Moving to Germany? Have these tips in mind!

Germany is a country full of interesting events, traditions and habits. If you are moving to Germany and want to learn some cool facts about that amazing country, make sure to read this all the way through! From food to music and means of transport, this article will provide you with just enough information to get familiar with your future country of living before you actually move there.

Sprechen Sie Deutch?

If not, you should probably learn how to. Learning German will definitely make everything easier for you and living there would actually be fun. In every city you can find schools than have German classes, you can also go to meet-ups with people in your situation and learn and practice your language together. Besides, how easy can it be to learn a language that has the word “bite” used for everything. Picking up crucial words to know is not that hard. Some people in the larger cities can use English with you but that’s not always going to be the case.

Do you like cycling?

Cycling is a good exercise, but that’s not all. In Germany, most cities are built with cycle lanes, so it is a good idea to travel by bike in your everyday moving, as it is good for your body. By cycling you also get to know the city better, and you get to enjoy the fine landscape. Plus there’s the fact that you get to know the streets and where it is closest to get your goods. Another good thing about Germany is that used bikes are easy to find, and the prices are reasonable. In some cities you can get public bikes and they come pretty cheap as well for a small price per year and they burn up all the sausages and alcohol pretty quickly!

Always have some cash in your wallet


A lot of the places in Germany do not accept cards below the amount of 5 to 10 euros, sometimes not at all, whether it is debit card or a credit card, it doesn’t even matter if it is German or not. Therefore do not assume anything, and always have at least some cash in your wallet in case they do not accept cards in a restaurant or a shop. If you do need a place that accepts them, grocery stores are a safe bet, since they are one of the rare places where you can pay with your card for any amount.

Berlin Calling- Techno scene

In case you did not know, Germany has an amazing techno scene that it is famous for. A lot of the people go to Berlin annually (some even monthly), to experience their nightlife and visit some of the clubs like the famous Berghain. In fact, many people have described entering Berghain as a religious experience. But apart from that, every club that you go to will probably have some form of electronic music (even the smaller clubs do at least once a week, and that is understandable, because some of the world’s greatest musicians, DJs and producers come from Germany.

Sausage and beer is not all they can offer


No matter how much you enjoy your “bier” and “wurst” during your first couple of days, with time your body will start asking for something else. Do not worry, in Germany you can find restaurants with diverse cuisine, there are even international supermarkets, so you can easily find your favorite food from back home. Besides the rage for burgers, vegetarian and vegan food is also very popular. So there are a lot more options than you think, your options are not as limited as you might have expected.

Go green!


Recycling is all the rage in Germany, and one should always appreciate that! Trash is always organized and separated there and you can clearly see a sense of order. There are separate bins for glass, organic waste, paper and electronics. Also, when you bring back the deposit bottles to a grocery store, you will get your change back (8 to 15 cents). Some people even leave the bottles on the streets for the poor and homeless to collect and get the money.

A true stereotype!


Did you hear a stereotype about Germans and their attitude to nudity? Well, it’s true! Germans do not have a problem with nudity; you can see a lot of nude people walking down crowded beaches. But do not judge them in advance, that can actually be quite liberating.


But no matter what you think, Germany will always keep surprising you and that is one of the great things of this country, great things you will come to enjoy. Just do not forget to cycle, recycle and always carry cash!