International Moving to Malaysia

As a world-renowned international moving company, My International Movers is ready to ship your belongings to Malaysia. We have a wide array of moving services to make your move to Malaysia as quick and efficient as possible.

Our professional international moving company is proud to help people move to Malaysia and we look forward to helping make your moving process as stress free as possible! We have been in this business of global relocation for many years. Our office throughout California are ready and able to assist you in any way. Don’t believe us? Believe our hundreds of satisfied customers on Yelp.

Malaysia was created out of the former Malay Kingdoms in the area. After these kingdoms were settled by the British Empire, they were known as the Straits Settlements. These settlements were later unified into the Malayan Union in 1948 and finally acquired independence in August of 1957. Malaya is united with North Borneo and Sarawak comprising Malaysia.

Is International Shipping to Malaysia Reliable?

When working with My International Movers, shipping to Malaysia is extremely reliable. We keep costs of shipping as low as possible ensuring you are receiving the best price. With our long history and years of experience, we can meet a variety of moving needs. We can provide either an exclusive 20 foot by 40 foot shipping container or a consolidated shipping option with other customers. Within the consolidated option, every customer’s belongings are afforded a separate palette, shrink-wrapped, and individually labelled. Our variety of options are flexible enough to meet your unique moving needs.

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