccination. This waiting period has a decisive influence on the duration of the quarantine.

5 Day-or-Less Program

So, if you submitted all the documents in time and your pet had a waiting period of 120 days from the OIE-FAVN test, all the conditions are met for the 5 Day-or-Less program,or even Direct Airport Release. This means your pet will be quarantined for a five-day max or released immediately at Honolulu airport for a $165 fee.

120 Day Program

If you don’t have time to wait and have to move quickly, your pet will have to wait 120 days in selected and approved animal hospitals. Another important note is that every day your dog is kept there will cost you around $14. So if you can, it would be advisable to leave your pet to a family member or friend back home for this period. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, some of these regulations are changed. Check this website for daily updates.

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How Can I Avoid Pet Quarantine in Hawaii?

Well, if you are moving across the world to Hawaii from some of the rabies-free countries, your international moving will be less stressful. If you are moving with a dog or other allowed pet from Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, or the island of Guam, your furry friend will not have to go to the quarantine. But if you are moving overseas from any other country in the world, including the US mainland, your pet will have to be in quarantine.

How Much Does It Cost to Move Your Dog to Hawaii?

The cost of living in Hawaii is higher than in other parts of the US, and also pets relocation is a little more expensive than usual. If you are wondering “how do I move my dog to Hawaii,” the answer is in a special pet container that has to be approved by your airline. The cost of pet relocation goes from $200 to $2000, depending on your pet’s size and flight distance.

Once you arrive in the Aloha State, you can pay a $165 fee for immediate release if your pet is eligible, $224 for a 5-days program, or $1,080 for the full 120-day quarantine.

Also, moving abroad will be easier if you hire a company that provides international moving services, especially if you move with your pet. Professional movers will take care of everything that needs to be taken care of. This way, you will have time to get all documents needed to travel abroad for you and your pet.

Tips on Moving With a Pet

Moving overseas is stressful for everybody, and your pet is no exception. But moving stress can be avoided with a couple of tricks you can try on. First, ask your vet if your dog or cat can fly – if they are too young or old, flying can be tremendous stress for them. Your vet can also prescribe medicine for anxiety for your pet if he thinks this is necessary so their flight can be as stress-free as possible. Make sure to set up a comfortable place in your new home so your dog or cat can immediately start getting used to the new house. Try to keep up to your daily routine with your furry friend and make sure they get to know their surroundings in the first couple of days.

Aloha State, Here I Come

Now that you know all about rules and regulations on moving to Hawaii with pets, you should start preparing yourself for the move. If you are moving for a job, now it is time to ask your employer all the relocation questions you may have. Find an overseas moving company and your relocation will go smoothly. If you are stressing about all the packing you have, then invest in some packing services. This way, all you will have to think about is breaking language barrier by learning a native Hawaiian language or how to keep in touch with your friends and family.



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