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Moving internationally to South Korea does not have to be an intimidating task. With My International Movers, the stress of international moving is eliminated. We have a wide range of international moving options including air and ocean freights. Moving to South Korea is easier than ever thanks to My International Movers!
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My International Movers provides efficient, convenient, and stress free moving services from cities across Southern California to South Korea. An overseas move is daunting and complicated, but My International Movers is here to guide you each step of the way. Taking care of your items is a top priority for us and we are committed to bringing your belongings to your doorstep in South Korea in a way that is as convenient and easy for you as possible. We offer a free month of storage during the move to help your international transition go as smoothly as it can.

What to Expect in South Korea

South Korea is an extremely urbanized country, with 92% of South Koreans living near an urban center. High-rises line the Seoul skyline filled with the over 25 million residents of the capital city. The name of the country, Korea, comes from the kingdom of Goguryeo which was also known as Koryŏ. Seoul is a leading global city that hosts the world’s 4th largest economy. A large portion of South Korea is mountainous, making it the Asian destination for winter sports and home of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Korean pottery is a key relic of South Korean culture, we pieces dating back to 8000 BC. Three kingdoms were flourishing during the 1st century BC. One of these kingdoms, called Goguryeo, ruled over Northeast China, Mongolia, and parts of Russia. This was under the rule of Gwanggaeto the Great. Since the unification of Silla and Balhae in the 7th century, Korea had a millennium of relative peace and tranquility. Under many long dynasties Korea had many key innovations including Hangul, the uniquely Korean alphabet make by Sejong the Great in 1445. This invention empowered anyone to learn how to read and write with ease. South Korea hosts 12 World Heritage Sites and 17 UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritages of humanity. In 1910 Korea was taken by Japan due to its strategic coastline and central Asian location. In 1945 Korea was split into South Korea and North Korea which led to the North Korean invasion of the South and Korean War from 1950 to 1953. South Korea is a regional superpower as it has the world’s 10th largest self defence budget and is actively working towards reunification and peace with North Korea.

Contact My International Movers for visa and currency advice. As your global relocation specialists, we are here to answer any questions and offer guidance about your move to South Korea. We are ready to safely and securely move your belongings from Southern California to the beautiful country of South Korea.

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