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How to Move to Another Country From the US

Madison Rogers October 21, 2022
Posted October 21, 2022 In How-to, Living Abroad,
Madison Rogers

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Are you ready to move away from your home and see more of the world? Moving internationally can be the most exciting and valuable experience of your life, but without knowing how to move to another country from the US, you might fail to reap all of the benefits. We will provide you with the necessary information and tips that will help you execute the move without any problems. Let’s see how to do it.

So, how do you move to another country? First, you will have to evaluate your relocation budget and start saving money in advance. It’s important to prepare enough money for the relocation costs as well as for the living expenses for the first few months. If you don’t have a job, it would be best to start searching for one before the move. Apart from the budget and employment, if you want to move efficiently, you will have to find a place to live, collect all the necessary travel documents, hire an international moving company and safely pack all of your belongings.

The First Step Is to Find a Country You Want to Relocate To and Learn Everything About It

Young people usually want to explore new destinations, visit impressive sights, and experience different cultures. The world is your oyster. There are so many fascinating places where you can expand your horizons, meet interesting people as well as learn something new.

You can start your search for the ideal destination on the Internet. It would be best to travel to places that are affordable as well as culturally diverse. Opt for countries where the job opportunities are vast. It would be best if you secure a job immediately after the move.

Also, take into account your preferences, such as the climate, the cultural scene, the nightlife scene, the natural beauty, and the healthcare system.

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Our Top Picks of Countries You Can Move to From the US

Searching the Internet, you might miss some of the potentially great places to relocate to. So, for those asking – what is the best country to start a new life, here are our top picks for you:

  • Lisbon, Portugal – In this fairytale city, you will not only have opportunities to visit fascinating sights but also eat in some of the most exquisite restaurants in the world. In case your reason for moving is lower rent prices, Lisbon is an ideal place. The rent is affordable, and you will most likely find spacious apartments for a reasonable price. However, the nightlife isn’t known as spectacular, so if you are looking for fun parties and events, this might not be the destination for you.
  • Barcelona, Spain – If you are looking to move to another country where you will experience something different, travel to Spain. The most beautiful city in Spain is Barcelona. The benefits of relocating to this city are incredible museums, fascinating art, numerous restaurants, beautiful neighborhoods, and performance spaces. You will have the time of your life in Barcelona.
  • Prague, Czech Republic – Those asking – what is the easiest foreign country to move to should travel to the Czech Republic. The amazing city of Prague has some of the most beautiful medieval architecture. There are unique places where you can take a picture for social media. Apart from attractive spots, the costs are low in Prague. The food, apartment rent, and transportation are very affordable.
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands – The overall living expenses in Amsterdam are a little bit on the pricier side, but this amazing city has some of the most stunning streets, canals, and buildings. You can visit the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank Museum, and Rembrandt House Museum. Everywhere you want to go, you can ride a bike which is amazing because you don’t have to spend money on car fuel or public transportation. Although pricey, it is still a great city to live in.
  • Lyon, France – Known as the gastronomy capital of the world, Lyon is also an amazing city to live in. For history lovers, this would be heaven on earth. Get a taste of the delicious food, learn about important historical events, experience Renaissance architecture, and walk through rose gardens in Lyon.

If you still haven’t made your choice, watch this video about attractive places around the world for millennials to move to.

When You Select Your New Destination, Research What Living Expenses You Can Expect

If you want to know how much money do you need to start a new life abroad, you will have to research what living expenses you can expect. Try to find out what is the cost of the rent, property taxes, groceries, utilities, and transportation.

Additional costs like average restaurant prices and entertainment might also be of use when creating a budget. Since you will be residing in a new apartment and unexpected situations might occur, make sure that you factor in costs for repairs and maintenance of the apartment. Visit the Numbeo website, where you will find prices and costs in cities all over the world.

The Next Step Is to Make Your Relocation Budget

It is vital to prepare a relocation budget before relocating abroad. Factor in every aspect of the move and plan the cost in advance. By doing this, you will prepare for any additional unexpected costs that might arise, and you won’t have to worry about being left high and dry. So, what are some of the costs you should think about? You will have to plan for the cost of the international relocation company, overseas vehicle shipping, packing materials, and cleaning services.

Many people wonder – how much money should you have before moving to another country? The amount of money depends on the aspects of your move because every relocation is different. It depends on the destination and the company you choose to move with.

How Can You Be Successful at Budgeting?

If you want to avoid relocation mistakes, you should learn how to budget properly. When you start budgeting and saving money for relocation, there is a way you can make it easier for you to control your finances. One can implement the well-known 50/20/30 rule. By allocating your money for specific things, you will have a better chance of saving enough for the relocation.

Try spending 50% of your income on utilities and rent, the 20% should be left aside for your relocation budget, and 30% can be spent on other living costs. Still, you can adjust the rule to your requirements, for instance, leaving 30% of the income on your budget.

Find Appropriate Housing

When someone wants to figure out how to move to another country and start over, they usually begin by trying to find good housing. If you are moving for the first time, you should start early, at least three months before relocating abroad. The place to start searching is the Internet.

Check online platforms that feature apartment listings in the location you are relocating to. Search thoroughly through the listings before you find an appropriate one. Visit also the Craigslist website and Yahoo Classifieds. Another place you can attempt to find housing is the iAgora website. It is intended for international travelers, and listings are posted by people looking for someone to share rent costs with.

Find a Roommate to Split the Cost of the Bills

A useful relocation hack is to find a roommate. Living overseas might be expensive. You might not have a regular income, or the job you find in a foreign country isn’t well-paid. In order to be able to pay rent and other bills in the new country, you would need to split the cost with someone.

The best choice would be to find a roommate. Try posting ads on the Internet, find someone searching for affordable housing on Craigslist, or answer the ads offering housing with a roommate. With someone splitting the cost of the rent with you, there is more money for exploring and learning about your destination.

Attempt to Find a Job Before Moving Away

Many people ask themselves how to move to another country permanently. The key factor of this transition is getting employed. Securing a temporary or even remote job would make it easier for you to live and pay the bills during the first months of the move. Some may even ask themselves – can you move to a country without a job? Yes, you can always take a chance and wait to find a job after the relocation.

But, if you want to move safely, the best option is to start searching for placements before you travel internationally. Visit the Numbeo website, where you can search for any type of job opportunity all over the world. If you don’t find anything worthwhile, you can always accept temporary placements, like being an English teacher or au pair.

Invest In Reputable International Movers

The success of your relocation depends primarily on the type of movers you hire. Bear in mind that the most important thing is to find reputable and trustworthy movers. You will trust them with your valuable and essential belongings, so they have to provide you with top-notch international moving services. When searching for the right international mover, research the internet or ask your family for recommendations.

Contact at least three different companies and request a free estimate. This will give you an opportunity to compare prices and services. Pick the one that seems to have your best interest at heart. Remember that with a reputable company, you won’t have to deal with relocation scams when relocating to another home.

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Make a Moving To-Do List

Good organization and planning can go a long way, so creating your relocation to-do list is an essential part of the process. List every task that has to be accomplished before the movers arrive, like obtaining the right packing supplies, boxing up your belongings, hiring cleaning services, learning a foreign language, and saying goodbye to friends and family. With a relocation to-do list, it would be easier to track what has been done and what you still need to take care of.

Another question is, “how can I legally move to another country?“. You will have to obtain a permanent residency visa. So, make sure your relocation to-do list reminds you of all the requirements you must have for getting a visa.

After the Relocation, Try To Immerse Yourself In the New Culture

There are certain things you should do after the move to ensure that you settle down in the city properly. It would be wise to explore the city, meet new neighbors, and find out what the destination has to offer. When talking to the locals, you will find out more about their lifestyle and worldview. You might be surprised how life-altering a move to another location can be. Try to immerse yourself in the foreign culture so as to experience the beauty of that place.

Learn the Local Language and Practice It With the Locals

One can opt for learning the country’s language before relocating abroad, but it is better to start practicing and learning with the locals after the relocation. You will have a chance to listen to the authentic accent and practice more with the locals, so you manage to break the language barrier. On your own, you can listen to the music you like in that language, read newspapers and magazines, or simply hire a tutor that will help you understand the language properly.

Find Fellow Expats So You Can Rely On Them For Advice

So, is it difficult to move to another country? Sometimes it can be easier if you have someone to help you. Finding someone who has been through the same process as you is valuable for any foreigner in another destination. With expat communities from your and other countries, you can share experiences and swap important information. They can reveal where the best places to eat are, how to solve specific issues, and even practice the foreign language with you. Other expats can help you in many ways until you settle down.

Now You Know How to Move to Another Country! Are You Ready to Relocate?

For those asking – how can I leave the country and how do I move to another country with nothing, we have provided all the important advice. With our relocation tips, you will be able to execute your relocation successfully. Think about preparing a relocation to-do list so you know what tasks have to be accomplished. Before relocating abroad, obtain your visa, pack your relocation essentials, and start learning the local language. Also, you need to hire reputable movers. By getting free quotes, it would be easier to make a decision about who to hire in no time. We wish you luck with finding a home abroad.



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