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How to Get a Job in a New City When Moving Abroad

Milly Andrews October 3, 2022
Posted October 3, 2022 In How-to, Living Abroad,
Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

Looking for work can be daunting, especially when relocating to a new country. How do you even begin to search for opportunities in a place where you don’t know anyone? Here are some tips on how to get a job in a new city that can help make this process a little bit easier.

How to find a job in a new city abroad? You need to start your search even before the move. It includes exploring the job market, freshening up your CV, networking, and, finally, applying for a job. Note that sometimes you must already be an employee of a foreign company in order to get a visa for your desired destination. That means that you’ll need to secure employment prior to the relocation.

Why Is Getting a Job in a New City Important When Moving Abroad?

The first and most obvious reason you should think about securing employment is to be able to support yourself financially from the start. Financial security is crucial when you plan to move to another country, whether you’re moving abroad alone or with family. However, there are plenty of additional benefits, not financial in nature, you can get from working abroad, such as:

Learning new skills

Working overseas, wherever you go, will surely help add additional skills to your skillset. For example, your problem-solving skill will develop after working in a foreign environment, while collaborating with people from other cultures will enable you to develop your communication abilities further.

Mastering the language

It’s likely that you’ll be relocating to a country whose language you don’t know. Therefore, if you get employed by a foreign company, you’ll need to perfect the language. Consider this an added benefit if you work abroad because it provides you the chance to learn a new language and practice it with locals. Breaking the language barrier will make you more marketable in the future as well as help you fit into your new role better.

Boosting your resume

Experience in working abroad may increase your employability in the future. Your experience working overseas will demonstrate your independence and adaptability and, therefore, make your resume stand out among the competition. Additionally, any new abilities you pick up while traveling, such as language, can help your resume stand out even more.

Personal development

Starting a new career in another nation will take you outside of your comfort zone but also help you grow as a person. There is no doubt you’ll get fresh insights and discover things about yourself you didn’t know before. This fresh viewpoint will aid in both your personal and professional growth.

Keep in mind that some countries require work visas and permits in order for you to work in them. Make sure to learn all about these documents needed to travel abroad by contacting the country’s embassy in the US.

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How to Get a Job in a New City – The First Step Is Deciding Where You’ll Go

Sometimes you just feel like leaving and going somewhere else – but where? To get the answers, start by talking about your interests. Make sure your new place fits your preferable lifestyle and has a climate you like. Additionally, look for places that are generally safe and offer good employment opportunities for expats. Of course, don’t forget to look at the typical industries in potential locations, as well as average wages.

What Are the Best Cities to Settle In?

If you are yet to decide where to live, we’ve got your back. Take a look at some of the best European cities to live and work in for American expats:

  • Braga, Portugal,
  • Brighton, United Kingdom,
  • Hamburg, Germany,
  • Athens, Greece,
  • Brussels, Belgium,
  • Alsace, France,
  • Cork, Ireland,

Finding a Job in a New City Starts With Networking

How to find a job in another city even if you currently don’t live there? You may start networking with individuals in your business, even from a distance, by participating in online groups you’ll choose based on your interest, the field of work, and desired destination. This can help you build valuable connections with people who can offer you useful information about employment opportunities in your future area. They might make recommendations, offer advice on what is the fastest way to get a job in a new city, or even recommend you to their employers if the opportunity presents itself.

Another efficient way of researching an employment market is going through employment searching sites and apps. Remember to check some of the best apps for international jobs, such as CarrerJet, Indeed Worldwide, Expat Network, and so on. Additionally, note that you can get a lot from using social media. They are excellent sources of information for all prospective employees since businesses and employers post job listings and other employment-related information on them.

Freshen up Your Resume

If you want to secure employment abroad, you’re going to need an updated resume. This doesn’t just mean changing your address and contact information. You’ll want to tailor your resume specifically to the types of jobs you’ll be applying for in your future destination. If you’re not sure where to start, there are plenty of online resources and resume writing services that can help you create a resume that will stand out to potential employers.

Note that the resume standards can differ depending on your profession and selected country. That’s precisely why you have to carefully consider what information to put into your CV, as well as its length, and find a way to portray yourself in the best way possible.

Be aware that there may be some variations in the requirements depending on the region as well. Still, the fundamentals always remain the same, so concentrate on the key features of your employment history, but remember to make your CV personalized. If you need more tips on writing an exceptional resume, take a look at the video below:

Explain Your Plans for Moving Abroad in a Cover Letter

You should highlight your impending move in the cover letter and discuss your reasons for being drawn to both the job and the organization. Additionally, you can summarize your credentials and discuss why the position would be a good fit for you.

It’s crucial to mention your relocation plans in your cover letter; this will show the employer that you are committed to making a move, whether you land the position or not. Explain your relocation reasons in a phrase or two, but make sure your letter focuses primarily on your qualifications.

Start Learning a Language Before the Move

Learning a foreign language can be tough, but when you want to live abroad, it’s often essential. It can help you secure employment when, or even before, you start living in another country and make the transition smoother. Here are some relocation hacks to get you  started for learning a new language:

  • Start with the basics – learn common phrases and vocabulary first. This will help you get by in everyday situations.
  • Find a tutor or take a class – a good way to learn a new language is to have someone who is already fluent in it help you.
  • Use resources like books, apps, and websites – there are many great resources out there that can help you learn a new language and even learn about the other culture.
  • Practice, practice, practice – the more you use your new language, the better you’ll become at it.

Brush Up on the Work Ethics of a Country You Are Moving To

If you are relocating across the world for work, it is important to research the work ethics of that country. This will help you to understand the expectations of your new employer better and what is considered acceptable behavior in the workplace. Different countries have different standards when it comes to things like punctuality, dress code, and communication style, so it is important to be prepared before the move.

It can all result in a culture shock. However, by doing your research ahead of time, you can be sure that you are prepared for the work culture in your new country. This will help you to make a good impression on your new employer and start off on the right foot.

Start Applying for a Job Early on in the Relocation Process

There are a number of reasons why it is important to start applying for a job early when moving internationally. First of all, the sooner you start looking, the better your chances of finding a job that meets your needs and expectations.

Additionally, by starting the job search early, you will have more time to research potential employers and positions and network with people in your field. Also, this way, you’ll be able to provide enough time to hear back from employers – some companies can contact you weeks after you’ve submitted the application.

Overall, starting your employment search early is the best way to ensure that you find a good position in your future location. By beginning the process early, you will increase your chances of success, reduce relocation stress, and make the transition to your new life as smooth as possible.

Hire an International Moving Company to Help You With the Move While You Are Job Hunting

As you begin your search for employment abroad, you may be considering hiring an overseas moving company to help you move overseas. Not only will international movers take care of the logistics and all the heavy lifting, but you can also hire them for packing services as well as professional overseas vehicle shipping. With an overseas shipping company, your to-do list will be cut in half, allowing you to move efficiently and focus your attention on other important aspects of the move.

However, you must know how to find reliable movers in order to avoid relocation scams. First, make sure the company is reputable and has a good track record by checking online reviews and asking for recommendations. Next, get quotes from several companies and compare rates, services offered, and insurance coverage in order to find the best deal. Once you find a company that suits you the best, find out if it’s insured and licensed. Additionally, ask about all chargeable fees for their international moving services, so there are no surprises later.

Take Your Time, and You’ll Land the Dream Job

If you plan on living overseas, it is important to be patient when looking for employment abroad – applying to jobs that you are not a perfect fit for can actually do more harm than good. Take your time, and use the resources available to you in order to find the perfect position. Once you do, it’s time to start planning your trip and everything concerning shipping overseas, so get to your future destination hassle-free and discover all the relocation benefits that await.



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