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What to Expect When International Moving to Beijing

Beijing is the capital of China and is one of the largest cities in the world. Beijing is the country’s political, cultural, and higher education center.  The founding of the city dates back three thousand years and is the last of the four great ancient capitals of China.  Its airport, the Beijing Capital International Airport, is the second busiest in the world.  Among the modern skyscrapers, Beijing is most known for its gardens, temples, tombs, and walled palaces.

Beijing is located on the northern tip of the North China Plain. Along the northern part of the Beijing Municipality runs the world renowned Great Wall of China.  Beijing experiences a humid continental climate, noted by hot, humid summers and mostly cold, windy, and dry winters.

Beijing’s economy is highly impressive; it was the first post-industrial city in China and is a magnet for many fortune 500 companies.  In the last decade Beijing’s population has increased a whopping 45%. The majority of the residents are Han Chinese with ethnic minorities Manchu, Hu, and Mongol.  In recent years there has been in influx of Koreans and other internationals.  The language most commonly spoken is the Beijing dialect of Mandarin Chinese, though English is widely used, especially in business.

The historical heart of Beijing can be found in the Forbidden City, which is a giant compound that once housed the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties of ancient China.  Now it is a palace museum that honors the Chinese and its history.  Spread around the city, you can find over a hundred museums, including the National Museum of China, the National Art Museum, and the Capital Museum.  Beijing has a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Temple of Heaven which is made up of three buildings and a large square where community prayers for good harvest would take place.

With a stunning mix of old and new, Beijing has something to offer everyone.  Be sure and contact My International Movers for all your international moving to Beijing needs and make sure all your belongings arrive on time and in the exact condition you shipped them in!

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