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8 Most Common Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Madison Rogers February 9, 2022
Posted February 9, 2022 In Moving Tips&Tricks,
Madison Rogers

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Are you afraid that you might face difficulties during your move and not be able to solve them? Moving mistakes can overcomplicate this already stressful situation. Learning how to avoid problems ahead of time can help you make this process less grueling and tiring! Our list of the most common difficulties during a move will make you less confused and anxious about your relocation. You might even be able to add our tips to your checklist.

Are you asking yourself – what should you not do when moving? You have a world of challenges to deal with when relocating. From experiencing culture shock to figuring out how to conquer relocation stress and managing finances overseas, you will most definitely find yourself struggling in this situation. The advice we can provide you with may do you a world of good and show you how to overcome possible nightmare scenarios. Let’s get started.

#1 Not Hiring a Reliable Relocation Company is on the Top of the Moving Mistakes List

There is nothing worse than dealing with inexperienced and careless relocation companies. If you want to evade rogue movers who might take advantage of your time and your money, be sure to research everything about them. You can start by reading reviews and comments about the international moving company you want to hire. A wise thing to do would be to check the mover’s history and licensing credentials.

If you don’t know who to hire, you can always search for recommendations for relocation companies and start your search from there. Get information on storage services and what you need to be aware of if you decide on international moving by sea. Don’t settle for a firm that shows up among the first on your search engine before having them checked thoroughly.

Forgetting to Get Relocation Estimates

During your search for the right overseas moving company, it might be wise to ask about the cost of the move immediately. You can request relocation estimates from all of the movers you contact. If you get your information in advance, you can budget accordingly, especially if you are moving across the world. After receiving the estimates, don’t forget to evaluate them and pick the best services for the best price.

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Not Securing a Good Relocation Insurance

You don’t know where your belongings will end up, nor do you know how safe their travel to the destination will be. If you want to ensure you end up with all of your items intact, don’t underestimate the power of insurance. Good moving insurance covers damage to electrical components, valuable items, and damage from mold and mildew. Don’t forget to emphasize that you are relocating internationally so the firm can give you a detailed contract.

#2 Not Having a Smart Packing Strategy

Packing day can become a nightmare if you don’t organize yourself correctly. You might wonder – is there a checklist for moving? Yes, there can be if you start your relocation day preparation by creating a list of your items. Trying to move heavy boxes and bags with your most valuable possessions will pose a problem for your health and even for the mover. If the relocation company informs you that they don’t transport and store some of the things you have boxed up, you might lose your temper.

That is why you need a list with all the items the company won’t move. You want to prepare your belongings in labeled medium-sized boxes which won’t take a toll on your back. Use stretch wrap and blankets to protect your bulky belongings from any possible damage.

Packing in a Short Period of Time

You are moving abroad, and you didn’t leave enough time to plan, organize and do the placking yourself. When boxing up your belongings, creating a sloppy mess will definitely damage your items. You will lose or, even worse, break the furniture you want in your new home. Your fragile items require extra care, so be sure to inform yourself how to pack fragile things. You should always start packing early, which means weeks in advance. Start by categorizing your belongings into stuff you will be shipping overseas, leaving behind, or taking with you. If you start early, you can buy enough supplies and decide what to pack for your relocation abroad.

Here you can watch a video that features all the useful packing hacks and tricks.

Not Recognizing the Potential of Professional Packers

You might think that trained packers are too expensive since you are already spending so much on the move itself. Don’t be mistaken. If you wish to evade the ordeal of boxing up your home for a whole month, you might be able to get trained professionals who can do it in less than 24 hours.

You won’t need to think about if you have chosen the wrong boxes of bags or if you have taken the correct measurements of your furniture. They know how to pack up, load, and prevent your things from breaking. In this way, you can make your move more efficient. If your budget allows you, definitely consider paying for packing services.

#3 Leaving Without Paying for Your Utilities

You have to pay your bills on time even though you are moving internationally. It might cause you serious problems if you don’t contact your gas, electricity, and water suppliers to inform them you plan to move out and live overseas.

They will make sure you get sent a final bill for all of your utilities such as the sewer system, the Internet, heating, and electricity. In this way, you won’t have to worry about unpaid bills which can only create more problems.

#4 Not Organizing Your Documents

One of the potential relocation mistakes can be forgetting to organize your documents for the move. You are moving overseas, and you don’t want your documents going missing. This can be easily avoided. First, create a list of all the documents you need for traveling abroad. You can create a checklist for all the documents to save valuable time when you know where everything is. On the list, you want to have your passport, driving license, birth certificate, social security card, financial record, and other travel documents.

Forgetting to Check Documents for your Pet

Will you be taking your pet with you? It can be an honest mistake if you forget the documentation for your pet. We are here to remind you that relocating with dogs or cats requires strategic planning too. You will require a pet passport. You cannot enter any country if you don’t provide microchip certificates, import permits, and health certificates. If you want to fly your pet internationally don’t forget to contact the airline and check if you have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection or an acclimation certificate.

#5 Not Considering Taxes

Don’t forget that there are specific instructions for relocation expenses that you can deduct, but that is not the case for some of the expenses covered by government reimbursements. You will have to report some fees you have incurred and, along with that, fill out forms that specify your move. You can freely access the IRS website, where you can get more information on taxes and expenses you can deduct. Keep all of the forms and receipts you get because you don’t know when you will have to show them for a tax deduction.

#6 You Didn’t Arrange for Your Vehicle to Be Shipped

You’ve been driving from one place to another, trying to prepare everything for the relocation. Maybe you’re traveling abroad alone, and you just forgot that you also have a car that needs to be transported. Or you simply think that overseas vehicle shipping is too expensive.

You’ll be surprised to find out that an overseas shipping company can safely transport your car anywhere in the world. You won’t be taking any risks while attempting to drive long-distance yourself. The cost of this service can also be calculated and determined in advance, but it will definitely be tailored to your personal budget.

#7 You Don’t Know Your Budget

You want to have your vehicle shipped, but you’ve been too busy researching the best countries to live in, and you forgot to plan your budget. Of course, you cannot plan your costs to a tee, but if you want to get trained packers’ help, your car shipped, and your valuables stored safely, you want to know how much money you can spend.  It is wise to get an overall idea of what your finances will look like after the move so you can quickly bounce back. Perfect planning and organization don’t exist. After the move, you will definitely find yourself scratching your head and calculating again because you’ll overlook some hidden costs. But it is better to be fully prepared for what you can afford and what you cannot.

#8 Not Connecting With New People

Finding yourself in a new environment is not easy. It will be much harder for you to get accustomed to your new surroundings if you keep to yourself and avoid meeting new people. Your relocation will be less stressful if you try to connect with neighbors or coworkers.

If you want to stay on the safe side in a completely different country, don’t hesitate to find expat communities. People from your own country can give you tips and tricks on how to get accustomed to the country. You can also share your experience with your friends at home via social media. In this way, you will feel less alone, and you can also figure out how to keep in touch with your old friends.

You Are Afraid to Conquer the Language Barrier

Your moving problems will only grow more prominent if you refuse to speak in a foreign language. Forget about your insecurities and try to break the language barrier. You can start by downloading language learning apps or finding tutors to help you learn the language faster. Don’t shy away from using the language with the natives. You need all of the practice you can get. What is more, you can also try and learn the language abroad by finding foreign language schools that specialize in teaching foreigners.

Prepare Yourself for the Mistakes but Don’t Dwell on Them

Some of the common complications listed above can definitely happen, but that doesn’t mean your relocation will be ruined. Always try to assess the situation and fix it before losing your temper. Your international movers can always provide you with the best information and advice you can find. Don’t hesitate to call them in an emergency. Plan ahead of the move so you can be prepared for any obstacles you might face. You will definitely have a perfect relocation process if you learn from this list. Good luck!



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