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The Ultimate Guide to Moving Essentials

Kate Holland January 12, 2022
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Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

We know just how stressed out you may feel before the move. It’s both exciting and a bit scary when you uproot your whole life and take off in an unknown direction. But what if we tell you that preparing some moving essentials can help you keep it together?

You know that Thomas A. Edison once said – “The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are: Hard work, Stick-to-itiveness, and Common sense.” These are probably the drives behind your decision to leave everything and move to another country. Making that kind of a choice is a groundbreaking life change, and soon enough, you’re bound to experience culture shock. But when talking about items that are essentially important to your move, we often forget that minding the basics will help us overcome these changes with more ease. So, let’s talk about those moving-out essentials.

Play Smart and Create a Checklist of Moving Essentials

No relocation can be considered simple and easy, while moving overseas undoubtedly requires the most attention. There’s a lot of ground to cover, from preparing the documents needed to travel abroad to finding some good tips for learning a new language. Also, you are required to find suitable accommodation until you resolve housing issues, and, additionally, even look for a job if you are not already relocating across the world because of a career opportunity.

But, when it comes to preparations themselves, there are several steps to take before you can begin the final phase of your relocation. We advise you to begin on time and create a moving essentials checklist, where you’ll keep each step in check. It will help you fight off any relocation stress you may be under because a moving abroad checklist will help you not forget anything vital. There’s also a certain timeline you will be required to follow, and you can start by picking the overseas moving company first.

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Contact a Perfect Overseas Shipping Company for a Smooth Relocation

You may believe that picking the right company for shipping overseas isn’t that hard, but avoiding scammers that pop up online is tricky. Here’s what you should pay attention to once you narrow the choices and before you contact them:

  • Browse through their reviews and check the customer satisfaction,
  • Run at least a basic investigation into their background and notice if there were any name changes (it could be a sign of a fraudulent past),
  • Look for their USDOT number on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the estimate any international moving company provides you with and stay away from unbelievably affordable international moving services. Keep in mind that overseas shipping is costly, so a quote significantly lower than others probably means you’re in for a nasty surprise down the road. Scammers might add some unexpected fees or even hold your belongings hostage.

However, a reliable company will give you a guaranteed estimate and also be a perfect partner during your transition, providing you with overseas vehicle shipping and other conveniences. The quote they present you with is a general one, but it will help you outline your relocation budget.

What Should You Not Bring When Moving? The 101 of Decluttering

Before you can begin even thinking about packing up essentials for moving out, you should make some space in your inventory. Since relocation companies calculate the price on the number of items they will have to transport, bringing less stuff will cut the costs significantly. It’s where the saying “Less is more” is also applicable. You should discard each and every item you won’t need when you move overseas and divide them into three categories.

Categorizing the Excess Stuff

The Garbage Category

There’s no beating around the bush here – relocation to another country is one hell of a process. And you certainly need a clean start, which can be applied to your belongings, too. So how to set aside the stuff that goes into the trash can? There’s only one recipe – be harsh, be determined, and be quick. Whatever’s broken, damaged, or too worn out should find its way to the garbage bin.

The Giveaway Category

Decluttering before you move abroad doesn’t necessarily mean you only have to throw away broken and unwanted items. It’s the perfect opportunity to make someone happy by donating. Charities accept all sorts of things like clothing, linen, furnishings, and non-perishable foods. You can also set aside some possessions you would like to give away to your closest friends – it’s a great way to say goodbye.

The Garage Sale Category

The final category should consist of the items that are not eligible for donating and still are in excellent condition, but you still don’t want to take them with you. It may be designer bags or shoes or some antique pieces of furniture. You can either organize a garage sale or sell it online and add some money to the budget.

You Could Leave Some Stuff in Storage

After you’re done with decluttering, you should consider leaving some items behind. A great solution would be to pay for storage service and leave the excess belongings for safekeeping. Just ensure you clean, dry, and protect each item adequately, to prevent things from breaking or receiving damage in any other way while in storage.

You Can’t Move On Any Further Without Some Shopping for Packing Supplies

The next stage of preparations should be the beginning of boxing up around your household. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to do it without the right materials and supplies. And since you are about to move to one of the friendliest countries in the world, your belongings should be protected in high-quality materials to endure the trip. That means avoiding getting second-hand boxes.

Head off to the store to buy enough high-quality cardboard boxes, a few rolls of sturdy tape, a tape dispenser, and plenty of cushioning materials. But if you don’t want to bother with this task (as you probably have a lot to deal with already,) you can always invest in packing services and let the professionals do their magic.

Or, if you’re too lazy for any of these steps and you want some hacks, follow the Lazy Girl’s guide and pack accordingly.

This Is Where You Start Preparing the Moving Necessities

If you’ve thought that the packing part is pretty straightforward, you are probably in the wrong. It’s because you shouldn’t let packers pack up every single thing for shipping overseas and leave you without the basic necessities. So before they enter your home and pack away, you should set those life-saving basics aside and keep them in a box that will travel with you. So, what do people need when they are moving, and what should you pack when relocating abroad?

You Can Move Without Toiletries, but It Would Be a Nasty Start in Your New Home

First and foremost, you will need at least a few rolls of toilet paper as soon as you enter the new place, and it is highly unlikely that the previous tenants have left any. Or that it’s sanitary if there are any rolls left, anyway. But besides toilet paper, there are a few other toiletries that will make the first couple of days of living abroad much more enjoyable. These include towels, shampoo and soap, toothpaste and brushes for each family member, a blowdryer, and anything else you might require before you figure out where the stores are. Although, if you forget that toilet paper, you’ll be breaking the language barrier in a nearby store ASAP.

You Need Sustenance, so You Better Grab Some Kitchen Basics

Perhaps you won’t cook the exact moment you enter the door to your new home in one of the best places to live abroad with family. But you will require some things to get you started, like plates and bowls, utensils, cups, and glasses. And a coffee maker, of course. It’s that one thing that gives us the much-needed energy rush in the morning.

Pack Some Clothes and Linen for a Comfortable Beginning

Spare clothes may be something that slips your mind entirely, amidst all the other tasks you should concentrate on. But your box of necessities should contain at least one change of clothes per member of your family. And even if you’re moving abroad alone, you can’t go running around more than a day in the same pair of pants and underwear. We mean, you could, but it’s not going to help you make friends abroad.

What Goes in an Essentials Box When Moving Besides the Basics?

Besides the apparent move-in essentials, there are a couple of other things that could make the first day after the move much less miserable. Pack the chargers for all the gadgets, and if you’re relocating with dogs or other furry companions, bring their food and toys. Also, your kids will be much more content if you add some board games and other entertainment into the box.

As the Prepping Is Near the End, Grab the Essential Supplies You’ll Need in the New Apartment

As the preparations are nearing the end, you should think about the basics for your new place. Since you have already packed boxes of necessities for yourself and members of your family, think about what your home needs. Basically, it comes down to a tool kit that will ease up the initial days of settling and living overseas. It will come in handy for reassembling furniture or some minor repairs.

Cleaning Supplies You’ll Need in the New Home

You probably know very well that the previous home should be left in an almost mint condition, so you’ll have to rub, scrub and wash the hell out of it. You might even refresh the paint and do some similar remodeling so the next tenants will walk into a perfect home. But what you’ll also need to do is prepare a box of cleaning supplies for the residence you’ve picked in one of the best places to live abroad. You probably won’t have to scrub as much, but at least some form of cleaning is needed on your first day.

Close the Lids of the Last Few Boxes, and End This Chapter of Your Life

If you’ve gone through each of these essential steps successfully, you can freely say that you have figured out how moving internationally can run smoothly and in the best possible way. Your relocation day preparation is near, so prepare some snacks and refreshments, and stay out of the way while the professionals take care of everything. After all, you’ve done everything that’s in your power to secure a fresh start in another country, and you have a box of necessities with you to prove you’ve thought each step through perfectly.



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