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How to Plan a Move to Another City Across the World

Kate Holland January 9, 2023
Posted January 9, 2023 In How-to, Plan the Move,
Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

You might be planning on moving internationally to a different location. Whether you’re relocating across the globe or just over the border, careful planning is essential for a smooth transition. Here are some tips on how to plan a move to another city.

First, start by assessing what your needs are, then do your research and figure out which city is best for you. Once you’ve chosen a location, start figuring out your budget. How much money will you need to cover your costs of living there? Are there any scholarships or grants available to help with relocation expenses? Once you have a budget in place, make sure to figure out what to pack and to pack light. Finally, don’t forget about the documents needed to travel abroad and employ an overseas shipping company.

Where Should You Move?

Moving abroad might seem easy – you simply pick the best international moving services, let an overseas moving company handle your stuff, and voila – you’re done! But you need a target before you can start relocation day preparations and reach out to an international moving company.

The choice of where you’ll be living overseas can also be made by another person because getting a job in a new city is the most typical scenario of international relocation. But you might also move for personal reasons so you’ll need to know what are the best places for living abroad with a family. Consider a scenario in which you are a fresh college graduate seeking a change of scenery. You want to try something new since you’re sick of your hometown. How do you choose your destination?

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The Size of the City Is of Great Importance

Your understanding of which are the best places to live in Europe will be greatly influenced by their size. Large cities can be interesting and fascinating to some people. Others discover them to be overwhelming and frustrating. Smaller cities are no different because what one would describe as “quaint tiny towns” another might name the “boring middle of nowhere.” So, before relocating, make sure to consider the city’s size. This entails taking a look at both the area’s actual land area and population figures.

When considering your commute and general transportation options, the physical scale of the place is very crucial. You can use public transportation to travel to practically any place if you decide to move to London, for example. On the other hand, having a vehicle is essentially a requirement if you’re considering the cheapest places to live in Hawaii.

How to Plan a Move to Another City? List the Best Cities for Expats

Planning a move to another country for love or any other reason can be an exciting but daunting experience. Before making the big decision, you should research your destination thoroughly. Consider factors such as the cost of living in another country, the job market, and the cultural environment in order to pick the best option for you. Additionally, look into public transportation options and safety ratings if they are important to you. Look for cities with large expat communities in order to prevent severe culture shock.

Braga, Portugal, Is Considered the Portuguese Rome

Start-ups and international events have been held in Braga for many years. This “Portuguese Rome,” which is famous for its heritage and cuisine, draws tourists as well as businesspeople and families because of its high standard of living, open spaces, and foreign schools. The city has one of the greatest rates of sector growth in all of Europe. International corporations like Philips, Bosch, and Continental, but also high-tech businesses and start-ups, have a significant presence in the Minho region’s main city.

Madrid, Spain, Offers a High Quality of Life

The finest quality of life, affordable cost of living, and low crime rate can all be found in Madrid. In fact, relocating to Spain is great because the country is a dynamic, culturally unique, and ever-evolving nation that will entice even the most discerning travelers. Spain, which has more sunshine than France, has top-notch medical and educational facilities. The cost of living in Madrid is more affordable than in most other European capitals such as Vienna, London, or lovely Paris, despite the fact that it is the capital of a big country and consequently more expensive than certain other locations in Spain. Madrid will be a good fit for expats with kids as well as students, digital nomads, and those searching for new challenges.

Brighton, United Kingdom, Is Full of Free-Thinkers

If you want to live in Europe for a couple of months, a year, or the remainder of your life, but you lack the time or energy to learn a new language, what options do you have? The UK is the place for you because there is no need to break the language barrier. While some locations, such as London, Manchester, or Birmingham, are ideal for landing a job with a big corporation, others, such as Brighton, are more suited for entrepreneurs, start-ups, digital nomads, and artists.

Hamburg, Germany, Is Welcoming for US Expats

There are various places to move to in Germany because it is a vast country in Europe. While Berlin is ideal for young, active, and creative professionals, relocating to Hamburg may be more suitable for families. It’s also great for people in their 30s and 40s, as well as engaged retirees who want to take advantage of the city’s vibrant cultural scene and the shore, which is only an hour’s drive by public transportation.

Brussels, Belgium, Is a Cosmopolitan Location

Consider relocating to Belgium because Brussels is cosmopolitan, open and accessible, and home to several multinational organizations and businesses. It also has a thriving artistic community and a renowned cultural scene that is unmatched in the entire globe. Brussels, a city with a largely French-speaking population, is not only the capital of Flanders but also of Europe. It is a strange, warm city that moves more slowly than either Paris or London. Due to the abundance of international schools, this is a great choice for expats with kids and is also suitable for digital nomads. Comparing rentals in the Belgian capital to those in other major European cities, it is comparatively inexpensive to live there for a few months or permanently.

Vienna, Austria, Is a Top Destination

Relocating to Vienna is a popular choice for Americans looking to relocate to Europe since it is regarded as having one of the finest quality of life in Europe and also one of the lowest crime rates. For individuals seeking stability, affordability, safety, culture, access to healthcare, and foreign schools, Vienna is the ideal location. Typically, expatriates stay in their new home for five years on average, but those who choose Austria as their new home are more likely to stay for the rest of their lives, drawn by the country’s high standard of living.

Consider the Cost of Living

Your daily life is greatly impacted by the expense of living. It establishes your place of residence and your hobbies. Even the longer-term effects, like your ability to retire and your potential family size, are affected. So how can you discover what a city’s cost of living is? Expatistan is a preferred source of information. It is intended to assist digital nomads and other expatriates in determining how much money they will need in order to live in a specific city. However, based on actual user data, you may also use it to gain a general notion of a location’s cost of living. Expatistan can display the cost of living comparison between two cities in addition to the cost of living in a particular city. It can easily compare the place you currently live in and the one you want to move to.

Research the Job Market

You will need to get a job in Europe as an American unless you work remotely. As a result, before you take any action, you should think about the state of the job market. But be careful not to limit your analysis to the “whole job market.” Instead, search for the following:

  • Look at the employment market for opportunities that fit your unique interests and skills. For instance, a place like NYC will typically be a better match than San Francisco if you have experience in publishing. It’s not the same to search for the best European country to live in for retirees or for digital nomads.
  • You may look up the biggest industries in a location to get a feel for the labor market there.
  • To discover how many positions that interest you are posted, you can also browse job boards.
  • Additionally, keep in mind how cutthroat the job market is because you don’t want to find yourself fighting for a limited number of positions with numerous other people.

The following video might help you find a position abroad more easily.

Find the Place That Can Nurture Your Values

The most crucial of all the questions might be the last one. There is no such thing as the “greatest city to live in,” in actuality. Depending on what you value in a city, the greatest city for you will be distinct from the best city for someone else. For instance, some people value the ability to go around a city (and neighborhood) primarily by foot, by bicycle, and by public transportation. Thus, they wouldn’t want to relocate to a large metropolis like Los Angeles.

It’s only a preference, though. Someone else might not mind driving everywhere since they value LA’s enormous diversity of opportunities. LA would therefore be a fantastic alternative for them. When choosing what you appreciate in a city, take into account the following attributes:

  • Networking possibilities,
  • Work-life harmony,
  • Availability of outdoor activities,
  • Weather,
  • Activity and busyness,
  • Nightlife,
  • Political alignment,
  • Driveability versus walkability,
  • Access to airports,
  • Safety,
  • Healthcare.

But if you haven’t gone to the city, how can you judge these attributes? The best advice would be to travel to any place you’re thinking about settling in before you invest in shipping overseas.

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Set Your Mind on a Goal, and Start Packing

Relocating to another location across the world can be a daunting task, but with careful planning, it can go smoothly. By following these steps and partnering with reliable movers, you can make sure your moving overseas is executed flawlessly. So research your new home, plan your budget accordingly, get rid of anything you don’t need – and most importantly, enjoy the ride!

After all, relocating to a new country is an amazing experience that will broaden your horizons in ways you never thought possible. All you need is a reliable packing service to get that backbreaking work out of the way and secure overseas vehicle shipping for your car, and you’re good to go!



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