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Benefits of Moving to Countries With Good Healthcare – Top 5 Picks

Madison Rogers May 17, 2022
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Madison Rogers

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The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked an important conversation about public healthcare systems. Many people have become disenchanted by their country’s response to the pandemic and their overall healthcare system. The need for strong and reliable healthcare caused some to examine the benefits of moving internationally in search of better services. In this article, we will help you with a complete overview of the countries with outstanding healthcare.

The United States is often criticized for having the worst healthcare system among the developed countries. In fact, the number one reason Americans file for bankruptcy is due to astronomical medical bills. That has caused citizens to cross the border just to get dental care and other treatments. Some have even made radical decisions to move across the world to countries with a universal medical system. If your main reason to move is a better quality of care, read our article to find out our top picks for the best countries to live in when it comes to medical services.

#1 Benefits of Moving to Spain Include a High-Quality Healthcare System

Since 2016, among the countries with the top-ranking medical system is Spain. The type of system implemented in this country is known as the socialized medicine or better known as the “single-payer” system. That means that the system is financed by taxes, and residents have to pay for social security to have the benefit of getting treated for free. The right to healthcare is guaranteed in Spain’s constitution, so everyone has free access to treatment. Almost 99% of Spaniards rely on public healthcare rather than the private sector.

What is more, the average life expectancy in the country is really high, nearly 84 years. The reputation of Spain’s medical system rests upon highly competent medical staff, modern clinics, and surgeries. Whether you are moving abroad alone and looking for a place to retire or you are relocating with your family, you can freely rely on Spain’s healthcare system in any situation.

Spain Has a Great Healthcare Coverage for Children

If you are relocating to Spain with your kids, you should know that children have excellent healthcare opportunities, too. In fact, prenatal and postnatal care is guaranteed as well as pediatric care for each child until the age of 15. After this, they are eligible for the so-called standard care that they receive from a general practitioner. Also, they will have free immunization opportunities until the age of 14 and access to as many as 23 different specialty practitioners. Children that have mental or physical disabilities can receive prolonged free medical services. Therefore, both children and adults have excellent medical coverage opportunities in Spain, making this country one of the best places to live abroad.

Get Ready for a New and Healthier Lifestyle As Spain Is the Healthiest Country in the World

In case you’ve been only thinking about why relocation is important for your career, take a second and consider all the advantages relocation can have on your well-being. According to the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index, Spain is ranked as the healthiest country out of 150 other nations, just in front of Italy and Iceland. The factors measured in the report are average life expectancy, health risks (such as high blood pressure and obesity,) malnutrition, availability of clean water, and causes of death. Spain scored a grade of 92.75 and ranked first in the study. It’s obvious that the health of the nation rests upon the successful universal healthcare and the active lifestyle of the people.

Spaniards eat a Mediterranean diet which contains legumes and fats as well as vegetables and fruits. They eat more fish than red and processed meat. Also, they tend to walk or use public transportation to go to work; therefore, they avoid driving and a static lifestyle. So, if you want to live abroad in a country that will influence your lifestyle for the better, pick Spain – you won’t regret it.

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#2 In France, You Can Expect an Excellent Healthcare System and Better Treatment Protocols

The World Health Organization ranked the French medical system as the best in the world in 2000. Since then, not a lot has changed. The French system is still one of the most expensive in the world, but reliable and strong healthcare insurance ensures that citizens don’t have to pay substantial amounts of money to get treated. The French healthcare system is similar to the ”single-payer system” since the national medical insurance covers almost all of the patients’ costs. By paying for social security, residents also pay for their mandatory medical insurance. Therefore, each resident has access to treatment, and France’s social security reimburses around 80% of the remaining expenses. The healthcare insurance covers:

  • Inpatient care,
  • Outpatient care,
  • Specialists,
  • Dental care,
  • Diagnostic tests,
  • Prescription drugs,
  • Health-related transportation,
  • Medical devices.

With the quality care that the Frech system provides, it isn’t surprising that the average life expectancy is 82 years. The country makes it available for its citizens to receive preventative treatment, which contributes to its low levels of cardiovascular mortality. Also, better access to primary care keeps the rate of re-hospitalization at just 14%. So, if you are looking to move to another country with a good medical system, France should be among your top picks.

French Government Will Pay For Your Spa Treatments

If you’ve been wondering what are the advantages of moving, we would like to inform you about a special perk of relocating to France. If the treatment of the doctors or nutritionists’ protocols don’t get you immediately back into shape, the French government will send you to the thermal spa for three weeks.

At the thermal spa, you will get a chance to improve treatment results and your overall well-being. The staff at the spa will create a program specifically designed for your requirements based on the doctor’s recommendations. You can enjoy massages, spas, saunas, hammams, and the swimming pool. Most people who come to the thermal spa treat cardiovascular disease, arthritis, rheumatism, and dermatology issues.

#3 Singapore Also Has Universal Medical Care

Relocating to Singapore just might be the step in the right direction since its medical care is one of the most efficient outside of Europe. The system is organized as a mix of private and public systems, meaning the patients can choose to either go to public or private hospitals. Singapore has a different approach to universal care and places great importance on quality and efficiency. The service isn’t completely free since out-of-pocket payments are common, but the expenses are kept low because of government subsidies, so the prices of medication and medical care are affordable to each citizen. All of the costs can be financed through compulsory comprehensive savings, national healthcare insurance, government subsidies, or cost-sharing. This type of universal healthcare is praised for its efficacy, success, and affordability. The effect of this type of system can be seen in the low mortality rate, low infant mortality, and average life expectancy of about 83 years.

If Your Are Moving to Singapore, Get Information on MediSave

Have you been asking yourself – what are the challenges of relocation? The answer to this question might be getting used to new and different medical programs and schemes. But, moving overseas and getting accustomed to living in Singapore doesn’t have to be stressful. Newcomers will have an opportunity to use MediSave, a national medical savings scheme designed to help each individual pay for their future expenses. The amount of money you save on your MediSave Account can be used to pay for long-term care, outpatient care, and inpatient care. You won’t have to worry about any unexpected costs since you can rely on your saving on your MediSave Account to cover your basic healthcare needs.

You can learn more about the medical system of Singapore from the following video.

#4 Hong Kong Just Might Have the Most Efficient Medical Care System

There are many pros and cons of moving to Hong Kong, but their healthcare is definitely an advantage. Just like in Singapore, in the territory of Hong Kong, one can have access to private and public medical care. For those individuals who want to use the public healthcare system, all of the expenses will be covered by the government, or they will be obliged to pay a small fraction of the bill. For those who choose private healthcare, medical insurance will be required since the expenses can get really high.

What is great about the medical system in Hong Kong is the fact that the government has found a way to give everyone access to treatment at low or no cost. Not only do locals have an opportunity to get treated by high-end doctors, but also non-permanent residents. Therefore if you plan on living in Hong Kong, you will be able to get help and use their public healthcare with a valid visa.

The System In Hong Kong Is Well Organized

Doctors from Hong Kong have been contributing to medical advances for a long time since they have been the first to perform liver transplantation. In Hong Kong, you will find 43 public hospitals and 12 private hospitals where you can receive a high level of treatment. The specialists help patients with top-quality service, and they perform a wide range of procedures.

All the doctors, medical staff, hospitals, and clinics are organized into small regional clusters so that in every part of Hong Kong, residents can receive expert care from their specialists. The system also boasts a high level of medical standards and modern equipment. There are numerous maternal healthcare centers scattered throughout the territory that provide services to women, toddlers, and infants. Almost all the hospitals are on call and available 24/7 in case of emergencies or accidents.

#5 Learn About the Top-Notch Medical Care in Switzerland

Everyone apart from diplomats and international students is obliged to pay for mandatory universal coverage within three months of arriving in Switzerland. There are three types of insurance one can get in Switzerland – basic insurance, mandatory accident insurance, and optional complimentary insurance. The residents don’t have a state-run service, but the insurance they purchase covers the costs of treatments, medication, and procedures. For instance, the basic insurance that almost everyone pays for covers preventative treatments and check-ups, out-patient care, prescribed medication, ER visits, and pregnancy and childbirth care.

If you are relocating to Switzerland, you should be informed about the top-rated medical system in the country. First and foremost, the country’s system is praised for its quality and a high degree of patient-centered care. Even though it’s not based on public funding, Switzerland offers freedom of choice to patients and healthcare suppliers, which seems to be extremely successful.

Learn About Different Medical Insurance Companies in Switzerland Before Relocation

In case you’ve been thinking about the right way to balance your finances in Switzerland, you should first learn all about medical insurance companies and what you will have to pay to have access to excellent care. The first key information is that different medical insurance companies offer different prices for their insurance. However, by law, all companies have to accept anyone who wishes to pay for insurance.

Each insurance policy consists of a deductible which ranges from 350 to a maximum of 2,500 Swiss francs; also, the patients have to pay 10 percent of the service, and for each day spent in a hospital, the patient pays 15 francs.

Here we have a good relocation tip for you – if you are not sure whether you fully understand how to properly pay for treatment in Switzerland, find expat communities or foreigners who might be able to share experience and useful information on the Swiss medical system with you.

After Picking Your New Destination, Don’t Forget to Hire a Reputable International Moving Company

When investing in international moving services, it’s important to hire the most trustworthy overseas moving company. On your relocation to-do list, have a section devoted to researching all about different reputable companies and their relocation services as well as their overseas vehicle shipping services. Make sure to start by reading as many online comments, testimonials, and reviews on the company’s websites as needed to select the one that meets all of your needs. Contact at least three different companies and get their free quotes. If you are still doubting your decision, you can always ask your family or friends for their recommendations. It would be a real bummer if the international movers add to your stress levels and thus negatively affect your health.

Start Packing Before Movers Arrive At Your Home

After realizing why is it good to move to a new place, it would be wise to prepare your home for the relocation in advance. You don’t want to face any relocation mistakes, so make sure to sort out your belongings and start packing at least two months before the move. You should decide what you want to keep, what will be packed and shipped overseas, and what you want to move from your home to a storage unit. First, pack things you will not be using in the coming weeks before the move, such as winter clothes or summer clothes, certain pots and dishes or books and valuables. In order to move efficiently, get the right supplies such as cardboard boxes, packing tape, and duct tape. When you place your items in a box, don’t forget to label them, so you know where you want to put them.

Are You Prepared to Take Your Pick?

If you’ve been for a long time thinking about what are the advantages and disadvantages of relocation, you should consider the benefits of moving out and settling down in a country with universal and reliable healthcare. Our top picks are Spain, Switzerland, France, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Even though these places have an efficient system, the people who live there also lead a healthy lifestyle. You should pick the country that will meet all your standards in the best possible way. When you make a final decision, don’t forget to contact the right overseas shipping company and get additional information. For now, we wish you luck with your move. And the final tip: staying in touch with friends can also be beneficial to you – use it to your advantage.



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