Moving Tips

Some Homework

Planning an international move can be overwhelming, but if you do your homework and you have access to the right tools, it can be super simple!

Each country is different and will each have separate specific shipping requirements. It is best to reach out with a local consulate to give you more specific information on the region you’re moving to.

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Customs Requirements

Feel free to contact My International Moving to get started on the required paperwork you’ll need to receive clearance from customs.  In most cases, you will need either a visa or a passport, birth certificate, a certificate of immigration and a notice regarding any delivery on your belongings including furniture.

You will also need papers that list your shipping contents as well as their value, a contract of tenancy, a title to any new home, proof of exemptions for tax purposes and receipts covering any new appliance and/or furniture purchases.

You will need to notify customs if you plan on bringing any of these items:

  • Alcohol
  • Firearm
  • Plants
  • Seeds

It’s a good idea to check with customs before you attempt to bring questionable items or pets.  Be sure to research the country’s customs, protocol, and regulations.  Also, ask if any items not listed are prohibited before you start packing everything away.  This will make travelling smooth and easy.

Visas & Passports

  • There are passports available for both adults and minors. Please remember to allow 6-10 weeks for the passport to be mailed to you. There may be times when the waiting period is even longer. Expedited passports can often be arranged.
  • Government workers, contractors and translators can apply for specific visas.
  • Visas are available for individuals who are being sponsored by a group, relatives or family.
  • Spouses who are married to citizens of other countries can also apply for a visa.
  • Children being adopted by foreign born parents will need to have an approved visa.
  • Employment and Investor visas may be required on behalf of some individuals.

Personal Documentation

In addition to any visas and/ or passports you should also provide another form of ID when you are traveling abroad.  You may also need to present your vaccination record and letters pertaining to employer/ employment availability.  In almost all cases, these documents will be checked before clearing the customs counter.

Keep your birth certificate, health insurance information and marriage certificate on hand always. You will also need to take your current driver’s license with you.

Packing Tips

  • It is best to keep small valuables, money, jewelry and personal documents with you as you make an international move. Do not pack these items in boxes that you are planning to have shipped to a new address.
  • Pack fragile items in bubble wrap or find other material that will serve as cushions.
  • Do not fill the boxes to the top as this could result in the box splitting or tearing.
  • Begin packing several weeks prior to the moving date.
  • Heavy items should be placed in smaller, sturdier boxes.
  • Very large items or unnecessary items can be placed in long-term storage facilities.
  • Any box that is too heavy for you to lift may be too heavy to ship safely.


It is important to research or inquire about entry requirements pertaining to pets and animals. Some countries prohibit certain animals, so it’s better to be safe than unpleasantly surprised at customs. Other countries may make your pet undergo an extensive quarantine period. You must have a licensed vet give you paperwork that proves your pet has all its vaccinations and they are all up to date.

Storage Facility

If your move is temporary and/ or short term, it may be a good idea to look into storage options to hold onto any future, appliances, or other goods while you are away. There are facilities with climate-control settings that you can use to store special furnishings, artwork, or other valuable and fragile items. Having your items in storage will keep them safe and secure until you return.