What Are the 5 Cheapest Places to Live in Hawaii

You finally got an opportunity to relocate to your dream location, and the only question is, what are the cheapest places to live in Hawaii? You’ll find all the needed information in the following article – from the cost of living expenses and cheapest Hawaiian island to live on, everything is mentioned below.

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Can You Live in Hawaii Cheap?

Moving overseas never comes easy, especially if you don’t have much experience. Sometimes your dreams seem unreachable because you’re too afraid to try something new or you’re moving to another country for love. This breathtaking destination indeed comes to everyone’s mind when you mention a dream location. It is a real paradise on Earth, but being a resident in this paradise, unfortunately, doesn’t come cheap. If you have enough resources and courage to experience life here, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. It will definitely fulfill your expectations and maybe even overcome them. Depending on what you mean by cheap and affordable expenses, compared to average costs in the US, being a resident here is definitely expensive, but it can be affordable in some cities.

Cost of Living and Amenities in Honolulu

If you’re moving overseas and are interested in prices in this part of the world, let’s start with the basics. The median real estate values here go over $500,000, which is significantly higher than the national average, but still bearable with a median income of over $60,000 per year. Being a popular tourist destination, this area offers numerous business opportunities, historical attractions, restaurants, shops, and bars. It has exciting nightlife options and great concerts and other events. Moving across the world shouldn’t come hard if you decide to relocate here, even if you’re moving with dogs. If you’re planning on learning a language abroad, you’ll find most of the opportunities here.

How Much Do You Need for a Comfortable Life Here? Follow These Simple Guides

Wonder how to live in another country comfortably and how much money would you need for a good lifestyle? Depending on your current incomes and savings, some of the best countries to live in usually have higher standards, no matter if we’re talking about the best places to live abroad or in the States. Breaking a language barrier can be challenging, but it also brings new business opportunities. Having all that, Hawaii is known as one of the friendliest countries in the world, but life here isn’t for everyone’s pocket. According to some reviews, Oahu is the most expensive island of the archipelago and is also the most populated one. There sits Honolulu, a business center and popular city for tourists. It offers reliable job opportunities and regular incomes for residents. These incomes usually go up to $80,000 per year, which is higher than the national average and fairly enough for a comfortable lifestyle. For example, you can buy real estate around the area for about $400,000. To rent a medium-sized apartment in Honolulu, you’ll need approximately $2,000 per month.

Compared to rental prices on the Big Island, these are almost twice as expensive. On the other hand, when it comes to median household incomes, the Big Island fares significantly worse – approximately $50,000, which is $30,000 lower than the aforementioned incomes on Oahu. Unfortunately, some of the best places to live abroad with families include higher rent costs. But with higher prices come more opportunities for jobs and quality education. Consider all of these factors before making your decision. If you are moving to Hawaii with pets or planning overseas vehicle shipping, this also means additional expenses – especially for gas, with prices going from $2.50 per gallon on Big Island to $3.50 on Maui.

5 Cheapest Places to Live in Hawaii

If you don’t want to give up on your dreams about relocating here but still looking for a budget-friendly destination, you can consider yourself lucky because you came to the right place. We gathered some information that will encourage you to proceed with your relocation. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find some interesting facts about the most affordable cities in Aloha State and more information about housing prices and some upkeep expenses there.

Hilo Has Various Natural Reserves

According to many reviews and carefully analyzed statistics, the cheapest place to live in Hawaii is Hilo. It is located on Big Island, and life expenses here are about 28% lower than the state average. The average home price is $300,000, which is considered more than cheap compared to most of the other parts, where median prices go up to $600,000. Keep in mind that although these prices are significantly lower than the median state costs, they are still 45% higher than national averages.

Other attractive amenities that make this city unique are many shops, restaurants, and numerous beaches. It’s also home to the world’s most active volcanoes and several nature reserves, including Japanese gardens and parks and Liliuokalani Gardens.

Waimea is One of the Most Beautiful Small Towns in the State

Waimea on Kauai is located on the northern shore – between the Waimea Canyon and the beach area. Life expenses in this city are 22% lower than the state average, and it’s perfect for those who like a small and peaceful town atmosphere. Apart from a few local restaurants, just two supermarkets, and private businesses, this city doesn’t have much more to offer. One of the biggest advantages is median real estate prices under $400,000. You’ll also pay less for food and groceries here than in most of the Hawaiian towns. This friendly town has pleasant surroundings and welcoming neighbors.

Waianae Offers Amazing Landscapes and Great Home Prices

If you are moving to Hawaii and want to stay close to Honolulu, Waianae might be an excellent solution for you. The median real estate prices are about $300,000, and the overall cost of living is 11% lower than the state average. Located on the dry and sunbathed side of Oahu, this place offers plenty of beaches and remarkable landscapes. One of the biggest advantages, except for inexpensive housing, are far less crowded beaches than in most other islands.

Kailua on Hawaii Island Has Famous Golf Courses

Located on the HI, Kailua Kona has prices about 11% lower than the average cost of living in Hawaii. Although median housing prices go up to more than $500,000, this is still doable compared to median household incomes of $110,000. If you compare this to the median income of $55,000 in Hilo, you’ll get the idea of this proportion. If you’re into golf as a recreational activity, you’ll be amazed by the famous courses located here. Kona Coffee is one of the local specialties you’re going to enjoy if you’re a coffee lover. One of the major disadvantages is food and utility prices, which are slightly higher than average.

Kaunakakai Is the Best if You Love Living Close to the Beach

If you want to experience the true meaning of the Hawaiian lifestyle, this location might be perfect for you. And the best part is that the overall expenses here are incredibly 37% lower than the national average! The median real estate price is approximately $280,000. This is a historic community located on Molokai, and it’s famous for some of the best beaches in the world. One of the major disadvantages is the lack of business opportunities. Most of the residents work from home, and there aren’t many people that you can interact with in general. If you think that getting lonely won’t be a problem for you and still have in mind how to keep in touch with friends, then this city can be ideal for you.

Cheapest Hawaiian Islands

When you think about this destination, the first thing that comes to your mind is a beautiful island with white sand and crystal clear water. This isn’t far away from the truth – this place offers many picturesque islands, and some of them can be considered cheap if you have an average income. Are you wondering which Hawaiian island has the lowest cost of living? According to reviews, the cheapest island to live on in Hawaii is Big Island. If you find living overseas attractive, keep in mind other cheap islands that include:

  • Molokai,
  • Kauai,
  • Lanai.

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Finding Affordable Housing Can Be Challenging

As in the majority of US cities with a high overall cost of living, the highest part of the expenses goes to housing prices. If you want to buy real estate here, you’ll probably need at least $300,000. This is about $100,000 higher than the national median home price, which can be considered quite reasonable. Keep in mind that, depending on location, you’ll also have additional expenses, especially for transportation and groceries, if you’re situated on an isolated island. Where are the cheapest houses in Hawaii? As mentioned above, Hilo and Kaunakakai have the most affordable real estate prices in this area.

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