How to pack fragile items

Packing all of your precious belongings is never an easy task, especially if you have decided to move internationally. This is because all of your packed items will travel a long distance, usually by air freight or ocean freight, which therefore makes it more prone to breaking or damage. But don’t worry, there are steps that you can take in order to make sure that nothing gets damaged during the transportation process! Just follow our quick guide about how to keep your most fragile belongings, such as glassware, china and expensive art, safe during the relocation!

Step No. 1: Determine which items need extra care

First of all, start by taking a look at how many fragile items you own. Determine precisely which of your belongings need extra precaution and care. Once you have a clear idea of how many fragile items you possess, you can start getting the necessary supplies in order to safely pack these items.

Step No. 2: Get the necessary supplies and packaging materials

Due to the fragile nature of these items, you will need to invest in extra packaging material in order to keep the items safe during transportation. We suggest getting materials such as bubble wrap, foam peanuts, popcorn (air popped), and puffed corn starch pellets. All of these materials are not expensive at all, but they will keep your expensive and fragile items safe so that you won’t have to worry about them!

Step No. 3: Pack the items appropriately

Here is a quick and easy example of how to properly pack a fragile items, for example, a stack of plates. Follow these steps:

  1. Wrap the stack of plates into a layer of packaging paper. Follow this up by multiple layers of the bubble wrap you have previously purchased.
  2. Prepare the moving box. Make sure that the moving box is the appropriate size! If it’s too big, the items will move around and possibly break. Fill up the moving box with some sort of packaging material, the best one to use is foam peanuts. Once you have enough of the packaging material, proceed to put the stack of plates into the moving box.
  3. Fill the remainder of the space with more foam peanuts, or the packaging material of your choice. Make sure to fill it up completely, in order to avoid any movement during transportation, which may cause damage.
  4. Seal the box tightly. Do a “shake check”. This means that you should try and shake the box to see if the items are moving around. If you hear any sounds, that means that the box is either too big or that there’s not enough packaging material (foam peanuts). Unseal the box and add more foam peanuts! Repeat until you can’t hear any noise from the box.


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