6 Amazing Tips for Moving to Turkey

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about Turkey? Cappadocia, Pammukale, the famous Turkish tea, or baklava? Whatever it is, you should know there’s a whole world of dishes, places, and people that make moving to Turkey well worth the effort.

This transcontinental country takes great pride in its amazing beaches that occupy nearly 5000 miles of coastline, incredible places like Ankara and Istanbul, mouth-watering dishes, as well as mesmerizing mosques and other historical monuments. Whatever the reason why you’re attracted to this beautiful land is, it has much to offer to all foreigners who plan to live in it. To mention a few more: the standard of living, the straightforward process of getting a residence or work permit, the low cost of living, and the currency rate of TL (Turkish lira). But, there’s one more benefit –  getting Turkish citizenship by investment.

So, if you’re planning to settle down somewhere in this Middle East nation, it’s high time to catch a glimpse of what Turkey has prepared for you. With our handy guide, you’ll find out the answer to the questions: how to live abroad and what things to know before moving overseas.

#1 Before Moving to Turkey, Do Some Research About the Cost of Living and Housing

Although the cost of living is considered generally affordable, certain locations can be amongst the most expensive in the world, such as Besiktas, Bebek, or Sariyer, with the average price of real estate reaching $330,000 (2,000,000 TL). Living here, still, is not so pricey for foreigners coming from the US and EU. According to

  • Family of four: about $1,900
  • Monthly housing rent in an expensive area: about $540
  • Monthly rent in a reasonably-priced area: about $320
  • Utilities: about $90
  • Internet: about $10
  • ¼ gallon of gas: $1.16

Compared to Europe, Properties in Turkey Are Cheaper

According to the rules governing property ownership, most foreign buyers can own property in Turkey. Thanks to its robust economy and young population, the demand among foreign purchasers is constantly growing, particularly those from the Middle East. Compared with other popular tourist destinations, prices are still very favorable – for example, a beautiful two-bedroom apartment with a view of the sea views can be yours for less than $130,000.

If you’re planning to buy property, keep in mind that there are always additional costs and documentation needed, such as:

  • Stamp duty
  • 3% of the assessed value of the property
  • Legal fees of around $1,300
  • Agency fees of 3%
  • Paperwork costs around $550
  • Passport and a local tax number
  • Bank account in Turkey
  • A couple of sets of passport photos

#2 As an Expat, You Need to Obtain Paperwork as Early as Possible

How to find a job before you move abroad could be the most crucial question in your case. To get a residence or work permit, a prospective expat should apply for them ASAP – actually, even before moving. Most people who go to this region relocate to bigger cities, such as Istanbul, Ankara, or Izmir, and a large percentage of them find work in the industry and service sectors. The country’s economy is strong and stable, and plenty of large foreign companies are present. That also means you can choose among many international schools to enroll your kids.

Ways to Apply for a Work Permit: the e-Government Portal and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security

After your initial request, online applications are available on the e-Government portal of Turkey. You can also directly apply to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in Turkey within ten days.

If you need a residence permit, the process is the same, but you need to apply through the Directorate General of Migration Management’s e-residence. Required documents are listed on the website so that expats can easily prepare all necessary paperwork.

#3 Get Your Health Insurance

Health is definitely one of the most sensitive and important parts of everyone’s life. Luckily, whatever Turkish destination you choose, you should know that medical care is quite good. However, an expat is required to get private health insurance, so try to pick the most beneficial one from the rich set of options.

Save Money By Choosing the Most Beneficial Private Health Insurance

If you are planning to live and work here, consider Cigna international health insurance. Cigna is popular on a global scale – over 95 million people worldwide use this insurance, which provides access to top-notch quality healthcare and related programs. It provides you and your loved ones with access to top-notch healthcare, no matter where you are in the world. When it comes to the cost of health insurance, you can rest assured that it will be tailored to you and your budget possibilities.

#4 Choose the Right Destination

Maybe you didn’t know, but some of the best places to live here have a considerable number of expat communities of foreigners who have relocated here due to safety, low prices, English- speaking locals, and beautiful scenery. So, take a look at villages, towns, and cities worth considering if you plan to move to this friendly country:

  • Didim – ideal for first-time property buyers because of its affordability
  • Fethiye Town – crammed with beautiful scenery
  • Yalikavak – a mixture of old and new, modern and traditional
  • Istanbul – a hub of finance, business, tourism, economy, industry, and education facilities
  • Antalya – a city jammed with all possible amenities for expats, including tourism, shopping, and nightlife
  • Izmir – known as the Pearl of the Aegean, it boasts a rich history, lovely climate, fantastic food

#5 Cultural Shock Is Possible, but It’s Easy to Break the Ice in Turkey

Put aside all we mentioned above and think objectively – learning a new language could be confusing and frustrating. The Turkish language is not easy to master at all. But, don’t let the language barrier make you feel helpless, because many of your future Turkish colleagues and friends will probably speak English quite well. The truth is that some other people, such as your neighbors or grocery store clerks, may not speak anything except their native language.

Well, the cultural shock is something that happens very often, especially among expats when faced with different habits, social norms, religion, and languages. But, if you start learning the language several weeks or months before the move, everything will be achievable and much more straightforward.

If You’re Fascinated by This Country in Spite of Different Habits and Culture, It’s a Good Sign

This Middle East nation is a beautiful country that can easily get under your skin. Besides its crowded streets and chaotic traffic, perhaps too friendly people for your taste, you will realize this is the place you want and need to live in. Thanks to its charm and charisma, you’ll understand there are more benefits than drawbacks of relocating to Turkey.

Sometimes, Moving to Unique Parts of the World Could Be Healing

Although Turks can sometimes be too laid-back, this can have a fantastic appeal to an expat. Thanks to famous Turkish hospitality, the stress of modern-day life is reduced, and that’s why this country ranks as one of the most welcoming.

With an ideal climate all year round and gobs of places for outdoor activities, this Middle Eastern region attracts lots of tourists, as well as expats who choose this destination as their new home soon after arrival. It’s needless to say that the Turkish cuisine is the icing on the cake – with traditional dishes and emphasis on fresh ingredients, it is really enticing for every gourmet.

#6 Enjoy Your New Environment

Moving to Turkey could be your wisest decision, not just because of the low cost of living, but a completely new environment. Friendly people with a unique mindset might be your best support when starting a new life. Their words of advice and beneficial suggestions should be your guide during the first months of adjustment and asking yourself how to make friends.

The best part of your relocation is the fact that whatever destination you pick, you can’t go wrong. Whether your final choice is Antalya, Istanbul, Ankara, or Izmir, your life will be fulfilled and exciting. After choosing the right international moving services, it’s up to you to pick the best city depending on your needs and requirements. Thanks to this short guide, you now know that this region has an abundance of places where you can find everything you’ve ever wanted.