International Moving to Glasgow

My International Movers has a long history of helping families and individuals move to Glasgow. As a world-renowned international moving company, My International Movers can help you relocate whether it be for a month, a year, or much longer. Our staff here at My International Movers is trained to provide you with all the information you need to plan your international move to Glasgow.

We have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the moving process can be a huge aid in planning your move out of the country. We can give you checklists of all the documentation you need including vaccination lists, travel insurance, medical history, and birth certificate requirements. As professional movers, the My International Movers team will provide in-home estimates with no strings attached. It is our pleasure to meet with you to map out a plan, work with your budget and answer all the questions you have about moving to Glasgow.

What shipping Options do I have?

When partnering with My International Movers you have many options. We have air freight transportation for immediate delivery. The costs are dependent on volume, weight, and destination so there are never any surprise fees. We offer a more affordable service with our sea freight option which takes a few weeks to deliver your belongings to Glasgow. Sea freight is extremely secure and effective, especially with the added option of marine insurance.

Whether you are moving a car or custom furniture, we can meet your needs. With oversized freight services, custom packaging, and stellar customer service your belongings are always safe in our care. Any item, whether it be a snowmobile or a china dish will be handled with care. We ensure that your things will meet you in Glasgow without a single scratch.

Can anyone help me pack for my move?

My International Movers has been handling the valuables of families, companies, and individuals for decades. We have expert packers and movers that are available that can carefully package every last item for your move. We can offer you packing tips and tricks to help you pack efficiently, or we can do it all for you! We provide boxes at no cost, will come to your home to pack and load everything you’d like to move. We can handle every part of the packing and moving process from doorstep to doorstep allowing you to focus on the rest of your affairs during an international move.

Why Move Internationally to Glasgow

Glasgow is a city filled with career opportunities, amazing sightseeing, exciting nightlife, beautiful parks, and historical museums. With very quaint beaches, Glasgow is a place people of all ages can enjoy. A wonderful place to spend time as a family, Glasgow offers easy access to the rest of the United Kingdom with 15 National Parks, the Canterbury Castle, and the Blenheim Palace.

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