Top 5 Cities to Move to If You Love Fashion

Fashion industry is one of the most developed industries in the world. Style is said to be the global language and an expression of the inner self. Many people avoid fashion because they are scared to express the real them. Style is an expression of uniqueness. For people living in the big cities, expressing their style has never been a problem. However, living in a smaller town or city, might be suffocating for some people, especially the ones with the more bizarre and avant-garde taste. This has made moving for fashion more frequent nowadays. Loving fashion and being interested in does not mean that you want to work in the fashion industry. Moving to another city or country can simply mean that you fit better somewhere else. If you are one of those people who never felt like belonging in a small town where people don’t understand your expression of yourself through style or you just want to pursue a career in fashion, this list is made for you. My International Movers have made a list of cities which are perfect place to live for someone who would go through international moving for fashion.

1: New York

The Big City is the perfect place to be moving to for someone who loves fashion. If you would be moving for fashion, New York is the right place to consider relocation to. It is not by accident that New York fashion week is one of the most popular annual events in the world. Many trends, subcultures and aesthetics have been born in the Big Apple. Many names and brands were invented there and more streetwear labels have been created there than anywhere in the world. The City offers many opportunities career-wise when it comes to fashion, but also if you are tired of people staring at you because of your attire, this could be your home.

2: Paris

Relocation to Paris could be another great opportunity for you. Paris is the city with centuries of high fashion legacy. Most of the biggest names in fashion industry (like: Dior, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, etc.)  have been made precisely in Paris. Many young people are moving for fashion there purely for this very reason. As New York is big on street fashion, Paris is the number one seat of the high couture. If you are someone who loves elegance, giant hats, long silk gloves and small bags, Paris is the perfect city for you to be moving.

3: Tokyo

Is moving for fashion the only reason you would be thinking about international relocation? Japan is one of those places where everything is accepted fashion-wise. Japan’s unique culture combined with style has given birth to a very unusual hybrids in fashion. This is what makes Tokyo one of the bizarre and astonishing cities in the world. Tokyo’s uniqueness has made a small fashion ecosystem within the city itself. That is why you will see some styles you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world. Everything that is perhaps ‘’not acceptable’’ anywhere else, it is acceptable in Tokyo. So if you have a freakish taste that not everyone is able to understand quite well, Tokyo is the place to be moving to.

4: London

Would you consider moving to London? Although it can’t be said for every town and city in the United Kingdom, London is the fashion capital of the UK. Even though, London still hasn’t reached the level of New York and Paris, it still has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to men’s fashion. If you want to pursue a career in fashion, international relocation to London is perfect way for someone who wants to make a name of himself, especially if you are moving for fashion.

5: Los Angeles

Los Angeles has been previously been the land of distressed denim, flipflops and graphic t-shirts. But lately fashion has slowly been finding its way to the West Coast. Hollywood is not the only place where fashion style is expressed, but many brands and designers have set their eyes on the City of Angels. Although, LA can’t be considered as a place of couture on the level of Paris and New York, fashion industry is slowly developing there. Whatever the case is, LA is definitelly the place you won’t be looked at for your strange style.

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