Your Guide to the Best Places to Live in Connecticut

If you plan on moving internationally to the US, we have a place you’ll simply love. Consider moving to the Constitution State, a place that can offer prestigious education, rich history, great job opportunities, stunning coastline, and much more. Follow our list of the best places to live in Connecticut and decide to settle in one of the most charming states in America.

Is Connecticut a Good State to Live In?

Since you’re thinking about moving to Connecticut, you’ll be happy to hear that this is a picturesque and beautiful state. What is Connecticut known for? Apart from offering breathtaking nature no matter the season, the quality of life is pretty high. CT has the highest income per capita and the median income per household in the US. The crime rates are the lowest in the country.

That is why you’ll find a significant number of places that can be dubbed as the best cities to live in Connecticut. Thus, if you wondered what is the best area to live in Connecticut, know that there are plenty. We know that moving overseas has become a bit challenging during these coronavirus times. Still, with a reputable international moving company, you’ll have stress-free and successful relocation to one of the best places to live abroad.

What Is the Safest Place to Live in Connecticut: Greenwich, Madison, and Ridgefield

Since you’re moving across the world, and you’re about to start living in Connecticut, you surely want to find a safe area to settle. As mentioned above, CT is among the safest states in the US. The second safest, according to SafeWise. Compared to the nation’s violent crime rate of 2.7, Connecticut’s is 2.1, which is much lower. The property crime is also below the national average of 22.0 and stands at 16.8. And the good news is that both rates actually decreased since the beginning of 2020. Take a look at our list of the safest cities in CT.

Greenwich Is One of the Best Places to Live in Connecticut

According to AreaVibes, crime rates in Greenwich are 75% below the national average. The violent crimes are 98% lower than the national average, while the chances of becoming a victim of property crimes are 1 in 160. Greenwich is also among the most expensive areas in CT, but in terms of safety, your money is very well worth it. If you’re thinking about settling here and buying a property, know that the median price for a house is around $1,320,300, while renting a one-bedroom apartment in the center will cost you $2,300. Since Greenwich is an NYC suburb, many of its residents actually work there and have a pretty nice income. Their average salary per year is approximately $130,000. It’s easy to afford $2,300 rent every month when earning such a buck.

Consider Moving to Madison if You Have Children

Madison had no reported crimes in 2019. Not one! On the other hand, the property rate is among the highest in CT, but still much lower than the national average. According to AreaVibes‘s overall rate, Madison is safer than 89% of US cities. That’s what makes it one of the safest and best cities to live in Connecticut. According to BestPlaces, the cost of living index is 133, which is a bit higher than the national average but still more affordable than our previous entry. For instance, the median home price is around $400,400. Madison Public School district is rated high, putting this city among the best places to live abroad with family. There are also plenty of parks and playgrounds for your little ones. For example, Hammonasset Park is the locals’ favorite. If you’re moving with dogs, know that there are some off-leash areas to walk with your animal friend.

Countryside Environment in Ridgefield

Located in Fairfield County and very close to the NYC borders, Ridgefield is one of the safest communities in CT. Violent crimes are non-existent, while the property rate is among the lowest. Anyone who wants to settle in more suburban or rural areas should consider this charming town. If you’re going to purchase a property here, you’ll find many beautiful homes with vast yards and large gardens. The average salary per year is around $140,900, which is pretty high. Apart from the hefty income and safety, this town offers first-class public schools, clean streets, and many community events and festivals.

What Is the Cheapest City to Live in Connecticut?

CT is one of the smallest states in the US and the most expensive and wealthiest. Real estate prices tend to be pretty costly and higher than the national average. However, you don’t have to worry about the cost of living in Connecticut, because there are some cheaper towns and cities. We have enlisted some of the most affordable areas you can choose to call your home.

Connecticut’s Lovely and Affordable Town Torrington

Torrington is a small town with a population of 36,000 residents. It’s located in Litchfield County and can offer the most affordable real estate in CT. The median property value is around $146,400, which is almost $60,000 lower than the national average. The average monthly rent is about $900. This is around $500 cheaper than the national average. Wondering what to do in Connecticut‘s Torrington? Besides being affordable, Torrington can offer plenty of amazing things to its residents. The downtown area is booming with theaters, art galleries, and museums. As soon as you settle, make sure to visit Warner Theater, Hotchkiss-Fyler House Museum, and KidsPlay Museum if you’re moving with your little ones. If you decide to settle in Torrington, know that there’s a lot of dining, shopping, and recreational options as well.

Just a Half Hour’s Drive From New Haven Is the Beautiful Town Naugatuck

The second place on our list of the most affordable and best cities to live in Connecticut belongs to Naugatuck. The median property price here is around $171,000, while the median rent per month is about $950. Apart from being pretty affordable, Naugatuck is known for its low crime rates and low poverty levels. If you’re moving to another country for love, you’ll find plenty of romantic spots here. You can choose to have a fantastic time with your partner in restaurants, such as Hunan Wok, Tomo 68, and 66 Church. Naugatuck is also just two hours’ drive from NYC, an hour from Hartford, and a half an hour from New Haven and its coastal amenities.

Families and Retirees Will Enjoy Living in Bristol

The overall cost of living, including housing, healthcare, goods, and services, is lower here than in CT as a whole, according to BestPlaces. The median property value is around $196,800, while the average rent is $890. Since this is an affordable and peaceful community, it has become popular among families and retirees. When you settle, you’ll see that there are many great shops, restaurants, and cafes within walking distance. Bristol is also pretty close to larger cities like New Haven and Hartford.

Living Comfortably in Meriden

Located between Waterbury and Middletown, Meriden can offer high living quality and affordability. Home to around 60,000 residents, this town can offer cheap housing with a median value of approximately $165,900. This is 35% lower than Connecticut’s average. If you’re looking for median rent, know that you’ll be paying around $960 per month. You should also know that the crime rates are slightly higher in this town, but the area is still pretty safe when compared with national average rates. Meriden has also ranked well for its job opportunities and diversity. Additionally, everything you’ll need, from public transportation to restaurants and libraries, you’ll find within the town’s borders. Nature lovers will love Hubbard Park and the view from its Castle Craig.

What Are the Best Cities in Connecticut for Young Professionals?

Are you a single young professional looking to start living overseas, meet someone special, put down roots, and climb the corporate ladder? Be sure to follow our list of the best cities in Connecticut for young professionals and singles.

Connecticut’s Most Expensive City: Stamford

The third biggest city in CT, Stamford is excellent for young professionals. It’s home to a large number of companies and is the biggest financial district in the NY metropolitan area (apart from NYC itself). Thus, there’s a stable economic base. If your international moving is related to your job, be sure to prepare a list of relocation questions to ask the employer. If not, you’ll have no problem finding one here. Stamford also has some of the highest income rates in CT at $77,221 per year. All that being said, the poverty and unemployment rate are the lowest. Yet, this leads to the fact that Stamford is among Connecticut’s priciest cities. According to BestPlaces, the cost of living index is 118, which is higher than the national average of 100. The median property value is around $291,000, while rent for a one-bedroom apartment per month is about $2,100.

Beach Lovers Should Consider Milford

Situated between New Haven and Bridgeport, Milford can offer coastal amusement to beach lovers. Silver Sands Park is the most popular option, yet nearby Walnut Beach is a great choice also. Milford’s community is very welcoming, and crime rates are lower than the national average. Housing is a bit more expensive, with a median value of $290,900. But the household income per year is $80,743, which means you’ll be able to find a well-paid job and afford hefty housing. There are also plenty of bars, cafes, and restaurants where you can hang out with friends or meet new people.

East Windsor: Suburban Area Young People Will Love

Even though East Windsor is a small suburban town with a population of around 11,000 people, it’s an excellent place for young professionals. The median household income per year is about $72,866, which is above the national average of $68,703. This means that the quality of life is very high. The median property value is $166,900 while renting a one-bedroom apartment will cost you around $1,000. The town is safe and can offer plenty of great bars, cafes, and restaurants. If you decide to settle here, know that you’ll be living close to great shopping in South Windsor and Enfield.

That’s a Wrap on Best Places to Live in Connecticut

And we have come to the end of our list of the best cities in Connecticut that could become your home pretty soon. Hopefully, you now know which one can fulfill all your preferences and needs.

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