International Moving To Luxembourg

At My International Movers, we specialize in international relocations to countries overseas, like Luxembourg. With an array of services from 24/7 shipment tracking to custom crates, we take the stress out of moving. Whether you’re moving an entire household or just a few items overseas, we are here to lend a helping hand.

Our staff is licensed, bonded and insured, making us a reliable and reputable choice for international moving. We have years of experience shipping goods overseas and provide 30 days of free storage. Our storage units are fully secured and monitored as well as fire and water proof. Your precious belongings are in good hands with us!

We utilize a variety of methods in order to transport your items. Take advantage of our door-to-door service where we can pick up your items from your home, pack, ship, and drop off at your new location. If you need your vehicle shipped, we can do that too.

What to Expect When International Moving to Luxembourg

A small country in the region of Western Europe, Luxembourg is bordered by the Netherlands, Germany and France. Luxembourg is unique in that it is ruled by a Grand Duke, and the country is a parliamentary democracy. Luxembourg has a very strong economy with the highest per capita gross domestic product in the world.
Luxembourg is a founding member of the European Union and many of the EU’s institutions are situated within the borders of Luxembourg. Because it is a part of the EU, traveling between European countries is made easy. The three official languages of Luxembourg are French, German and Luxembourgish. Although English is not one of the official languages of Luxembourg, most of the country’s residents speak English and it is taught in schools.

If you are international moving to Luxembourg from anywhere outside the European Union, it is important to apply for a visa several months prior to your move.

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